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D.o.t. Vers. Truck And Boat Trailer

Old 01-28-2003, 04:40 PM
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Exclamation D.o.t. Vers. Truck And Boat Trailer

Is there any dot law men or women on the board? Ive noticed that in the past year or so they seem to be spending alot more time with the smaller tow vehicals, or strait trks, basicly anything smaller than a semi trk, ( they sill get messed with too I see ) but not quite as small as a pickup trk, mostly contracter looking trks, the point is this, lets say we have a 27 fter twin bb and bravo 1s or whatever and the weight is around 7-9,000 lbs, (over 3,000 lbs.) and you are using the cheap trailer 3 plate, (indiana) I dont know if its the same everywhere, do you think they would bother with it just as it was a big truck? or no they have bigger fish to fry? Im mainly talking nw Indiana, however any opinions or exper from anywhere I think would be interesting, also for you regular police officers is there anything you could or would do if you spoted it? I dont know maybe dumb but always wondered,
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maybe I should proof read my posts...(spelling) ya think, duh
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Rough Water,
I am a farmer south of Indy and trust me I have spent plenty of time entertaining DOT. I pull my 28 Thunder on 5000 pound plates and for the difference in price I don't think I would try anything less. The average trooper wouldn't think twice if you have a realistic plate.
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Old 01-28-2003, 07:13 PM
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I have a 16 plate. For the difference in cost, why risk it?
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In the 80s, we used to rotate the same plate between the snowmobile trailer and the boat trailer. We never had a problem; (this was in NW Indiana).

Here in VA, you can permanently register any trailer, for a flat $50 fee, from a semi trailer, to a tag-along behind a motorcycle. We do not pay excise tax on our plates, but we have personal property tax on our vehicles.
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Here in IL (around the Chicago area up to WI border and around I-57 southbound) I have been hearing stories about the State troopers puuling over larger recreational trailers and checking the combined weight of the truck and trailer......even if you have the right plates for the trailer if the combined GVWR is over 26K lbs you need a CDL around here.... Granted you are not a comercial setup or being used for comercial pourposes but i guess they dont care!! I know one guy personally who got a ticket for hauling his enclosed race car trailer back from the track and got a ticket!

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I am certain that every state is different, however the CDL is suppose to be a federally regulated means to make each state meet the necessary requirements for towing safely.

I was ticketed this past summer for towing out of class, meaning no CDL.

I was towing a 46’ Skater, mind you I do have the necessary permits, signs and flags placed on the vehicle and was towing on a legal day and legal road.

If a cop wants you, they will find something to get you on is the first thing you have to realize.

The police CHP’s, there were two, only checked three things.

Physical card, to establish if I had a CDL.
Boat Width to make certain that I was legal to both the permits and the highway I was on.
GVWR of boat trailer, to determine if the CDL was necessary in the first place.

The boat trailer has a GVWR rating of 22,000 lbs. Mind you this is all they need. It does not matter if there is a boat on the trailer or a taco; the GVWR rating is what determines everything.

When the GVWR rating exceeds 15,001 lbs you are in need of a CDL, depending upon why you are doing what you are doing, you might just need a non commercial CDL which means you are not being paid to drive like was the case in my situation.

Since I was towing a trailer with a GVWR greater than 15,001 lbs, I was guilty of needing a CDL, or driving out of class.

Future lesson learned, next boat trailer will have a GVWR rating less than 15,000 lbs regardless of boat size.
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Go to a truck weigh station and find someone to talk to. A friend of mine got burned with a $1000 fine for not having the correct combined weight on his VA registration (Dually and a heavy 35' enclosed). So I went to a small weigh station to find out how I needed to register my truck and race car trailer. The person I talked to was a State Tropper that was a Captain or somthing. He explained in detail what I needed to do, and even wrote it on the back of his card. I went to the DMV to change my registration and the lady there said this was not possible. I showed her the Troppers card, and she had to get someone else to help her. It showed me the DMV does not even know how your truck and trailer should be registered. That tropper's card is stapled to my registration in my glove box.....just in case.
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thats what i was wondering, dont pay to play, thanks
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CDL is anything or combination over 26001lbs.
Each state has local laws for each truck. In some states you can register a truck for a higher GVW and be ok. In other states it will go right off of truck manufactures plate on the drivers door or pilar. If the truck can handle 15000lbs GVCW truck and trialer and the trailer is ok with the weight rating everything will be fine.

Anyone in most states can get permits for overwidth with good insurance and other regs. by the states.
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