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I cannot BELIEVE what I just saw at Walmart!!!!!

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Foul, if you were behind him, shouldnt you have been the one with the condom?
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Old 01-21-2003, 01:17 AM
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13 or 14 thats about the 7th or 8th grade. Thats about the time girls started to CHANGE. Curves were developing. I'm jealous.
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Boy do I remeber those years ,,Except I shoplifted them
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Good try Mike.....NOT
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Aaahhhh, memories...although it was mostly the "pull out and pray she doesn't get pregnant" method for me.

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Regardless, it's still wrong.
Didn't say it wasn't foul, Just explain the meaning of the word
I'd rather hear about them having safe sex, Than doing drugs at that age. Save that for when your 16 - 17 Or at least a senior in High school..
Just kidding. Boy am I glad I have twin boys and not girls
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I shocked that the kid shoots air. Not sperm

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But if he's having sex with a girl his age, he could be in a LOT of trouble if the parents of the young lady find out.
I dont care how old a girl is, Her Pop is never happy to hear that your givin it to her. I comment the kid for going in and buying them. I bought a pack when I was 16, The lady behind the counter asked for ID and said she could not sell them to me. I said "Whats your name"
"Maria" She said.
"Nice name, maybe I'll name the kid Maria"
Needless to say she sold them to me after that.
We cant stop kids from having sex, but we can keep them from being parents at 13.
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Originally posted by IDRPSTF
Her Pop is never happy to hear that your givin it to her
There's nothing worse than being on the receiving end of that wrath...

I agree with you IDRPSTF. There's not a whole lot one can do to stop 'em...might as well let them take all the precautions they can.
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Default Why did we have to have a daughter instead of a son??

She is only seven months old, but I'm already worried about the future. Especially with guys like 'Foul out there! (Just razzin' ya, Mike!)

I better start investing in the "arsenal" soon, and I don't mean water balloon launchers! Hope I don't end up in the klink in about 13 years!
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