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Older 70's Performance Boats?

Old 03-13-2003, 08:59 AM
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Default Older 70's Performance Boats?

Last summer went up the Antique Boat Museum (website)

and had a great time, if you ever get a chance to go, it is in Clayton NY on the Thousand Islands, and it has the coolest Hacker that for $15 they take you out for like an hour on the St Lawrence..

Anyway, after looking at the old vintage wood stuff, I cant help but believe that boats like the 70's 27/28 Cigarette's, Magnum's, Bertrams are going to be similar classics X number of years out. (BTW you guys know these better than I do, what other Flat Deck V hulls are worth looking at, and have you ever heard of a Excalibur?)

So that being said, and after looking around I am "in love" with that look. How would you guys suggest actually making a run at buying a good one?.. should I look fresh water only? any places to look? any good deals that you know about?

My last speedboat was a 22' Donzi, and I would like something a bit bigger for a dayboat here in the SandyHook NJ area.

The money I spent here on my membership I think was probably the best $$ spent...

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Old 03-13-2003, 09:25 AM
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been there, done that...I put a Cigarette 28SS together from scratch and Wally has as well. Some things I would suggest about this type of project are:

Look for a boat that does not need to be completely repainted/regelled, because, in my opinion they are worht more on the backend than a boat that's been painted.

Salt or Fresh, it really doesn't matter if you plan on redoing/replacing everything, but if you're looking for something fairly turn-key, you should look for a fresh water boat...and be prepared to spend some bucks...jus take a look at that Magnum on Ebay.

The biggest problem I see is that there are alot of 28 Cigarettes, Magnums and 35 Flat Decks out there that have been redone 2,3 or 4 times and have had more holes patched up than a pice of swiss cheese. Your best bet is to find something like Too Old's boat that hasn't been hacked up and leave it just that way.

Resale is pretty lousy on the old girls, but guys like me look for boat that are completely original or close to it, although, guys like me are few and far between, so prices are pretty low...I think Too Old let his go for about 45K which is cheap of a 35' performance boat...never mind it being a Cigarette.

Bottom line is right now there is a limited market for these boats, so it could be a buying opportunity for someone with some spare change laying around.

If you intend on buying a project, be prepared to spend some bucks...regardless of whether you plan on doing it yourself or not. Here are some of the big expenses to consider when redoing a boat(these are the prices I paid...individual results may vary)

Engines-------25000(NEW 350 Mag MPI with Bravo1 drives)
Interior-------8500(includes cabin)
Paint----------5000(plain white Imron)

That's just the big stuff---Its the little stuff that kills ya like steering(I bought cable, not hydraulic), gauges, throttles, switches an panels, props, tie bar...the list is seemingly endless...

Here's the boat when I completed it after spending close to 60K

Best places to look are in people's back yards...always keep your eyes peeled and get out to your local marinas and boatyards and look behind the buildings etc

On the internet: site) here hate these guys, but I bought my last boat from this site)

Hope some of this helps...

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Default Hi.. can you send me a pic of your Excalibur?

Can you send me a pic of your Excalibur...

How long is it, what do you think one would sell for, and where would one look? I saw one last summer that looked very nice and clean..

lots of room, twas impressive
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Default Hi your email is bouncing..

[email protected]
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[email protected] if you want to contact me..
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Default LifeLines down the Bow

When did performance boats stop coming with the Lifelines down the bow, and why were they there, and why did they remove them from the new boats...

Or was it just a "look" thing?

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Stephen.. it sounds as though you,Sean and I are on the same page here.
There's an awfull lot of zippy new machinery out there but I still get my inspiration from the old 'originals'.If that's what your looking for there really is only 8-9 players and then the size you want might narrow it down even more.If you originally had a Donzi 22 I know what kind of thing you might be looking for but will you end up with another old(er) classic ?

As for Sean's project.. its called a labour of love !
I did probably an even more drastic resto on a Magnum 25 three years ago.. it was gutted (NOTHING) and upside down.It turned 30 in Feb/03 and almost looks as though it just rolled out of 188th St.
That was a full 2year 3 month job ... one (stock) engine cost $5000 more than Sean's two.. cabin was 3000 less but paint was 6000 more and like Sean says the list goes on and on ad nauseum ($hit the bow rail and gas tank were $8000 alone.. I think my latent suicidal tendencies are returning)
Anyway.. I would'nt trade it for anything else between 20 and 29 feet !... ever And now I'm about to do the same thing to my old (37 years) Donzi St tropez.

I'll stick with my (really) old toys,but I'd sure as hell have a fun time looking for another one,as it seems you're about to do

Another Stephen
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Check out the "Magnum Forum" from December-"My old Raceboat", like many others this is a MAJOR project. I started it 3 years ago, should be finished this summer, and I won't owe a dime on it-paid as I went along. Double the amount of dollars you think it will cost and triple the amount of time.
Good luck!
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Default There is this Cigarette 39 right near us

There are two interesting hulls near me:

#1 a 1979 Cigarette 39, Black with white top deck.. but the bad news is that it is a 3 man setup (was a drug boat siezed)...

Has 2 engines in it (staggered), but not really practical as a DayBoat for me.. Has been sitting for a couple of years in Atlantic Highlands NJ across from Julians Bait and Tackle (they own it)..
They are now really ready to sell... but not sure if I want that much empty (there is no cabin or even a way to get there..)

#2 a Magnum 27 1974 Sedan, no power, two old TRS outdrives, good gelcoat (yellow) oh my... decent cabin (needs new carpet/cover) however everything else just needs cleaned..

Probably new everything else on the helm... and probably new outdrives (the TRS look tired)...

#3 There is a Bertram Baron 28 (Speedmasters) down in Florida, cool boat, original owner, runs fine (old Volvo drives), I think he still "likes" the boat too much, but it is for sale. Looks great in the pictures, would fly down and look at it... Does have the requisite lifelines running down the bow.... and probably could buy it and run it as is...

Come on guys, maybe you have other ideas... ps. If anyone wants info on that 39 Cigarette, I'd be happy to hook you up, I'd love not having it tempt me...

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