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Modern day intelligence test

Old 01-29-2003, 07:23 PM
I hate the winter!!
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I live only a few miles from where this happened. That night I heard helicopters flying over my house. Ofcourse, at the time I didn't know why they were flying around. I know the waters where this happened. In fact that day, I was looking at the ice that had formed in that area in disbelief. We are experiencing an extreme cold spell. I don't remember ever seeing the water so iced over. I am wondering how these guys could have even attempted rowing across the bay when it had so much ice on it. Maybe they hit the iceberg that sank the Titanic!!!I don't mean to sound cruel, but this is just so stupid.
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Old 01-29-2003, 07:31 PM
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I live right on the water by Bayside marina where there are Fire Engines, Police boats Right now searching in the bay. Looks to me like one of these bodies might have turned up...
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Wow, but still no matter the blame, there are 4 families grieving right now.
What really amazes me, is that 1 of the familes already has a lawyer. You gotta think of just how sad things are when a lawyer has been retained before the body of their son has been found. Has it gotten to the point that the almighty dollar comes 1st?
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Old 01-29-2003, 11:24 PM
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Are they gonna sue god for making the water?????
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Old 01-29-2003, 11:48 PM
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Originally posted by Bulldog
Are they gonna sue god for making the water?????
Maybe, but it's more likely that they'll sue the guy that owned the boat; you see, these kids stole the boat they were out in...

Here's a little more info from the NY Daily News - try to see past the police and emergency crew bashing in the "objective" news report...

New York Daily News -

911 bungler a rookie (nice objective headline there eh - got to set the tone early... )

Wednesday, January 29th, 2003

The city 911 operator who bungled a desperate call for help from four teenage boys on a sinking rowboat was a rookie who admits she didn't know what to do, the Daily News has learned.
The operator has told people she could not hear 17-year-old Henry Badillo as he cried out his location over a cell phone in the waters off City Island on Friday night, a source said yesterday.

The operator said all she picked up was Henry saying they were "on the Long Island Sound."

She didn't hear him add that they were "in a boat off the coast of City I-," the source said, explaining that wind was howling into Henry's cell phone.

Seconds later, Henry screamed - "We're gonna die! - and the connection went dead.

The 911 operator had been on the job for a few months, sources said.

She said she repeatedly tried to type "Long Island Sound" into a 911 computer, but the system spat back: "No address for Long Island Sound."

Not knowing what to do, she turned to a more experienced supervisor.

Both logged the call - but did not alert police, delaying a search for nearly 14 hours.

"No conscientious person would receive a call for help and not do anything," seethed Henry's 45-year-old father, who shares his son's name. "Were they asleep in the control room? Were they drunk? To me, that would be the only explanation."

Henry's mother, Virginia, demanded: "I do want the person who did this ungodly decision to be held accountable."

The identities of the operator and her supervisor were being kept secret.

But the NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau interviewed both yesterday - and police said disciplinary action was expected to be taken against the supervisor.

Police released a full transcript of the 911 call last night. A mother of one of the teens said it lasted 31 seconds, but there were only 12 seconds of conversation.

"Right after the kid said they were going to die, you could hear them hit the water," said a city official who heard the tape.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly has said the operator and her supervisor failed to follow new department procedures requiring all such water distress calls to be relayed to the NYPD harbor unit.

A police boat was anchored under the Triborough Bridge, 30 minutes from the waters off City Island. An air rescue unit could have flown a scuba team to the area in 20 minutes.

Still, even if an immediate rescue attempt was made, authorities said it is unlikely the boys would have been found alive in the dark, frigid water.

Trip to Hart Island

As the search for the boys continued yesterday, police took a group of their friends to Hart Island, where authorities believe the teens were heading on a stolen, 8-foot dinghy.

The boys and their friends had taken boats from City Island to Hart Island before to party and explore abandoned missile silos, sources said.

The families of two of the missing boys - Andrew Melinkov, 16, of Manhattan, and Carlo Wertenbaker, 16, of the Bronx - went to the 45th Precinct stationhouse yesterday to listen to the tape.

A description of the call from a lawyer for Andrew's father backs the operator's account.

Sources said the entire call can be made out when it is enhanced. They added that 911 operators have the capability to play back calls if they don't hear something clearly - but apparently this was not done.

- With Fernanda Santos
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Coming in a close second to these scholars are the three NY kids that dug up dead bodies and used them for decorations at a party. The scholars then hid the skeletons under their beds. They were caught due to bragging about this at school. Barnie Fife could have solved this case.
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Its called "Thinning the herd". Unfortunately, our civilization is in a process of reverse evolution. The weak are mutiplying faster than the strong.
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Why can't the parents of these kid's be held accountable for a wrongful death? Poor education of COMMON SENSE to childern is one of the biggest "legal" crimes in this country.

This is sad that people have lost their childern.
It is also sad on who has to take the blame.
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I hate the winter!!
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These 4 kids went to a good high school. At least when I was a kid in school, it was a good school. You could not be an idiot and get into that school. Well you know what they say--- book smart, street stupid...
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If that was my boat that they stole... I'd get a lawyer and sue the parents for value of my boat.
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