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Boat ramp antics....... Post your best stories

Old 05-19-2003, 09:28 PM
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You guys are probably right. I do think the snowbirds are pretty consistent at not having a clue at the ramp. I've been behind people who actually load there gear at the ramp. This was my first time having to waite for someone to change there shoes then have his buddy stand in the water and hold the boat right in the middle of the ramp.

I have sat at a waterfront restaraunt across from a boat ramp and laughed like hell watching some of the idiots across the river with the understanding that if I were on the other side trying to launch it would not be funny at all.
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Old 05-19-2003, 09:42 PM
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Comeon, dont make fun of him, he didnt want to get his new Air Force 1's wet.
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Old 05-19-2003, 10:43 PM
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i was taking delivery of the playboy last week and while we were at the ramp we witnessed a guy bauck down the ramp and of course the boat was allready disconnected from the winch... so whammmm the boat comes off and his alfa looks to be in pretty bad shape... some people jump on the bow use the trailer like a fulcrum and get the boat in the water... nautti kitty thinks he must have really snapped his drive bad because the boat is taking on water... push the boat back on the trailer, winch it up and pull away, water pouring out the back..... from the drain hole!!! oops he forgot about that too!!
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Old 05-19-2003, 10:50 PM
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Well.....I must admit I have provided some most outstanding Laugh your A$$ off ramp antics with the best of them. I did the same thing, not once, but twice.

The first time we launched the AT in the Illinois River was the last time we will ever launch the AT in the Illinois River. We went to our usual ramp, where we had launched out 290 PQ for the past 3+ years with no problem. So we do our usually drill getting the boat ready, myself getting in the boat and Tbikini backing the boat in the water. Well, that is where the fun started. As you know the 37 AT has a rather large single step so it takes some water to float off of the trailer. The truck was just about in the water but the boat was not floating yet. So I told her to back in a little bit more..........Just then the boat was suddenly free (except for the bow strap)......... I knew something was wrong when I saw T's face. She said "This ramp is not very side of the trailer is a lot higher than the other".

OH S**T........The trailer had fallen off of the end of the ramp I had her try to pull forward, but the spring shackle was hitting the ramp before the was not coming out.

We launched the boat and began trying to figure out how we were going to get out of this. In the mean time all these bass boats are launching and retrieving saying stuff like, "man that's bad" or "how you gonna get that thing outta there" or the best "how about I hook my truck on to the front of yours and we'll pull that bad boy outta there".

We finally wedged a 2X4 between the wheel and the ramp and it came out. I am so glad both wheels did not go off the end of the ramp. Thank goodness Tbikini backed it in crooked that day cause she is usually real good about being straight with the ramp.

Not to be out done, on our recent Thunder Run III trip, we proceeded to Do It Again.. Only this time the 2X4 would not fit between the ramp and the tire because the trailer was backed in very straight and if we would have backed it up enough to get the 2X4 in, the other tire would have fallen off of the ramp too

Luckily Thunder Dan and Jassman were there to help. This is really kind of unbelievable as the trailer is a triple axle steel MYCO (very heavy), but Jassman and I lifted the trailer up enough to clear the shackle and Dan, driving the truck, pulled forward enough for the tire to catch.

We were lucky since both times there were very few people at the ramp to laugh and make comments. But now that I write this and think about it.........This would have been hilarious to watch

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Old 05-19-2003, 11:51 PM
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Great stories......

Man, I have seen alot of slow people and the normal stuff, but one time last year I saw a guy trying to back down and pick up a bass boat (I think it was a bass boat) and he managed to get the truck and trailer pointed at about 2 o'clock and 8 o'clock accross the ramp....almost totally perpendicular....

How can anyone with male genitalia be that bad at backing a trailer.....??
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Old 05-20-2003, 07:44 AM
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h20warrior. I have done a simmilar thing also twice

The first time I ever launced my boat at this ramp both axles dropped off the back of the ramp luckily with the design of a Loadmaster trailer it wasnt a problem getting it out

since it came out so easy I did it again the next weekend only this time I wasnt exactly straight backing in, after a crunched liscense plate, smashed tail light and lots of paint scraped off of the trailer, I finally learned my lesson

So a word of warning if you have a boat longer than 25ft. dont use the ramp at Midway Marina on Catawba Island!
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Old 05-20-2003, 10:15 AM
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Last summer as we were just finished launching ours, two guys pulled up with a bass boat. The owner climbs in the boat then proceeds to tell his friend how to back down the ramp. After several tries and much shouting, hand gestering and weaving he manages to find the water. The boat floats free, the owner lowers the engine, fires it up, engages reverse and then this loud CRUNCH and grinding noises echo across the marina.
The guy managed to float in very shallow water, his prop dug into the gravel at the end of ramp.
Sounded like ice in a blender.
Wonder what his stainless prop looked like after that?

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Last weekend there was a guy in an older 28-30' Formula with twins that fell off the trailer on the way up the ramp. Ouch! It was a roller trailer, not bunks and he must not have secured the winch or the winch let go as he was pulling it up the ramp. The boat rolled about half way up the trailer and he proceded to drag it for about 10-15 feet. Lets just say he didn't have to pull the drain plug to empty any water out of the boat. They called a tow truck to help get the boat back on the trailer.

Don't try this at home.

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My wife wins the prize!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She is the first person I know of to swamp a john boat in the parking lot with the wake from our F-350!!!!!!!!!!

This last Easter we dropped Dock Holiday in the ICW at Wacca Watche Marina in Murrells Inlet. Have done it twice before at the same place, but this time with the extra high tides and all the rain we have had it was interesting.

See the attached picture.

This is waht it looked like when we arrived, the water was about 100 feet out of its banks, up into the parking lot.

No problem, we got the boat in safely and headed to Charleston.

Hoping the water will be lower when we return in three days.

Well it was higher than shown in this picture!

It was just under the door of the F-350 4X4 and we had to have people stand on the curbs of the ramp so you would know where to put the trailer. It was above my knees and COLD!!!!!

Got the boat on the trailer OK, but as I was loading it, a guy drives past me in a john boat with his dog, right up into the parking lot to his truck. The dog jumps from the boat into the bed of the truck. The guy is standing next to his truck unloading his gear when my wife starts pulling me out of the water.

She takes off like normal and the air damp in front of the truck is under water and creating a hell of a wake. I yell out loud, "SLOW DOWN", she does not hear me. I yell out louder "SLOW DOWN", she still does not hear me, but the guy with the john boat does and grabs his boat before our wake rams it into his truck!

My wife had no idea what she had almost done. I had a good laugh after it was all over with!

They need to add "NO WAKE" signs in the parking lot.
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