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Al Queda Plans

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Default Al Queda Plans


The following interview was conducted by a reporter for the Al-Jazeera network with the third-in-command of the Al Queda organization, Mr. Mohammed Al-Asuquf. Al-Asuquf's background is impressive; a doctorate i= n physics and masters in international economics. In the interview, he talks of Al Queda's plans with total detachment, with deep knowledge a= nd an unshakeable commitment to his cause. This interview was sent to Abel-Bari Atwan, chief editor of Al Quds, an Arabic-language newspap= er published in London, but was never printed, due to its highly revealin= g [inflammatory=3F] contents.

A copy of the interview came to Foz-do-Iguacu, and was translated into Portuguese by a university professor in the city's Arab community. This is probably the only existing version of this interview not in Arabic.

Al-Jazeera: What is the objective of the Al Queda network

Al-Asuquf: To destroy the Great Satan, that is, the United States and Israel.

Al-Jazeera: Why

Al-Asuquf: The USA over the past 60 years has been impregnating [infecting] the world with its arrogance, greed and malfeasance. It is the incarnation of all that is evil. The people of this planet don't deserve this torture.

Al-Jazeera: Isn't this view somewhat one-sided

Al-Asuquf: No; one only has to observe recent events. The disrespect of the Kyoto treaty; the case of the Permanent Court of International Justice, their inaction with regards to our Palestinian brothers; the financial greed and absurd speculations in Third World countries; the complete indifference to other oppressed people and countless other situations which all of the world's leaders well know. And on top of al l that, the Bush doctrine of "shoot first and ask questions later." Thi s is an unacceptable abuse and will therefore have very grave consequence s.

Al-Jazeera: But the isn't the development and influence of America the fruit of its own competence

Al-Asuquf: Competence in extortion, competence in subjugation, competenc e in lying. After the Second World War, the USA was the only industrializ ed country with its manufacturing infrastructure intact. Loaning money lik e a good loan shark, it ended up becoming a very rich and powerful countr y; however, its greed remained undiminished. Today, Americans live like maharajas [], wasting more than any other people, spending more than $80 billion per year just on gambling. They've lost any notion of spirituali ty and live in constant sin. With each passing day the USA demonstrates th at it doesn't know how to live with other peoples; for this, it deserves destruction.

Al-Jazeera: Wouldn't it be easier to simply assassinate President George


Al-Asuquf: In the first place, it would do no good, other than turning h im into a martyr. When you face a powerful enemy, the best strategy is not

to kill him, but to make him lose his leadership due to his incompetenc e, and let him live to watch this unfold.

Al-Jazeera: Does the Al Queda network have the military capacity to make

war on the United States

Al-Asuquf: If we analyze history, we will see that all great wars, befor e they were started, were based on previously established concepts [of war ]. But if we observe well, we will see that these concepts and strategies came to nothing, since a new type of war was ultimately waged. An exampl e is the construction of the Maginot line by the French before the First

World War, which, in reality proved to be completely useless against th e invading forces. Aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines, and spy satellites will be useless in the next war.

Al-Jazeera: American authorities hold more than 1,000 people suspected o f terrorism since September 11th. Won't this compromise Al Queda's plans

Al-Asuquf: Of those imprisoned, perhaps 20 to 30 percent belong to Al Queda. Moreover, they are from the second echelon. We have more than 50 0 members of the first echelon and 800 from the second, inside the Unite d States.

Al-Jazeera: What do you mean by first and second echelons

Al-Asuquf: In the first echelon are Al Queda members who have been in th e United States for more than 10 years, many married with children. They have detailed knowledge of our plans and are just waiting for a phone call. They are also known as "sleepers." Those of the second echelon have arrived in the last five years and have no idea of our plans.

Al-Jazeera: Are even those who are married, with children, ready to die with their families

Al-Asuquf: Yes. All of them are ready to die. Long live September 11th.

Al-Jazeera: What was September 11th to Al Queda's overall plans

Al-Asuquf: As a general step, it was just the beginning. It was a way of

calling the world's attention to what is still to come.

