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Default Gw

> This is an interesting perspective of our
> that the
> media
> > doesn't is worth the time it takes to
> read.
> >
> > Whether you do or do not like George W. Bush as
> our President, this
> > message reveals some interesting plateau's he has
> reached.
> >
> > First, an observation. Have you noticed a
> difference in the salute
> > given by our military men and women as President
> Bush walks by? Most
> folks
> > would not notice anything, but those of us who
> have served in the
> military
> > see it right away.
> >
> >
> > Next time pay close attention when President Bush
> leaves his
> > helicopter or Air Force One, the honor guards
> salute and face him as
> he
> > disembarks, then turn their faces towards him as
> he passes by. They
> > continue to salute his back as he walks away. This
> kind of salute has
> not
> > been seen in the previous eight years, though it
> is customary
> courtesy to
> > the Commander-in-Chief. You see, soldiers aren't
> required to turn and
> face
> > the President as they salute. They are not
> required to salute his
> back.
> > They are only required to salute. They can remain
> face-forward the
> entire
> > time. And that is what they did during the
> previous administration.
> Our
> > soldiers were forced to obey his orders, but they
> were not forced to
> > respect him. From their salutes, we can surmise
> that they did not.
> >
> >
> > Why is such respect afforded to President Bush? He
> doesn't even know
> > how to bite his lower lip and not get teary-eyed
> whenever he speaks!
> >
> >
> > The following incident from Major General Van
> Antwerp may give us an
> > insight. Gen. Antwerp is president of the
> Officers' Christian
> Fellowship.
> > He lost nearly all his staff when the Pentagon was
> attacked September
> 11.
> > His executive officer LTC Brian Birdwell was badly
> burned and in the
> > hospital when President Bush visited him. Our
> President spent time
> and
> > prayed with Brian. As he was getting ready to
> leave, he went to the
> foot
> > of
> > Brian's bed and saluted. He held his salute until
> Brian was able to
> raise
> > his burned and bandaged arm, ever so slowly, in
> return. The
> > Commander-in-Chief almost never initiates a
> salute, except in the
> case of
> > a
> > Congressional Medal of Honor winner. The injured
> soldier did not have
> to
> > return the salute. But he did, out of respect to
> his President ...a
> > Soldiers' President.
> >
> >
> > Congressman JC Watts (R. Oklahoma) said,
> "Character is doing the
> right
> > thing when nobody is looking," (My favorite quote
> of all time). The
> > nation
> > and world learned some of what our last President
> did when nobody was
> > looking. That President has been disbarred, the
> worst disgrace (other
> than
> > imprisonment) to a lawyer. CNN will have a
> difficult time shining his
> or
> > his wife's tarnished images.
> >
> >
> > In this time of war and danger, I am so grateful
> to have a President
> > whom the soldiers salute -- fully.
> >
> >
> > On Special Report with Brit Hume, at the close of
> the show when they
> > normally have some funny video clip, they showed
> President Bush and
> the
> > First Lady on their way to Maine to leave for Camp
> David for the
> weekend.
> > As the video starts, the First Lady is leading the
> way into the
> helicopter
> > with the spaniel dog on the leash, and the
> president is right behind
> her
> > with the Scotty on the leash. As the First Lady
> entered the chopper,
> the
> > Marine at the gangway saluted and held his salute.
> The Scottie the
> > president was walking decided it wanted to sit
> right when he got to
> the
> > steps. The president pulled on its leash, but the
> stubborn Scottie
> > persisted in sitting. The president bent down and
> scooped up the
> pooch and
> > entered Marine One. After he entered, the Marine
> cut his salute and
> > returned to the position of attention. Moments
> later the President
> > reemerged from the helicopter and out onto the
> steps. The Marine was
> > standing at attention, head and eyes straight
> ahead. The President
> leaned
> > over and tapped him on the left arm. The startled
> Marine turned his
> body
> > toward the President and received his returned
> salute!
> >
> >
> > I was so impressed by this true act of respect for
> our military
> people
> > by our President! He really does get it. Most any
> other person of
> his
> > stature would have just continued his journey,
> disregarding the
> neglected
> > return salute. Not George W. Bush. He is earning
> the respect of the
> > military community, not expecting it -- as most
> have and would.
> >
> >
> > President George W. Bush. The man who admitted to
> having a drinking
> > problem in younger years, and whose happy-go-lucky
> lifestyle led him
> to
> > mediocre grades in college and an ill-fated oil
> venture. Who mangled
> > syntax, and whose speaking missteps became known
> as "Bushisms." He
> came
> > within a hair's breadth of losing the election in
> November.
> >
> >
> > Bush named Jesus Christ as Lord of his life on
> public TV. Not an
> > Oblique reference to being "born-again" or having
> a "life change." He
> > actually said the un-PC-like phrase, "Jesus
> Christ!"
> >
> >
> > On September 11, he was thrust into a position
> only known by the
> likes
> > of Roosevelt, Churchill, Lincoln, and Washington.
> The weight of the
> world
> > was on his shoulders, and the responsibility of a
> generation was on
> his
> > soul. So President George W. Bush walked to his
> seat at the front of
> the
> > National Cathedral just three days after two of
> the most impressive
> > symbols
> > of American capitalism and prosperity virtually
> evaporated.
> >
> >
> > When the history of this time is written, it will
> be acknowledged by
> > friend and foe alike that President George W. Bush
> came of age in
> that
> > cathedral and lifted a nation off its knees. In
> what was one of the
> most
> > impressive exhibitions of self-control in
> presidential history,
> President
> > George W. Bush was able to deliver his remarks
> without losing his
> resolve,
> > focus, or confidence. God's hand, which guided
> him through that
> > sliver-thin election, now rested fully on him. As
> he walked back to
> his
> > seat, the camera angle was appropriate. He was
> virtually alone in the
> > scene, alone in that massive place with God, just
> him and the Lord.
> >
> >
> > Back at his seat, George H. Bush reached over and
> took his son's
> hand.
> > In that gesture his father seemed to say, "I wish
> I could do this for
> you,
> > son, but I can't. You have to do this on your
> own."
> >
> >
> > President George W. Bush squeezed back and gave
> him a look of peace
> > that said, "I don't have to do it alone, Dad. I've
> got Help."
> >
> >
> > What a blessing to have a professing Christian as
> President.
> >
> >
> > Please take a moment after you read this to "pray
> for him." He truly
> > does have the weight of the world on his
> shoulders. Pray that God
> will
> > sustain him and give him wisdom and discernment in
> his decisions.
> >
> >
> > Pray for his protection and that of his family.
> >
> >
> > And after you have prayed, send this to everyone
> on your e-mail list.
> > Our President needs Christians, Democrats and
> Republicans alike, to
> be
> > praying for him. As this makes the e-mail rounds,
> eventually there
> could
> > literally be millions of people praying for him,
> and for our Great
> > Country....
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AWOL and not prosecuted-may have been mitigating circumstances

