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Hummer H2


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A buddy of mine has a friend who purchased an H2, and who tows a 25' boat. Word is he's very dissatisfied with the H2's towing ability.
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They aren't going to make Excursions anymore.

My buddy has an H2 and loves it. I have ridden and driven it a few times. The ride and drive was actually better than I anticipated.

As for the worth, is ANY new vehicle worth the purchase price as soon as you drive it off the lot?

I say go for the H2 as long as you don't plan to tow anything.

Just my .02

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My wife has an H2 and I really enjoy driving the truck. It is essentially a Denali or Escalade with a much different look. The interior is much nicer than the Tahoe. We shopped all the top end SUVs and they are all $50K. (Denali, Escalade, Navigator, Landcruiser etc) Is it the most practical truck, no. Is it fun, yes! I have not tried to tow anything big.

My father just bought a Denali. Great truck and easier to live with on a daily basis. It actually has a higher tow rating too.

If your F350 is 4 years old, why do you want a new F350. It essentially the same truck. If you go that route I would wait two more years for the new F350. (Although I hear some great things about the new 6.0 diesel and automatic)

Just some thoughts

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Default Same trash talkers as before

I drive an H2 and pull my 36 Spectre with it. 10k total package. Pulls like a stallion.

Drives smooth. Looks rugged. Will pull the bumpers off the naysayers. Their just jealous they can't think for themselves.

Compared to the shop f-350. no comparison. Frough ride, same power, not 4 wheel drive all the time. gas on both sucks.

H2 is not a tahoe. Any idiot knows this. Made at the AM general plant for GM. The whole frame is different.

Talk trash boys ...why do you keep lookin when one drives by.

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Buy a Dodge Hemi for about 28k and pick up a used 24 Pantera for about 20. That will leave you 4k to party and boat with this summer
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LOL Maximus. I do agree with what you said.

I like the H2 for what it is, but I just don't see how you can say it has the same power as a F-350 with the V-10 or the PSD 6.0 or 7.3.

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There is much more similarity to the Tahoe than the H-1. The drive train is the same, 6.0, 4L60E trans, differentials. To compare the H-2 to a PSD Ford, in towing capability anyway, well that is questionable. If your shop PSD is no more efficient than the H-2, you need to get it checked. And you are correct in your statement that the H-2 is not a Tahoe, but like I stated earlier, it does share many of the same drivetrain components. Now if they would install the Duramax with the Allison, that would be the ticket.
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Its a repaneled Tahoe
It shares some componants (modified) with the 1500 and 2500 suburbans (steering and portions of frame). It has (or was suppose to have) a welded box ladder frame where the front 1/3 was shared with the 2500 Suburban, the rear 1/3 adapted from the 1500 Suburban, and the center 1/3 new with flat crossmembers.

They are suppose to produce the H2 SUT (pic below) next year to complement the H2 SUV currently offered.

I like the looks of them even if I was skeptical at first. Just haven't pulled the trigger yet.
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Maximus I hear what you are saying the H2 is nice, But I'll bet you if I hook up to my 2000 42 sonic and you hook to my trailer I will drag you until I feel like stopping. You reed that right. I will pull my boat and you, I already did this truck to truck with my friends H2 with such ease that I know I could pull my boat too. I like the H2 and may buy one but they don't and can't pull like a F350 psd. I live in Stafford VA. if you want some.
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Hummers are for designed for off road use, not towing. The H2 offroad capabilities are second only to the H1. Neither one would be my choice to tow with. Gotta have a 1 ton dually.
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