Al-Jazeera: How many members does Al Queda have

Al-Asuquf: In the first echelon, about 5,000; in the second, about 20,00 0, all over the world.

Al-Jazeera: In the detention camp at Guantanamo, are there any members o f the first echelon

Al-Asuquf: No, in fact, many of those there are not even Al Queda member s.

Al-Jazeera: How does Al Queda intend to destroy the most powerful nation

in history

Al-Asuquf: It's a question of logistics. Using its own poison, that is, attacking the heart of what they consider the most important thing in th e world: money.

Al-Jazeera: How so

Al-Asuquf: The American economy is an economy of false appearances. Ther e is no real economic ballast to the American economy. The American GDP o f is something around $10 trillion, of which just 1 percent represents agriculture, and just 24 percent represents industry. Therefore, 75 percent of the American GDP is service and most of this is financial speculation. For those who understand economics, and it appears that th e American Secretary of the Treasury, Paul O'Neil, doesn't or doesn't see

it, it's enough to say that the USA acts like a huge "dot-com," and dollars, strictly speaking, are its shares.

Al-Jazeera: Can you explain that

Al-Asuquf: The value of a company's shares is directly proportional to t he profitability of the enterprise. When a business is just a service provider and doesn't produce any durable goods, the value of its shares

depends on its credibility. Which is to say that if the credibility of the USA were shaken, its shares (the dollar) would fall with incredible

rapidity and the entire American economy would begin to collapse.

Al-Jazeera: How can you be so sure of this

Al-Asuquf: On a smaller scale, it's exactly what large financial groups do to the countries of the third world to reap profits in one month that Swiss banks couldn't get in four or five years.

Al-Jazeera: So how will Al Queda shock the American economy to this poin t

Al-Asuquf: By provoking a deficit of between $50 and $70 trillion dollar s, the equivalent of the United States' GDP for five to seven years.

Al-Jazeera: How will this be done

Al-Asuquf: With the destruction of the seven largest American cities, along with other measures.

Al-Jazeera: By what means will this be done

Al-Asuquf: Using atomic bombs.

Al-Jazeera: With all of the security in the USA, how, hypothetically, wi ll these bombs be smuggled onto American soil

Al-Asuquf: They won't be smuggled in, they're already there.

Al-Jazeera: What are you saying

Al-Asuquf: There are already seven nuclear devices on American soil whic h were put in place before September 11th and are ready to be detonated.

Al-Jazeera: How did they get in to the USA

Al-Asuquf: Before September 11, American security was a fiasco, and even

after, were it necessary, we could manage to smuggle bombs into the Unit ed States. They entered through seaports, as normal cargo.

Al-Jazeera: How is that possible

Al-Asuquf: A nuclear device is no bigger than a refrigerator; therefore,

it can be easily camouflaged as one. Millions of cargo containers arriv e in seaports each day, and no matter how efficient security is, it's impossible to check, search through and examine each container.

Al-Jazeera: Where did these atomic bombs come from

Al-Asuquf: They were purchased on the black market.

Al-Jazeera: From whom

Al-Asuquf: We bought five from the defunct Soviet Union and two more fro m Pakistan.

Al-Jazeera: How is it possible to buy an atomic bomb Isn't there security

Al-Asuquf: Before 1989 it was practically impossible, however after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Russian army began a process of self destruction, and some high generals began to lose their privileges, and

therefore, highly susceptible to corruption. Even General Lebeb, now deceased, and Hans Blix, the head of the arms inspection commission of the United Nations, have stated this, notwithstanding denials by Russia n Defense Minister Seguey Ivanov.

Al-Jazeera: How much does a nuclear bomb cost

Al-Asuquf: Somewhere around $200 million.

Al-Jazeera: How did Al Queda get this money

Al-Asuquf: We have numerous sponsors.

Al-Jazeera: Who are they

Al-Asuquf: There are a number of countries which support us, and also numerous wealthy individuals.

Al-Jazeera: Are all of these countries Arab

Al-Asuquf: No, there are some European countries as well which have an interest in the fall of the USA.

