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Originally posted by mcollinstn
I'm so sick of watching it on TV:

"Waahh, waaaahh, my conceited stock-broker husband was minding his own business cold-calling old ladies with the latest hot stock tip when an airplane crashed thru the wall into him. The US government should give me money. The New York state government should give me money. The New York city government should give me money. The victims' fund should give me money. The owners of the building should give me money. The owners of the airplane should give me money..."

Excuse me, most of the normal citizens who worked in the buildings and who died there had the same personal obligation to plan for the care of their families in the event of their death as the rest of us. Granted, they died in a bizarre manner. AND it was not any fault of their own. BUT it was also not the fault of the building owners, the American public, and city government, or the state of New York. (I'm not intending to leave out any of the victims from the other two planes, it's just that it seems that the twin tower issue is heard more often).

People die every day in unexpected ways. Their surviving families are faced with the prospect of healing through their grief AND dealing with financial issues. Rarely does a family get a bag of cash dropped in their laps from an outside source unless it comes from some insurance or representative of the entity that CAUSED the death.

Any idiot with the gall to b!tch about not receiving enough money for the death of their 9/11 victim needs to bite my @ss. This was an act of terrorism. They should make sure that all insurance policies pay the face amount, then be thrilled beyond all reason if they see a penny more - cause they didn't do anything to DESERVE it.

"The only country in the World that will ever defeat the United States of the United States of America"
- Bill Cunningham, 700WLW Cincinnati Conservative talk show host

He is correct, scary correct.

I agree with Rush. As aweful, tragic, horrific and emmotional as this is, there is a reality to it as well. You can't throw out reason and practicle thinking and replace it with emmotional decision making. We all wish nothing but the best for all these poor victim's families, and we pray for them and wish it had not ever, ever happened.....but that does not mean you just start dishing out $$. Charities and fundraisers are different, but if the gov hands out cash, someone has to pay this bill, $$ is not free....that someone is us. I doubt that if my family members were killed in a tragic act of violence that these families would put up $$ for me. We all wish deserving people could be compensated for their tragic losses, but that is not reality, and niether is paying out HUGE $$ to these poor families, while letting hte poor families of the military killed in duty everyday wind up with a few $1,000.

You have to take care of your own while you are still here, those who did not plan ahead have no one to blame but themselves, they are getting way more than any other citizen would get. I'm sorry, I know this is a touchy subject, but it is the truth.

Puder, I understand your freind's situation is unique, but I'm not too terribley sure much changes. As sad as that sounds, it is reality. I hope them the best, I really hope them the best. Sounds like a tough deal.

As mentioned above, the founders of our great land would be having siezures if they saw this craziness. Let's think reasonably here folks, it's the only way to keep the train on the track.

Thanks for listening to my babling.....
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allan thanks for teh kind words.

They will get it worked out. They aren;t *****ing about the $$$. They are glad that they are getting helped out cus they need it.

I think more people shodul be like them in this case just be glad theya re gettgin some kind of help.

That ALL being said I am NOT a fan of handouts in any situation. Hell i don't think poor and starving people shodul be given free handouts. When you get something for nothing you don't care abotu it and you certainly don't respect it. Make them do something and in return they get the assitance.
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I'm familiar with the Cantner-Fitz benefits that the company is paying. I think that is admirable of them. I also think it is admirable of all of the US citizens who have sent money or comfort supplies to the city. My kids wrote letters and sent toys.

I'm pleased that your friends' family is making good use of the handout. I am also happy to hear that they are thankful for it.

Cause the bottom line is that the man sounds horribly underinsured. Maybe he was uninsurable, which is hard to plan around, but chances are that he was very insurable earlier in his life. I hope that the family's medical issues turn out as best as they can and hope everything works out for them.

What we all need to understand is that once we become adults and start being more than simply a "family member", that we must make uncomfortable plans regarding the care of the families we are responsible for in the event that we are unable to provide earnings.

I'm not an insurance salesman, and in fact, am resistant to buying "too much" insurance, but we must make sure our kids and spouses are left not only "debt free" but with some source of money to live off of. While my wife will be able to find employment if I croak, her earning capabilities won't support the family AND create savings for kids college and the other stuff that is important to me.

We're big boys with bog boys' toys. Get enough life insurance to pay off your house and toys if you croak. Make out a will. If you have significant net worth, consult an estate planner for tips.

Let's not all hope that somebody puts a jar out on the pay counter at Waffle House to raise money for our wife and kids. This is something that each of you needs to do. Sh!t happens.

My mom and dad went from healthy and lively with Dad making a good living to both of them being dead - it all happened in 4 seconds. We don't always have the ability to know how long we will live. If your boat will run over 60, then there is a remote possibility that you may be the one in a million that has a freak mechanical or steering issue that results in a fatality. And we ALL drive cars - do I need to say more?

I know this thread didn't intend to get warped into a lesson on making these kinds of plans, but while we're on it - I KNOW there are some of you guys out there who need to make better plans...

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In an extreme situation like we experienced on Sept. 11th there is and never could be a happy medium for disbursments. One of the things you must factor into the equation is the size difference of the eligable group of recipients. One would assume that the gov't is prepaired for the worst case scenario when dealing with massive military casualties. Assuming the worst case that 20 + thousand troops died (God forbid) in active duty, would they all get the death benifit (1000 per month). In these days of Extreme technological warfare that number of casualties is realistic. I just heard on Cnn a few days ago that Our gov't has purchased 70,000 body bags....umm who are they for? The gov't has factored military death benifits over and over I'm sure. To compare the 3000 + casualities on Sept. 11th and military death benefits is like comparing Apples and Oranges. Think about it. It only takes one rag head to push a buttom the size of the blower switch on your boat to wipe out THOUSANDS.
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Mcollinstn.....excellent advice, glad you chimed in.

NeedSpeed, intersting info, but I have learned that CNN sometimes reports things a do I say this.....ummm.......INACCURATE. Not sure I buy the 70k body bag thing if they reported it......there is a reason why they call it the Clinton News Network.

Thanks for the info though
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OH yeah.....I remember hearing the interview from the head guy at Cantor Fitzgerald the day after the attacks, just devestated as he was explaining they had lost 700 people (or what ever the total was) was just aweful, I'm getting chills just typing it. Something I will never forget as long as I live....that poor man giving that sureal really hit home how aweful the entire ordeal was/is......
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The reason the country is having so much trouble is the founding fathers base the government on a self reliant populace, not one that feels it needs to be taken care of. As far as the 911 victims, the reason they are getting so much more than the average victim of any crime is that it is the pc thing to do. Don't musundertand me, I have sympathy for the victims, but no more so than other victims of crime or even accidents. Death is death, while sometimes tragic and temporarly avoidable, it is in fact inevitable.

Our country simply cannot afford to take care of everyone, however they should take better care of the men and women that provide the blanket of freedom and protection that protect us.
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