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Yes the sites are similar in many ways. They also get some cross posting because some of the members on OSO are also members of Fast boats. Sometimes I see things here first and sometimes there first. The questions and answers get put before a bigger audience so generally you get to see a wider variety of responses. There are often times right here on OSO that you see the same topics, pictures, and posts over and over again because people start the threads out with different names or later post pictures in a thread. I for one am glad that this happens because I am on here every day and I still miss posts at times because of the volume that goes on.
Not to long ago a disgruntled member of this site went over there spewing a bunch of negative crap bashing OSO. Some of us who frequent both sites simply let are feelings known that we do not wish to see the attacks made towards either site. He was basically trying to cause trouble and I see that he is no longer a member of either forum.

There are quality people with great knowledge on both sites that will go to far lengths to help us out. Many of us talk freely about OSO on Fast boats and do not hesitate to direct people towards this site. Everyone seems to settle in and if you open your door and step out side you just might meet some interesting people or make a new friend if you give it a chance.

I feel like family here and spend way to much time on this site. I don't know how Nort does it but always finds time to help me and others out. Same goes for Too Old. Always something to talk about or a picture to show. Sometimes I just need to step away from here and see what else is going on out in the web world.

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I agree with Tinker on this one as well
I also see over on the as you put it copy cat board
that the boats over there are more down to earth not 12 million dollar rides, less intimidation, feel more relaxed to ask questions about some things over there.
Not that im bashing anyone here or this board, dont get me wrong but I feel like a little bigger fish in a smaller pond over there. Not too many people with mega buck boats on that side. (granted that can change at any minute)
but sometimes on this board people tend to just not realize that some people dont make 800 grand a year and cant afford to throw caution to the wind and go out and buy a 37 outerlimits, 42 fountain, 2 HP500's , #6's and 3 sets of hydromotive props all in one day.
Then on the flip side of that, some members here have been overly exceptional in helping out the other guys, and I commend you all for that.
Sometimes it is tough to try to compete cause with this particular "sport" or "hobby" if you will, it really does just come down to the money factor.
Please dont start tearing me a new one, It was hard for me to even write some of this but I am sure some other people feel the same or similar.
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Default is the CBPBA board. Many other boards use the same format also.
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and in my most sheepish voice "Can't we all just, get along............"

you read my mind
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Originally posted by BillR
That is a good site too. The more the merrier, gives me more to do at work!
Jeezz Bill! We knew you had too much time on your hands, but do you have to rub it in!!

I think Too Old said it best...."Regardless, what ever forum or forums you choose to participate in, enjoy them. It's suppose to be fun!"
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Last time I voiced my opinion of that site, I hurt some feelings.
Around our "neck of the woods" we
performance boaters are thought of as
the lowest forms of life, in the boating
I would imagine this is true in other locations
around the country also.
I am assuming most of the members here are
performance boaters (duh )

Being that we have been thought of sooo
"unkindly" this has forced us to:

my .02
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KnowNothin......Like you, I have no problem visiting other sites and do all the time, but the history of that site leaves a bad taste. Just my opinion, nothin more.

You won't find a thread on there like this one.
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you say your in the boating industry so im guessing you get your fix from boats you have at a shop or dealer or soemthing like that.
but Too Old and I are warriors that wrench in our driveways and such JUST to get a few hours out on the water is a thrill.
I have poured my blood, sweat, tears and guts into my baja, that most members on this board would most likely just say Screw it and sell it dirt cheap and move on, or more realistically never keep this long to have it "fall apart" on them.
I am in no way embarassed of my boat by any means, but when you sit here and read thread after thread after thread of Ohhh I just bought a new skater with twin 1200 sterlings and hey my 46 rough rider finally came in, and ohhh my new boat I have decided is going to be a 37 outerlimits stilletto, you kind of think to yourself that a 1990 baja from a boat grave yard half way up the east coast for 17 grand purchase price you feel a little intimidated.
THAT is where I get that "feeling from"
Now alot of the people on this board have helped me TREMENDOUSLY and I personally take the time to thank them and I really do appreciate all the help, support and advice and even PARTS that I got from other members on here. I would not be as far along in my project without their help.
I have gained friendships from alot of these people that have helped me in my quest to complete this baja and turn it from a lump of coal to a diamond.
There are alot of us that even feel intimidated to get involed in poker runs because of the monster fountains and hustlers and outerlimits and stuff that show up that are hundreds of thousands of dollars each.
If you look at it from the more lower level guys that DONT have access to poker runs and races regularly as you say then you might understand it.
in NO way am I saying I have NOT been accepted on this board or been looked down upon but it is a little more relaxed and "average" if you will on the other site right now.
And yes Jeff does not tolerate ANY bashing or things like that at all. Like that Apache thread here that got WAY out of hand, that would never have happened over there.
no tempers flare, no one freaks on someone else, just calm discussions about boats, boating, things of that nature.
(plus his dental floss gallery WOOHOO)
also over there you can post your MPG's of your boats and stuff, can have your own gallery of your stuff that you would like to share and there is no cost involved in buying a membership.
Also the photos that you took that someone else posted, did you copyright them? If not then sad to say, you are sol.
Jeff probably does not know where any of these pics come from, how is he to know?
And like most of us that have to work 45-50 hrs a week and only get 1-2 weeks off a year for vacation and dont have the luxury of going to all these races and poker runs to take pics at, I dont see any problem at all if someone posts them on other sites.
also why is HOTBOAT forums not coming into this discussion more heavily?
I like both sites and I see a less competitive forum over there.
I will continue to be members of both and I enjoy both for what their individual niches are.
Too old, im right there with ya, Im a sort of cheap YOUNG sob that fools around with older boats!
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My biggest issues are with THIS site! Before I came here I was happy to run my business, rarely on-line, happy to take my 27' Cobalt runabout out on local lakes.

Problem is, for some unexplained reason I now need a 30 something foot boat with twin 500's, XR drives and all the latest goodies. (Cobalt never used minimally dressed, big busted babes in their advertising).

Add in Risk Takers joke of the day, Phantom's Photoshop creations, Too Old's latest restorations and the "truth is stranger than fiction" soap opera threads that randomly come along.

I'm an OSO addict

Thanks Guys!
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I went to log into the other site and all my rights there have been revoked.. LOL.. the only way I can read anything is to NOT log in.. if I log in there it won't let me even read a post. no explinaiton, now letter, no warning... just "POOFED" me all together.. Now as far as the "other site" lovers go.. seach my name PACKINAIR on there and find where they can justify banning me
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