Al-Jazeera: Who are these wealthy individuals

Al-Asuquf: People who are also tired of watching the USA suck the wealth

out of the rest of the world.

Al-Jazeera: Is Saddam Hussein one of them

Al-Asuquf: You could say that he's just one of the collaborators, throug h Abdul Tawab Mullah Hawaish, his vice-prime minister and the person responsible for Iraq's arms program.
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Al-Jazeera: Are these atomic bombs powerful ones

Al-Asuquf: The five Russian devices are from the old T-3 missiles, also known as RD-107s, and their potency is something around 100 kilotons eac h, that is, 5 times as powerful as the Hiroshima bomb. The Pakistani bombs

are less powerful, somewhere around 10 kilotons.

Al-Jazeera: Can't the bombs be detected and disarmed by American authorities

Al-Asuquf: No, in spite of their age they've undergone modernization and

are well hidden. Even if they were found, they have autodetonation provisions should anything get close to them. Even electromagnetic pulse s would be incapable of deactivating them.

Al-Jazeera: Don't they emit radiation Can't they be detected

Al-Asuquf: No. They are wrapped in thick leaden cases.

Al-Jazeera: A suspected Pakistani ship was recently searched and all tha t was found were lead bars. Does this have anything to do with the bombs

Al-Asuquf: Yes, however that lead was just an extra layer, and was not essentially necessary.

Al-Jazeera: How will the bombs be detonated

Al-Asuquf: There are numerous methods, a cell-phone call, radio frequenc y, seismic shocks or by timer.

Al-Jazeera: Once detonated, how many deaths will be caused by these bomb s

Al-Asuquf: It depends, since our plans are very malleable.

Al-Jazeera: So what is the entire plan

Al-Asuquf: The beginning will be the detonation of a nuclear device, whi ch will cause the death of between 800 thousand and one million people and

create chaos on a scale never seen before. During this chaos, two or thr ee cropsprayers that are now dismantled and stored in granaries [silos]

close to little-used highways in the countryside will take off on suici de missions to spray two or three large American cities with smallpox. Th at means that once the smallpox has been identified, all airports and seaports will be closed by quarantine. Land borders will likewise be sh ut down. Not one airplane, ship or vehicle will enter or leave the United States. This will cause total chaos. White House Press secretary Ari Fleischman will be very busy.

Al-Jazeera: But the American government has guaranteed that within five days it could produce enough smallpox vaccine to inoculate the entire population.

Al-Asuquf: There will be simultaneous suicide attacks against the vaccin e production plants. Al-Jazeera: Which will be the first city

Al-Asuquf: The first city will be that in which optimal conditions prese nt themselves, for example, clear skies, and winds of eight miles-per-hour or less in the direction of the country's center so tha t radioactive dust can contaminate the maximum possible area.

Al-Jazeera: Will this attack annihilate the USA

Al-Asuquf: No. But the process will have begun. Who will buy food produc ts from the United States knowing they may have been contaminated by radiation Who will travel to the United States knowing the possibilit y of contracting smallpox Who will continue to invest in American institutions Just as with the World Trade Center, it will be simply a question of time before the entire economic structure collapses and tur ns to dust. If our objectives are reached with one bomb and the smallpox, probably we'll save the lives of others, however that's risky [unlikely ], and it's probable that six more bombs will be detonated, one per week, a nd other attacks with chemical weapons will be carried out.

Al-Jazeera: How many innocent people will die

Al-Asuquf: According to estimates made by me and Ayman Al-Zawahiro, somewhere around 15 million due to the atomic bombs and their radiation.

Of those exposed to smallpox, 25 percent will die, approximately five million, and many more due to the ensuing chaos and disorder.

