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salt water boats

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Question salt water boats

how much and what kind of damage does salt really do and how much should a salty be discounted apposed to a fresh water boat?
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Most, if not all saltwater damage is in the form of metalic corrosion. The boat itself isn't too much affected, however washings and waxings should be performed more frequently. Salt will accelerate gelcoat oxidation and deterioration.

Saltwater damage is really no worse than freshwater damage other than the damage is done a lot faster! It consumes more time and maintenance to prevent damage and prolong the life of your equipment.

Just like anything else it comes down to how well you maintein your gear. Replace zincs regularly, flush religiously with some kind of "salt-away" agent and always have a fresh coat of anti-corrosive spray on everything in the engine compartment.

Lakes and rivers also have minerals and ionized particles suspended in the solution, the only difference is that it is much weaker.

Put an iron bolt in a bucket of saltwater and lake water....both will rust away in time, the salt just faster.

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Ditto to what BD said but I also think much of the damage is done while the boat is still new and in the possession of the dealer. I donít see too many dealers rushing back to flush engines immediately after giving a demo ride in salt water like most owners do.
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Default Yea

Look under the dash, and see what it's done to the wiring, the back of the gauges, look under the motor covers if outboards and check the plug ends and all elec. stuff, same with an IO look at everything close, I looked at several salt water boats before I got mine and the people who salt water boat don't think anything about it, but never having a boat in salt like me, their idea of nothing damaged and mine is different, it's all in your perspective..........My friend went to Fla. for one winter and had his boat in 3 or 4 times, washed it down everytime, and then it sat in the salt air for 2 months, the following summer, all the head bolts were green from corosion, the spark plug wires had to be replaced, they had been eatin through and weren't making a good connection. I think there worth a lot less, but who cares what I think.
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i pass unless its priced much less to figure in replacing everything
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living on the ocean and having had several boats, my luck has been the ones i have bought from people on lakes have had the most problems. as far as the corrosion on the external parts, it sure doesn't look good but doesn't necessarily mean that the parts are no good. its is also true that metal will break down in salt water faster than fresh but it also the oxygen in the air that really accelerates it. i guess my opinion is that a fresh water boat is going to probably look better after time than a salt water boat but with proper care and maintenence i wouldn't be afraid of one. to answer the question, i would think about 10% less for an ocean boat due to the probable cosmetics involved.
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Be aware that even if it looks good on the outside, corrosion is occuring on the inside. Areas of particular concern are the exhaust manifolds, risers, and heads. I've taken off exhaust that didn't look that bad on the outside to find little left on the inside. If an engine is run in salt for 20 hours or so, even changine to closed cooling won't help much. The salt permeates the cast iron. I took a set of heads off once that I was replacing because they were shot. I left them on the porch for a few weeks. The next time I looked at them, there were actually little mounds of salt about a half inch tall built up around the water passages where the moisture in the air leached the salt out of the cast iron. I had a picture of it, it was unbelievable. I can't seem to find the pic at the moment, but if I do I'll post it.
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Default sunny

Also salt water boats from warmer climates will see year round use and more exposure to the sun.
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Year 'round use. Wish I had THAT problem!

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Let's see ..... which one would I rather have ?

A POS freshwater boat

- or -

A POS saltwater boat

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