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How to get out of a speeding ticket.

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"But officer, when you take into account the earth spinning, my relative speed was very slow. It only seems like I was speeding."
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Originally posted by throttleup
It is possible to have a ticket thrown out if the officer fails to testify properly! This is common particularly in small towns or rural counties. There are several key statements which the officer needs to state when on the stand. Many of them fail to reiterate ALL of these key points.

Thus leading to fatal errors in their case! This can lead to:

Case Dismissed
No dice with the small town judges. Got nailed doing 95 mph in PA. Went to court, officer could not produce calibration records for the radar gun. The judge said "Well how far off could it be, I'll reduce the speed to 90 mph."
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mr velocity, you were screwed big time. The government (police) have no proof you were speeding without proving they were using a properly functioning radar unit. You were screwed royally. If you really want to get is a pissing match, forward the court decision and info to the Attorney General's office. However......95!!!!!! HeHeHe........!!!!

Mark, I would think that is a giant pain in the rear, no doubt. I fought and won on calibration, becasue I really thought the radar "over clocked" me. This was in Cincy, judge threw it out without any hesitation when the officer could not produce callibration records. Knowing what I know now, and how many holes are in the radar gun proof, I would probably fight any future tickets, given I have the time.

As mentioned above, it becomes a matter of whether it is worth it or not. Most times judges appreciate your effort and throw out court costs or fines....provided you are not in podunk, backwoods PA!!!! HHAHAHAAA. You have to act with professionalism and respect though, you don't wanna show up in sweat pants and a ball cap.

Or, you could contact the prosecutor (they don't like screwing with speeding tickets, giant waste of time) and tell them you want a plea...i.e., fine only and no points.

By the way, if the government agent (cop) is a no show, the case shoudl also be dismissed due to lack of proof again.

Sorry about the long s***.........
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