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I vote we bury all the terrorists responsible for 9/11 alive in concrete in the foundation of the new World Trade Center Buildings...
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I vote we make them build the new WTC then pour them into the side walk so everybody walks on them.Or put them in pison and let everybody know who they are, they be a nice ***** for somebody for about a week.Then kill them.
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Al Qaeda, Hamas and associated terrorists of the world are out to get the US in a big way. They proved with the Sept 11 attack that they are capable of a major strike. This just whetted their appetite for an escalation to the next level. There is a strong likelihood that the next level will be a similar attack that takes out many, many more than 2,800 people, leaves long-lasting damage. They will take their time, and likely go for a strike that will try to take out a major US city. It could be a dirty bomb, with combination radiation and/or biological agents, exploded near a major city, such as from a container ship in the Hudson River, or San Francisco or Baltimore harbors. It would not even have to be unloaded,
and we don't have the technology to detect it in advance. And they are likely to have several such strikes in the works, in case one or two are discovered.

We are talking about a "first strike" by them that will, for all practical purposes, seem like a last strike to us.
It will do so much damage to our economy, and
several hundred thousand people, that the war
is over as far as the terrorists are concerned,
and they won! We will only be left to wonder who
did it and who to bomb in retaliation.

So the notion that we are not a "first strike" country becomes a death sentence for us, if we allow this to happen first, before we take action.

The terrorists will have a very difficult time pulling this off without the help of a small industrial complex. The current providers of such a complex to the terrorists are Syria, Iran, North Korea and Iraq.

From among these, Iraq and North Korea have the least stable leadership, and Iraq is the one with the most proven attempts to develop weapons of the type that terrorists would like to have.

It is reasonable to think that our national leaders believe that we must prove to all these countries that we are not going to sit by waiting on Armageddon. We need to stop the terrorist supporters now, and we need to show the other terrorist supporters what is in store for them if we feel
we need to hit them to protect our national interests.

Terrorists have no allegiance to a particular country, so they don't
fear retaliation by the US. The old cold-war standoff is no longer
operative. The terrorists probably consider a nuclear retaliation against one or more of these supporting countries just the cost of war. They, and their supporting countries, also know that the US will not just heave a few nukes onto a Baghdad in retaliation, killing a couple of million innocent civilians.

The terrorists are also not members of the UN.
Our discussions there are just a comedy to the terrorists.

So the US must act now in every way possible to stop the possibility of such an attack against the US. Part of that action is to deny the terrorists the support of these rogue countries. If a rogue country's leadership is so unstable that they might sell/give the terrorists the weapons, then we must stop it now. Iraq is such a country. A measured, non-nuclear attack on Iraq may cause the others to cease their support of the terrorists in such a dangerous way. It also may cause the least civilian casualties of all the alternatives.

We must make it clear to the terror-supporting countries that there will be a price to pay, and that a nuclear retaliation, which we are unlikely to use, is not the only option open to us.

I think President Bush understands he cannot let a first strike happen, and that nuclear retaliation is no longer a threat.
We must go after the terrorists, and their supporters and suppliers, now.

A history lesson~~ Do you know why the US was in such a rush to develop
the atomic bomb in WWII? It's not because we simply wanted such a weapon
It's because concerned physicists, including German refugee, Albert
Einstein, warned Roosevelt in writing that the Germans had the most
capable physicist in the field of nuclear physics, Nobel Prize winner,
Werner Heisenberg, and he was known to have a laboratory working on
such a device. We knew what would happen if Hitler was the first to have
such a weapon. Think about it.

I believe we are in a similar race today against the terrorists. The war has begun, so the "don't go to war" crowd apparently has a misunderstanding of what we are up against. We are at war today. Our country was similarly divided just before Pearl Harbor and our entry into WWII. Another modern day "Pearl Harbor" is likely a surprise that is unacceptable to us.

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It's only torture if they're doing it right!
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What comes around, goes around. We should beat them with a hammer.
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Brad Perry
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Well put, Kitten.
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Whatever it takes is WHATEVER IT TAKES! The reason we have some degree of safety is because dangerous men stand ready to inflict unspeakable acts upon those that threaten our security. I do not besmirch those men for the acts they need inflict in defense of my country, freedom, liberty and life. They don't enjoy it. They do what it takes, no more, no less.
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Which is why we need to interogate them overseas. If we bring them here, they will end up in a country club prison living better than many of our own citizens.
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They should peel the skin from the soles of thier feet and make them walk around in a room full of rock salt.
And that's just for starters.
Start asking questions and every time he refuses to answer cut off a body part ,starting with his toes. Make sure you have a blow torch handy to cauterize the wound... don't want him to bleed to death.
These people will not stop...

Kitten ,
you paint a scary picture, that is why these people need to be delt with harshly.
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Liberal pinko ***s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!F"EM, sorry I get a little riled up when I think back to that HORRIBLE Sept. day when humans of ALL NATIONALITYS were burned,chrushed, and horror of all horrors FORCED to jump ONE HUNDRED SEVEN stories(thats 1000 + feet) to their death.
I for one would not want to bother with these people, BUT THEY BROUGHT THE FIGHT TO US, do what ever has to be done no matter how ugly it gets. Lets just get it over with so we can get on with life, I think this is the best tribute we can give ALL those that have sufferd and died for what we have in this country.
The next time one of these Liberal Commie pinkos passes a cemetary and sees a small american flag on a grave I hope thay say"thank you" Forthe oportunity to whine like a school girl about the treatment of SWORN ENEMIES TO ME AND MY WAY OF LIFE!!!!!!!!
I feel better now!
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