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Who taught you to drive a boat???

Old 01-14-2003, 12:24 PM
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Can you remember the feeling of freedom you had as a kid when your Dad let you take the boat out without him? Man, I can remember that feeling to this day. There's nothing quite like it
It comes to mind the first 2 times I let my son out on his own.

First time I am looking out on the lake & see the water patrol following him back. Turns out we had gotten new registration for boat but forgot to put sticker on boat. The other problem was before we let him go out in boat we forgot to pull the empty beer cans & the ice chest out of the boat. Thank God the officer understud.

Second time, He came back on the back of a waverunner with no boat. Turns out motor just happened to go south while he was out it it. His response was he was just crusing. My daughter latter said they were beating the other boat before the motor went south.

As for learning to drive I guess I taught myself.
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Old 01-14-2003, 12:26 PM
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A friend's father taught me to rope start, shift and tiller steer his 51/2 hp Johnson outboard....after that, I was on my own.

As a teenager (racing already), I worked at a marina fuel dock, and docked 26 foot single screw straight inboard Owens cabin cruisers for $1.00 each back at their respective slips. This was an invaluable service for the terrified owners since, as some of you know, conventional inboards don't steer in reverse.

I also "crewed" (washed, serviced, stocked, helmed, and bartended) a 55' Chris Craft Constellation for a retired Dentist and his the age of 16.

It all just seemed to come "naturally".......except when those damned tunnel hulls blew over.

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Old 01-14-2003, 12:50 PM
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I would have loved boating with my father but he doesn't boat. Although he had me driving an old vw bug only shortly after learning to ride a bike. I had to teach myself to drive boats. I'm o.k. with that got to develop my own technique but some pointers at first would have been nice.

Rice Hauler: I've seen your boat couple times around the islands and it is the sharpest looking cig. I think I've ever seen.
Maybe if I see ya at Kelley's this summer I could get a ride yuh?
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Old 01-14-2003, 01:07 PM
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I'm now passing along all the great lessons to my son, now 7. He first drove, throttle and all, our 15' Whaler Jet at 2 1/2. I'd sit up at the bow and he'd have a ball. Took him to almost 5 before he could actually lower the lift, prime the gas, get the boat started, pull it off the lift and tie it to the dock. He does all the jet driving today, including the wild sliding turns. He also did most of the driving when we took the fishing boat out, although he thinks it's too slow. On the Velocity he's still just a vocal passenger in the bolster next to me, when he isn't pushing the throttles wide open. Even then he'll complain that we're not going fast enough. 85 not fast enough??? He loved the race boat, unfortunately never got a chance to actaully got for a ride. He's probably complain it was too slow also.
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Old 01-14-2003, 01:40 PM
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Learned in the Coast Guard at a search and rescue unit at the north west point of the U.S.
We had two 44' 40,000lb twin screw boats. I wasn't a coxswain but got some serious experience. Those guy's were top notch with no choice. I have some wild memories due to that place. They could make the boats dance.
I learned an art.
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My uncle in a 19 foot all wood Chris Craft with a straight pipe from the inline 6. Hooked me on boating for life.


Always check wind and current and determine their effect on your docking BEFORE you attempt it. In many cases you can use them to your advantage instead of fight them

Go Slow. Only approach a hard object as fast as you would be willing to HIT that object.

Keep your passengers in the boat. You are the captain. The last thing you need is someone tying off to a cleat before you have come to a complete stop. Or someone gets hurt trying to make a flying leap to the dock - we have all seen that one.

Practice Practice Practice - Pick a quiet time, throw out a few bumpers and just play around a little. After a couple of years you too will be able to dock like a pro.

Happy Boating

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Pops taught me in a 1960 Century Resorter, which is now mine!
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I haven't yet had the oppourtunity to drive a boat, but I'm looking forward to learning. I'm looking for a good teacher. I've heard that The Illustrious Sean Stinson isn't my best bet for that. Anyone have any advice?

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I haven't yet had the oppourtunity to drive a boat, but I'm looking forward to learning. I'm looking for a good teacher. I've heard that The Illustrious Sean Stinson isn't my best bet for that. Anyone have any advice?
Terra, I f Sean is going to teach you let me give you the translations:
1. "I barrowed this boat from a Bro to teach you to drive, We have it all day"
Its stollen and we shouldnt come back into the harbor untill its dark!

2. "This should be a nice mellow turn"
We are about to hook and one or both of us are going to be swimming!

3. "I do this all the time"
I wonder what this will do?

4. "Dick Simon Showed me this trick"
We are about to flip Bow over stern more than once!

5. "Tread Showed me this one"
We are about to Hook!

6. "We will put the gas on your card and I'll pay you when we get home"
Im skipping this one (My phone will ring 2 secounds after I past)

7. "Dont worry, I get along with the Coast Guard guys"
When they drop you off at the dock, call DeLisio for Bail Money!

8. "Look 90MPH"
75 MPH!

9. "I am always safe"
Wear two life vests and an Epurb.

10. "I know exactly what I am doing at this very moment"

Jump, Jump, Abandon ship, your chances are better!
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My wallet.
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