Mocking someone on death row who now pretends to be a great human bieng seems appropriate to me

Everybody has things they don't want public, and kids in college drink, seems normal to me.

You're reaching dude, he seems to have a measure of integrity, I respect that. The disgraceful con artist he replaced has far more skeletons in his closet. And the puppet he beat in the election is pretty much the same with less flash.
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Thumbs up

One man with courage makes a majority."
- Andrew Jackson

Our President Bush !
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Maybe I should post some FACTS about our last administration if you would call it that!

Chelsea Clinton asked the Marine who was escorting her to school to wear civilian clothes in the future, not his uniform, and explained, "My family doesn't like military people."

This is fun I could go on for days about that democRATtic Filth.

Hillary threw a cup of coffee into a Marine Guards Face.

Highly decorated Lt. General Barry R. McCaffrey was summoned to the White House early one morning. As he was leaving he encountered a young woman, a member of the White House staff, who had just arrived for work.

Being a gentleman, the general smiled, saluted informally and pleasantly said, "Good morning." She snapped back, her voice harsh and cold, "I don't speak to the military," stuck up her nose and stomped by.

No White House staffer would dare commit such an act of deliberate rudeness if it were not understood that such behavior is in keeping with .....White House values...... There is no record that she was ever reprimanded, and the incident vanished suddenly and permanently from the news.

White House military aides are outstanding young officers assigned to the White House. They function primarily at social events, greeting guests, discussing military matters, and answering questions.

They are handpicked, sharp and well informed; most are career professionals. In another gross breach of custom and violation of the dignity of their position, four of these outstanding young officers in the Clinton White House found themselves pressed into service as waiters.

At a White House dinner for the Democratic National Committee, these officers, in their dress uniforms, were forced to work in the kitchen, carrying trays of hors d'oeuvres to the guests. This uniquely Clintonesque insult to the armed services was a first; it had never, ever been done before.

After the story became known, at least two of the four were contacted by the White House and told not to say anything about it. One of them did speak, however, and told

The Washington Times: "When is this White House going to learn to think before acting? Little things like this make big impressions." Yes they do, Lieutenant; and they also tell us a great deal about the Commander in Chief's attitude toward the military
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Here are the Nincompoops from the last Administration AKA Friends of Bin Laden

It is significant that the man Clinton used to turn to for military advice ---who argued against the tanks and APC's for the raid in Mogadishu---is the same Warren Christopher (then a high official in Jimmy Carter's National Security Council) who helped plan the disastrous raid to rescue the hostages in Iran.

At a planning session for the Tehran rescue, the man selected to lead the raid, the late Colonel Charlie Beckwith, was asked what the would do about the Iranian guards. Bechwith, a no-nonsense veteran of special operations, replied that as they came out the door they would be shot in the head---twice---to be sure they couldn't do any harm.

Warren Christopher gasped, grimaced, viscerally shocked, and asked, "Couldn't you just shoot them in the hand?"

These are the prized scumbags of the RATS
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I ,along with many other American citizens,have watched our president rise to the occaision since september 11. He, like the rest of us, has his faults. I don`t ever remember him trying to pass himself off as a saint. I was in the military during the Watergate scandal and can tell you first hand what that did to the morale of our military men and women. I am very thankful that we have President Bush at the helm during these trying times that our nation is going through.........I`m almost afraid to think of who it could have been!........................Roger 1
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You know Catman, their is a place and time for everything. THIS ISN"T THE PLACE OR THE TIME!! I know your momma told you that sometimes if you don't have anything nice to say. Don't say anything at all.

Thank GOD Al Bore didn't STEAL the election. Remember him, he's the one that tried to throw out our military vote here in Fla.
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Damn Catman, you don't let up. I don't mind telling anybody I voted for GW with great confidence in the last election. I have also voted for his brother (the father of the drug addict neice you mentioned) for Governor of our fine state. Both times. After the tragedies our country has been faced with since President Bush tokk office, I don't look back on my vote. I am sure if there was a crystal ball to see how each of the previous candidates would handle themselves and the country through each of these tragedies we would have had a landslide victory. I think as proud citizens we need to do as many more countries are beginning to do and stand behind our President, whoever he is, and urge him to put an end to terrorism.
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