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For those of you that have forgoten

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Troutly, TeamBaja,

For the longest time, there was no footage of the attack on the Pentagon. This was one of the few pictures taken by a traffic camera at one of the security gates on the Mall side of the Pentagon. I guess the date was off by a day.

The fire burned so hot on that side from all of the jet fuel, that the only thing left in the area of the attack were the heavy duty safes. All the cube furniture, metal desks and office equipment were completely incinerated. They took bobcats in and scooped up the debris and dumped it out the windows. 2 months later they tore down the 250' burned section in outer (E) ring, D ring and C ring due to weakened columns from the heat.

I can still remember sitting in a meeting in the E ring saying to myself, 'nah, they wouldn't attack the Pentagon, the Capital or the Whitehouse would be much more valuable targets for these cowards.'

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Thank you all for your patriotism...warms the heart as an ex infantryman and as the brother in law of a man killed by those animals....bush has the balls to do what clinton and gore should have done years ago....hell boys the israelis had mohhamad atta in prison for cr imes against the state..he was let out of prison during the oslo accord at the behest of X president clinton...this is a true fact that can be researched.... he should be hung.. scum bag
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Originally posted by TEAMBAJA

Does anyone think we should drop a bomb on France while we're over there?
It would get rid of a bunch of terriosts. Nobody ever talks about how the muslums have taken over France (and working on the USA, been to NJ lately?) They still have some French talking heads but are run by the muslums. Why do you think they are acting like they are? What a joke!!
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