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'poof' My take on it.

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Default 'poof' My take on it.

A small company’s growth is always very difficult. Perhaps the initial learning stages in any business are the most important times for the success or failure of the business. Many businesses start out at one level and run successfully at that level their entire business life. And then some businesses strive for that higher ground.

For those that really know Active Thunder, for those that really know me and my staff, you know our devotion to the water. You know our devotion to the boats. And you know our devotion to our customers.

It’s really all about my company’s desire to build the highest quality, best performing boats on the market. And I believe we are achieving that desire today.

We have come to know our good points and we have come to recognize our bad.. From the day you buy it until they day you sell it we want you happy. That is our number one goal. And we will do everything possible to make sure this happens.

In the past 18 months so many changes have taken place at Active Thunder. New cabin liner molds. New deck molds. Research and procurement of advanced hardwares, electronics and amenity items. It all adds up to one great boat.

But one great boat does not make a great boat company.

Customer service. Delivering in reasonable time frames and, more importantly, delivering what we promise. A staff that is readily available and eager to help. Representatives around the country. That turns a great boat into a great boat company.

We recognize this and that is our goal. That is what we will achieve this year.

Despite the days’ events I sincerely hope that everybody involved mends the fences and either enjoys the sport and open forum available to us or moves on. We have successfully opened up one individual to a slander suit because ‘Private Message’ really doesn’t mean ‘private’ and have also taken away another member’s right to have fun sharing the build experience of his new boat with his friends and fellow boaters. Nice job guys.
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well said
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Hey, if you put Eickert engines in your Active thunder and discuss it you will get double poofed!!!! Poof, poof.................
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WOW, Not sure what I missed.. but THAT was well said!
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Well said, AT. If the only thing you guys are ever guilty of is delivering a boat a few weeks late, so be it. With all the bad I hear in the marine industry lately, I could certainly wait a few weeks extra for a quality product. (That is, if I could actually afford an AT right now )
In the grand scheme of a multi-hundred thousand dollar boat purchase, aren't a few weeks here and there pretty petty to worry about? Think about how many weeks of boating season you could lose over getting a boat with problems, vs. being patient in the beginning and getting a great product to start out with.
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I don't know alot about AT's other that the fact I picked Audacity's apart pretty good and had the chance to drive it, and that left 1 hell of an impression upon me. VERY nice boat and I am not a big V-hull fan. as far as the politics involved in whatever is being discused....I really don't give a ****, all I know is we are all boater and if we can't get along then why the hell are we here?? I used to drag race pro and got out of that becauyse of the polotics involved and it took all the fun and love out of the sport. If someone has a problem with AT or anyone else pick up your damn phone and call them, I am SO sick of I heard that my friends mail mans neghbors ex boyfriend got screwed by so and so there for we should all stay away. and by the way AT. well said
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I have been to many (approx. 30) boat builders across the country and I was impressed with your shop and your people. I even met you personally approx. 2 years ago at your shop--I was looking at your 28' but decided to buy an Ultimate Warlock only because the Warlock factory was within an hour of my home. Big misstake!!
I think you build a great product and you are one of the few company's out there that really care about your customer through the buying process and also after the sale. Customer service is extremely important. I think maybe some other people or companies are jealous??
All I can say is keep up the excellent work.
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AT....Don't know if this makes you feel any better or not, but I don't feel like you need to give an explanation of any kind. Non of this is your doing. I have a funny feeling that others feel the same as I do.

We could only be so lucky as to even have the opportunity to ride in one of your boats.

Keep up the good work.

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1. Well said

2. What did I miss?

3. I think we just lost our freedom of speech.
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