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people that you meet


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Originally posted by glassdave
puder- help audio kiss my ass. . .or if you dont understand that . . .hepl audio kis mi ats. . .

take that you bunch of goofs

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oh boy . . . . its Allan4skin and his razor like wit . . .havent seen you in a while. . . .what , did your gay porn magazines all come in on the same day.
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Dave I am suprised that you can type with all that crap on your hands. Don't they stick to the keyboard?

Put your best foot forward!
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4skin...... ...not bad Assdave, not bad....

Just keep in mind that you are the only OSO'er who regularly attends goat f***ing contests.

I heard they are having the "Assdave Shootout for Goat Humping" to honor thier customer of the decade. Should be a great turnout considering it is taking place at your nudist camp.....

The press release says you will make an appearence as "The Ball-Less Zoro". Sounds fun....
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.......Extra butter on my popcorn please
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allan: it might take dave a little while to reply as he is out back in the shop working on a remote control gerbil. I am not quite sure what it is before but I am sure you will see it when you guys go to the zoo
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You guys are giving me chest pains. LMFAO
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WOW..That guy certainly can "Shuck"
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Originally posted by Too Old
Oh Fred Fred were having a perfectly good life and then you had to go and be clever.......HeHeHe......

Well, what you avatar does not explain is the following. You had to eat 14 bowls of bran cereal, inject a quart of lube into you keister and give it one good "viens bursting outta your forehead" HHEEERRRUUMMMMPPPHHHHH with your a$$ hanging out the back of that plane to get that poor little grown up tadpole (it was a tadpole when it entered) to exit you......

Thanks for the heads up Packin, he told me he was out shaving a big "3" into the side of "Dynamo the Donkey".......
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