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Info on "Fort Apache" dealership??

Old 01-10-2003, 01:14 PM
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Default Info on "Fort Apache" dealership??

Just talked with someone named "Ernie" at Ft. Apache Sales down in Florida. Who is this guy?
I had seen a 35 Cafe on boattraderonline and called the number to find out more info. The woman answered the phone as "Fort Apache Boats", so I now assume it is a dealership or broker or something like that. She transfers me to "Ernie". I tell him I was calling about the cigarette, I assume he is a dealer and ask if he could also tell me a little about his company. (I like to know a little about who/what I'm dealing with).
He immediately gets a little short and starts telling me he is a Chapparal dealer, and soon to be a dealer of Wellcraft and Cruisers Inc. I ask if he does much performance boat business since he seems to be so much into cruiser stuff. He now gets very short and tells me how he has worked for every major performance boat builder and is overqualified in all aspects of performance boating. OOoookay!
He now tells me I've insulted him. I ask how? I'm thinking, Of course I'm familliar with the Apache name, but I have never heard him nor his dealership specifically and I simply asked for a little info. He says I "questioned" him, then tells me that he has nothing I would be interested in, and there isn't anything he can do for me and hangs up on me.
So, my question...
Is this guy a prik to everyone or just potential new customers?

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Old 01-10-2003, 01:27 PM
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You can call and Insult me all day long...Just buy a boat from me when your done, Okay!
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Old 01-10-2003, 01:27 PM
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How dare you ask those questions...Now give us the number so we can call and get the answers!
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Old 01-10-2003, 01:34 PM
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This guy sounds like fun for the OSO Board !
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Spit out the number, and we can ALL call me and "insult" him. I don't think that he knows the "POWER" of the board.

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Old 01-10-2003, 02:27 PM
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Huh, very interesting.
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Old 01-10-2003, 02:38 PM
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This is what got all this started . . .

Ernie said (in a second reply to me after I inquired about this boat):

"Like I said this boat is priced where most people pay for Bullets. If you are interested make the owner a reasonable offer and send a marine surveyor to inspect it. Sorry,I sell over 50 boats per year and it is difficult for me to list every boat I have on my site. The owner is not to motivated at this price that's why I don't push to sell it.

It really doesn't seem like this boat is for you so good luck in your journey trying to find something for nothing...

Thanks again,

All I wanted to know was what the deal was with the boat. I had told him I was going to the Miami show and would like to make arrangements to look at it. Why would I (a) make an offer or (b) send a surveyor to look at it if I couldn't even get some info on it from the BROKER?
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Old 01-10-2003, 02:46 PM
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Gordo check your PM box
Dying,....Is the day worth living for!!!!!!
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I am assuming that this is the same Ernie (if not I apologize in advance) that worked at Ft. Apache a few years ago. Back then I inquired about a 38 Donzi that they were brokering. After numerous questions and a detailed description given about the boat, I flew down there to view. It didn't take me more than 5 minutes to notice that the boat was ridden hard and put away wet. I guess some "excellent conditions" are different than others. Oh well.

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Default Question??

How do you know if the Boat Broker is lying to you???


If you had to dial area code 305 to talk to him!!!!

90% of them are bums, I have not met the other 10%

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