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The ALL-TIME Worlds BEST Throttle Man is....

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but anyone who can survive a stuff that included a basal skull fracture and go race in Europe some weeks later still seeing double has the gift
Is this because of his talent or heritage?
Kirk - not a shy one are you? You're right, you are as good as they get, but I do think everyone fits into a category like T2x outlined and WORLD CLASS is a little different than GREAT. World Class has to be earned over MANY years.
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My list of my heros include. JT at the VERY TOP he knows all his stuff. Joey Imprescia, Hurley Stepp, Mark Lavin, Kirk Dunteman, Gary Ballough, Timmy Steiner, Paul Whittier, Felix Serrales, JD D'elia, Errol Lanier, Steve Curtis. There probably a few people I'm forgetting too.
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Bobby Saccenti has been taking scalps for over 25 years now.

The comeback with the all new Team Apache should put that young man right back on top.

PS I don't work for him...
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Nope...He works for you!
Hows the boat comin along? any more pics for us?
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I was looking at your Avatar while I was typing and got messed up with my typing...

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@ this present time in history it's JT, BUT keep your eye on John Cosker, he's learning FAST! To this day, most amazing boat ride I've had in my life was with Cosker @ the helm!
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Talking Ryan you suck up

Just because I give you all my sticker work you must have felt obligated to throw me in the list. Hey how many people can go 108 in a 24 skater sideways? Kirk out.

World class has to be earned over many years? I've been racing since 85, somewhere in the 30's for victories, 7 or 8 top guns(with a modified boat) first to go undefeated. still hold record at 12 consecutive( 2 were top guns) 5 world championships 3 1/2 nationals. 50 consecutive top 3 finishes(consistant). Because of what happened to Mark Lavin (old friend and hero of mine)is why I got out of racing when I started my family. What happend sat makes me rethink over my coming back to racing alittle bit.

As Babe Ruth said "its not bragging if you can do it"

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Great thread. As the ever obsolete T2x noted, categorization is probably most appropriate for a topic such as this. With that in mind, I would like to add a couple.

Throttle and setup man that never really got a shot at the big time... Charlie Tesauro. I know of very few that can set up a small outboard cat and run it like it was a 46 Skater than Charlie. To bad he never had the chance to really get out there is a bigger boat.

Throttleman that would have been a top contender had he just been more humble and let his abilities speak for themselves is Nicky Cutro. I would have to say that there is not a more honest and hard working guy in the business. NIcky can set up, keep together and run the livin' hell out of a boat and continually do extremely well. I have raced with, crashed with, and learned an aweful lot from this man. I just wish for his own sake he would just keep quiet and do what he does best and he would be a sensation.

I have tremendous respect and admiration for many of the names mentioned here among others. As was said earlier, it is very difficult to compare certain people because some were/are great vee bottom guys, some are great cat guys. Some had better equipmant than others. You must differentiate between these various characteristics otherwise you are comparing apples and oranges. Great thread though.
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Lance Henrichsen
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Some excellent choices...I would say that JT and Joey Imprescia are certainly two of the best modern day t-men...but one name that deserves mention in my opinion is Jim McIntyre who raced with Carl Meyers for a short time with How Sweet It Is, raced Mad Mac, MG-23, Hot N Nasty among others.

I've been in many boats with him and believe him to be a very talented throttleman...some have it; some don't...and you can tell those who have it...

I think Randy Schleuss also deserves mention because even though alot of focus is placed on the big boys running big cats, it definitely takes alot of skill to throttle an F-1 boat in big water with minimal drive failure and a whole lot of wins...

Just my humble opinions...
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