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Call all GM dealers

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Default Call all GM dealers

I need help!!!!! I just purchased a 2003 Chevy Alvalanche and want to confirm the spare is WRONG for this truck...It has the Z71 off road package that includes the 265X75X17 inch tires, but the spare is a 16 inch standard wheel and tire...This does me no good as the truck comes with 17 inch tires all the way around...On Kelley Blue Book, the order option sheet clearly shows the package includes five (5) 17 inch tires and wheel but my dealer says no it does not...Any comments are welcome...well almost any!!!!!!
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What does it state on the the invoice sheet? If it says 16" then your SOL

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Here is why I know it should be 17 inch .....Go to the Kelly Blue Book, click on new car pricing and then to the prompts to get to Chevey Alalanche. It has a place that says "Options"...It details what each package contains and under the Z71 package it states, all the equipment included and also states "(5) 265X75X17 wheels and tires ...replaces 16" wheels" No doubt about it...not to mention the height means everthing when you are runing a axle that has a gear set in it...I raced cars for years and the quickest way to screw up a rear gear is to run a different height tire on one side...been there and done that. i would not want to do that even for one mile...Welcome to whine city!!!!!. Wear pattern on the gear is now bad news.
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Could it be that the spare is mounted on a 16" rim but actually have a taller tire that matches the height of the other 4?
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Originally posted by KC Baja
Could it be that the spare is mounted on a 16" rim but actually have a taller tire that matches the height of the other 4?

You proably have it correct. It's only a spare, so why should they use a 17" tire? Besides, Kelly only reprints the info they are given, it's really easy to make a typo. I wouldn't go around making an issue based off of info from Kelly's site.
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SRBAER: If you want to press your complaint, forget the Blue Book. What they say has no impact. Quoting the BB won't get you anywhere.

If the invoice says "5 17" tires," and you only got 4, then you have a clear case.

If you find a description for the Z71 package that clearly states 5 tires, then you still have a case. All I could find on the web was: "The Package includes the Z71 suspension, 17-inch wheels, on-/off-road tires, high-capacity air cleaner ..."

If I thought I was duped, I would proceed suchly:

1.) Letter/fax (no call) to dealer, stating the problem, the telephone conversations incl persons contacted, required action (i.e. replace 16" spare with 17"), timeframe (2 weeks).

2.) If result negative, letter to the President, Chevrolet, negative result included. Short, no threats of legal action, "disappointed customer" - "always bought Chevy - won't anymore."

If you play your cards right, you'll get your tire. The Prez will never read your letter, but his office will forward it to the appropriate dept.
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I looked at another data source and it does appear that even though you can order a 17" tire with Z71 package the spare is a 16" tire which comes standard.
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Guys, thanks for all the input...I guess I will forget that the spare is a 16"...It will most likely never be used anyway and if it screws up the gear set it will be under warranty anyway...I just don't like being led to believe one thing and get another...No big deal....Surely isn't worth a fight with GM....My wife is a lawyer and says I could spend many hours and most likely get the tire but we both know it isn't worth all that bull...What the hell, let's go get a custom set of 20' tires and wheels and use this as the good excuse to the "Mrs"...THAT'S THE TICKET!!!!!"
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srpbaer, Not to make light of your situation but, If I had the SAME size tires on the rear of my race car I'd put in some serious time digging the concrete out of the right side of my car (oval track). I"m sure your spare would "roll out" close to the same as your primary tires.
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Default problem...let me set the record straight...I ran Pro stock drag cars for 13 years including being the South Carolina state champion a few years appears everyone here assumed round track....Wrong..At any rate I appricate your response.
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