Al-Jazeera: What about the American military response

Al-Asuquf: There will practically be none. Even if five or ten cities we re chosen at random to be destroyed, that would still be a small price to pay. The problem is the economic despair will be so great that even economizing by not using arms unnecessarily will occur, since the liquidity of American goods will be almost zero and at that point the United States will make more selling its Nimitz-class aircraft carrier s, which cost about five billion dollars, to Turkey or Italy for one billi on dollars, since the country will so urgently need to recapitalize, thou gh it will be too late. Moreover, how will the morale of American soldier s be knowing that their entire families have died and their country no longer exists. Fight for what

Al-Jazeera: And won't the global economy also be ruined

Al-Asuquf: In the beginning it will be very difficult; a serious economi c crisis will ensue. However, without the United States, the world will so on arise in a more just and fraternal manner.

Al-Jazeera: And Israel

Al-Asuquf: As they say... it will be dessert.

Al-Jazeera: Does bin Laden's spokesman, Sulaiman Abu Gheith, know that y ou are giving this interview

Al-Asuquf: It was he and bin Laden who suggested I give it.

Al-Jazeera: Osama bin Laden is still alive

Al-Asuquf: He is quite healthy, alongside his commanders Mohammed Atef a nd Khalid Shaik Mohammed and Mullah Omar.

Al-Jazeera: Aren't you fearful that Al Queda's plans will be discovered

Al-Asuquf: The plan is already in its countdown, and nothing can stop it .

Al-Jazeera: Not even if the United States asks forgiveness and changes i ts attitudes

Al-Asuquf: That won't happen, and even if it did, it's too late.

Al-Jazeera: When will the attack begin

Al-Asuquf: I can't reveal that. Allah Akbar.
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Somebody emailed it to me. For all I know the whole thing is just a hoax, but it is at least worth thinking about. I think it is just a hoax, but nonetheless it is pretty easy to make up many ways for really bad terrorist things to happen. And we all cheer at Mel Gibson movies that glorify terrorists - Patriot and the one in England whatever the name was.
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Thumbs down

Sounds like the Boy Smoked too much Opium today; all that big talk he must of forgot they are hunted soon to be dead dogs!
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Tom the Terrorists wore Red and got Kicked back to England!
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A-Bombs in refrigerators, it sounds a lot like the movie Sum of All Fears, in that movie the A-Bomb was in a cigarette machine, sounds like someone has too much time on their hands and is watching too much TV. If the bomb is encased in lead to where you can't detect radiation, it would take one hell of a refrigerator to hold that much lead. That is where I think that little tale has a big flaw and is just a hoax.

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Default HOAX

IF the Al Qeada had nukes in place in the States I think they would have used them by now.

It was interesting to read though.
Here is a link discussing the hoax.hoax

A hoax. The faux interview draws heavily from themes found in John Clancy books, such as "The Sum of all Fears" and "The Peacemaker". The writing style and questions posed are nowhere near the quality and integrity of journalism found with true Al-Jazeera reporters. This assumption was verified by Omar Bec, head of Newsgathering & Operations for Al-Jazeera, who dismissed the email as being "totally bogus". He also noted that "had the (interview) taken place, jazeera would not hesitate to air it at all" for the sake of journalistic integrity. It also appears that even the name "Mohammed Al-Asuquf" is a fake, as there is no known person by that name affiliated with Al-Queda
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Erie Desire, Big E,
Those were both interesting well thought out posts. Thank you.

Seems like we are both interested in some of the same things. I agree about the redcoats.

It will be interesting to see if this email hoax has legs. it could become another urban legend that sooner or later even gets talked about as a hoax in the press.

Nonetheless as much as I don't want too, I get nervous when i see someone dressed as a Muslim no matter how hard I try to believe that this particular person is one of the overwhelming majority that are not fanatics.
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Hummm....... How can I say this nicely? Take the rag off your head you piece of sh*t and bring it on !!! I got some thing waiting for ya' ....(In Souhtern Talk). Wardey, "Dammit"
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Verrrrrrrrrrry interrrrrresting

Worst part is , there could be some truth to it.
What those a$$ hole , camel ridin , towel wearin jiz bags don't realize is ...we (the US) support most of the world in one way or another. If we collapse , God help the rest of the world.
We'll all be living in caves and hunting with bows and arrows. First thing I gotta do is move to a warmer climate
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