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OT: IRAQ - The "Smoking Gun" !!!

Old 02-03-2003, 03:12 PM
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Im starting to think we should nuke the whole middle east...
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Go to
there is a big article on the bodyguard that was fired. And according to him , there are no Saddam doubles.
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IN THE NEWS: Here is an Article I copied


U.S. Rep. Jim McDermott is wheeled into the Susan Sarandon wing of Seattle's renowned Greenfields Sanitorium For Demented Lefties after he told puzzled supporters that George W. Bush's is threatening military action in Iraq as part of a plot to crown himself emperor of America.

Coming on the heels of McDermott's controversial trip to Iraq last week, during which he insisted that Bush would lie to the American public and that Saddam Hussein's version of events should be valued over that of the American president , McDermott was forcibly hospitalized by a coalition of family members and Democratic colleagues.

In a dramatic "intervention" at a Seattle anti-war rally, family members and Congressional colleagues cornered the hysterical Congressman, handcuffed him, forcibly secured him to a hospital gurney and wheeled him to a waiting ambulance where he was whisked off to the locked wing of the nationally-known Greenfields mental health center for left-wing paranoid psychotics.

"Jim obviously hasn't been taking his meds the last few weeks," commented his first cousin Ralph McDermott, a Seattle podiatrist. "It's nothing that forty or so electro-shock treatments and a few weeks of rest won't cure. Then he can rejoin all those other anti-war loonies in the Democratic Party without getting himself into more trouble."

"The patient just needs some time to recover his sanity," commented Dr. Sanchez Krauthammer, Chief Psychiatrist at the hospital. "At first Mr. McDermott's family thought it was just his usual dementia, a paranoid condition which is common among anti-war activists and left-leaning Hollywood celebrities.

But the family began to worry when he started to foam at the mouth every time he saw the President speaking on the evening news. Thank god, they intervened when they did. The man really seems to be off his rocker!"

In a formal statement issued to the press by Rep. McDermott's Congressional office, Congressman McDermott apologized to "family and friends for any embarrassment I may have created for you through my inappropriate behavior.

I would like to also apologize to the President for any insensitive remarks I may have made questioning his sincerity and truthfulness.
Even though I know he and his secretary of defense are bloody liars, and intend to instigate a coup d'etat that would put this nation under the control of a vast right-wing conspiracy, I would still like to get out of this damned nuthouse by appearing to be calm and sane..........
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Liberals should move to canada, it's time to bomb saddam
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Lock and Load!!!
If your boat has a sail do you ride a horse to the ramp?
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Originally posted by HyperBaja
Im starting to think we should nuke the whole middle east...
Whatever........really smart thing to say.
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Hyper Baja, I dont think that you have any idea what would happen if we start using nukes

Yes its nice to think about: push a button and the problem is over!

Well I hate to say it but if we or anyone starts detonating nuclear weapons it is (probably) going to start a chain reaction that will be the end of the world as we know it
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Thrillseeker and Phantom,

We have to take it easy on HyperBaja. He was probably only five or six years old when the cold war ended. He has no idea. Seems to be a good kid though.

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Still waiting for a reliable source to confirm this. I hope to hell it is true, but even if it is not, I feel we are going to run accross plenty of info like this at some point, people will start to follow the big dog at some point, human nature. Just look at how the Iraqi army surrendered by the 1000's during Desert Storm. Over powered.....overwhelmed. Funny how humans will look out for #1 when the time comes. Hope this is true info, REALLY hope this is true info......Time to take action....regardless...
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rjcardinal.... I wasnt bashing on Tommy, just bringing up a point
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