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Apology to OSO

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Default Apology to OSO

Yesterday there was a thread over here discussing a new photo editing software called InFranView. I downloaded a copy of it and used it to resize some of my photos. After doing so I got a little photo-happy and posted 2 or 3 in rapid succession in the General Discussion Area. OSO then came in and reminded me of the server costs involved with posting photos in the General Discussion Area. Having felt singled out, I got upset with OSO.

I have since found out that OSO is attempting to coral photo posting to specific areas of the message board to help reduce server costs. This has been mentioned in general announcements, that I of coarse do not read. As a result, I think OSO was correct in posting a friendly reminded about the server costs. However, there still seems to be a lot of photo posting going on unchecked in the General Discussion area.

BTW – I will be paying the fee to allow photo posting in the Owner’s Area since boat photos kick a$$ - especially in this time of year. Initially I didn’t want to pay a membership fee and get nothing but another coffee cup or some other B.S. Photos however, are worth it.
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I believe that most internet service providers allow subscribers to upload pictures to a private album or even create personal web pages. You should be able to upload your pictures to your service provider. Then when you want to display a picture on OSO, you can use the IMG feature in your post.

I am saying this only to offer another means of posting pics. I think this is less OSO server intensive and you get to display BIGGER pictures.

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Apology is accepted, however, you have not interpreted this correctly. You are more than welcome to post photos in the General Discussion. The Owners Forum is designed to interact with others about similar boats. For example if an owner of a Baja wanted to know if he could make his boat go faster with a different prop and someone else had the same boat and motor, they should give their input. Many people use the owners Forum to show off their boat which is OK except the members Gallery in the photos section in really where that belongs. The bulletin board is very server intensive to deliver pages especially when photos are involved. This effects the performance of all the other users on line at the same time especially the dial-up users. If you go to the Photos section there are thumbnails and then if you see something that you are interested in, you click on it. This is less server intensive and helps OSO and you, the members, have better service, speed, and cost.

You can always post photos for free in the Photos section and put a link in the Owners Forum to the Photo gallery.

All this aside, we are not frowning upon photos in the General Discussion area, how boring would GD be without photos. Now if you take 30 pictures of a Poker Runs or Race, that should be in the Photos section.

Sometimes you take what we say too literally, my comment yesterday was actually a laugh that Hollis finally figured out how to post pictures after begging everyone on the board to do it for him in the past since he couldn't figure it out. I took it one step further to tease him in saying that he was going to be blamed for the server costs going up. Purely a joke and perhaps I forgot to include a smiley in my post.

No reason to apologize, it is all fun and games here- especially in the winter.

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Talking waaaaaaaaaaaa........................

I was so upset that I did not sleep at all last night(yea right) ! Me pissing off the Board God? - crap, my excessive typing! HAHA -I did take that link off, let em figure it out themselves - BH
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Originally posted by OffshoreOnly

it is all fun and games here- especially in the winter.

Oh how many times will I get to use this quote as a reply in defense of my lack of posting judgement???
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I am just happy to be able to be a part of OSO and have been for about 2 years and and embarrassed to say that just became a gold member and should have 2 years ago. thanks OSO
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GOLDMEMBER.............??? You're Austin Powers????? Damn we have Austin Powers on the board ......HEY EVERYBODY LOOK!!!!!!!!!! AUSTIN POWERS BABY!!!!

Sorry just got up and I'm a little punchy!!!
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