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Terrorists and war

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Default Terrorists and war

I know I have had both these on here before but it has been ALONG time and sometime we might forget..

If you have ANY questions on why we should go to war click here

and for the rest of us.. alittle pump up click here
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MOAB, privately known in military circles as "the mother of all bombs," has been under development since late last year. The bomb carries 18,000 pounds of tritonal explosives, which have an indefinite shelf life. It replaces the Vietnam-era "Daisy Cutter," a 15,000-pound bomb with 12,600 pounds of the less-powerful GSX explosives.

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Once they start chucking those bad boys around they'll have turbans landing in Australia.

Good links Packin.
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Once they start chucking those bad boys around they'll have turbans landing in Australia.

I have no problem with that!!!!
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Default Re: Terrorists and war

Originally posted by packinair
If you have ANY questions on why we should go to war click here
If you really want to know why we ARE going to war click here, not the excuse they are using as to why we SHOULD. This was written by the main players a year before 9/11 including Cheny, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Bush, Abrams, etc. They have been lobbying for this since the early 90's. It is almost word the same presentation as they made after 9/11 for our new defense strategy that includes "pre-emptive strikes" This is not some liberal propaganda, this is the real plan with their names proudly on it since they know the Americans are too lazy to actually look into anything.
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Default MOAB...

Must have been one hell of a sight...

The Pentagon has been using the term "shock and awe" to describe the campaign military planners envision for the approaching war with Iraq. We may just have gotten an idea about what this means: On Tuesday, the Air Force tested what is described as the most powerful conventional weapon in the U.S. arsenal, the so-called Massive Ordnance Air-burst Bomb or MOAB. This weapon, tested at Eglin Air Force Base in the Florida panhandle, is also apparently known as the "mother of all bombs."

The MOAB is a follow-on to the BLU-82 "daisy-cutter," a 15,000-pound fuel-air-explosive weapon originally designed to clear helicopter-landing zones in Vietnam. The daisy cutter also saw action in the first Gulf War and more recently in Afghanistan, where along with the BLU-118/B thermobaric weapon, it was used against al Qaeda troops in fortified caves.

Weighing in at 21,000 pounds, the MOAB is packed with some 18,000 pounds of a gelled slurry of ammonium nitrate and powdered aluminum that is detonated by a highly explosive booster. It is satellite guided. The MOAB delivery package consists of an inertial guidance system, a global-positioning system, and fins and wings for course adjustment, making it extremely accurate. Like the BLU-82, it can be dropped by parachute from a C-130 transport plane before the satellite-guidance system takes over. Some reports indicate that it does not need a parachute.

The MOAB seems to be a blast-only version of a weapon designed to destroy buried hardened targets. This so-called direct-strike hard-target weapon (DSHTW) features a cobalt-alloy bomb body that enables it to penetrate to depths of up to 100-feet underground before detonating.

Defense officials reportedly describe the purpose of the weapon as primarily "psychological." The daisy cutter was employed in such a role during the 1991 Gulf War. DoD has certainly made no effort to keep the effects of this weapon secret. This lack of secrecy meshes with another recent news report claiming that a centerpiece of a campaign of shock and awe would be the purposeful destruction of an Iraqi Republican Guard unit as an incentive to others to surrender. A fuel-air explosion of the magnitude generated by a MOAB resembles a small nuclear detonation. If I were on the receiving end of such a weapon, or observed the effects of a MOAB strike, that would certainly seem like shock and awe to me.
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Here it is....minus the parachuted cradle.........
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You are reminding us of why to invade showing the WTC...?

Al'Quaida attacked the US on 9-11....not Saddam

Our President said he had SOLID proof

here is wht he shows the people LIES

But to actually make up fake documents and forge leaders names to it is down right sinister

we all know where Blairs "proof" came from...He clipped it out of some magazines, then called it "Classified British intelligence"

remember the first war...?....more lies

how about the lies coming out of the CIA

what kind of fool would still believe this liar...?
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Packin, thanks for posting it. I really enjoyed seeing it again.
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Why would he show us the hard evidence so that Saddam could then move it and say that we are lying. If when we go to war and then show you what they found what will you say then. That it was planted??? Why is it so hard for you to believe what our government says but you believe what a known terrorists says as being gospel.
HITLER didn't attack this country either -- Were we wrong to go after him.
What do we do wait untill SADDAM gives a terrorist a nuke and that terrorist then blows up your relatives and friends before you will believe that he is bad.

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