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Mom got a speeding ticket....

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Default Mom got a speeding ticket....

She knows she wasnt speeding, cop claims 57 in a 45, but DOES NOT have the radar print out. He also wrote the car was brown when it is Gold, this was all during daylight, so cant blame it on the dark. Also, where he wrote the speed, he first put a 4, then a 5 over the 4 then the 7. My mom says 47 is about how fast, not 57. Is that enough to get it thrown out? And get this, if she gets the ticket, my insurance goes up too!!!

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dude... that sucks...
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You can usually beat the radar gun in court. I'd fight it in a heartbeat, especially if you think you were ticketed for something you did not do. I fought one without and attorney and had it thrown out due to poor callibration records. I fought it because I was cedrtain he ticketed me wrong. Turns out I was probably right.

Order the book "How to beat the Cops". It will tell you how to fight a speeding ticket in court.

Good luck...sorry's a big game, as you well know....
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That's a great way of looking at it. You'll live much longer, that's for sure......

Be safe
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Here in Washington if you contest the ticket you will go before a magistrate. Officer is generally never present at these types of hearings. So without the officer the magistrate judge has to go by the details on the ticket, if these are not correct the usual course (if the defendant has a good record) is to dismiss the ticket. I just went through something similar not to long ago and that is what was explained to me.

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You can always take the chance that the Officer wont show up in court. Here in Pa. If we do not show up at court then the person typically always gets the ticket dismissed. As far as the details of the ticket and whether that will get it tossed, it depends on the standards in Ohio. The officer may not need to print out or he might. Where I work we use acutrack. It has no print out but I have to show the calibration records to show it is accurate. Good luck with your fight.
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My Brother got a ticket for going 80mph towing a boat, when we read the ticket it was written up that the boat was going 80mph down the interstate. When he went to court he told to judge that was Impossable because the boat only top out at 43nots the judge laugh dismissed the ticket but still sent him to driving school!
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True story:

Prior to becoming a phknlwyr, at the ripe old age of 16, I got a ticket going through Bridgeville on my way to Ocean City. (Remember the old days when you traversed the Choptank River over that rickety old bridge?). I appeared in court to fight the ticket, not because I was not guilty, but because I was 16, just got my license, and if I did not get the ticket taken care of, my insurance rates would have gone through the roof and I would have been walking. The judge sitting that day was right out of a bad country lawyer movie: he was old, crotchety, and mean. When one guy before me was asked why he was speeding, he explained that he had a sunburned back and that when he sat back in the car seat, it scortched his sunburn causing him to accelerate. When he took it a step further and asked the judge whether he ever had a bad sunburn, the old coot responded, "Son, I've had skin cancer! That never made me speed!" Needless to say, he got the book thrown at him. A few other whimpering idiots go and offer lame excuses only to be rebuffed by the judge. Then, I'm the next victim.

I was charged with doing 80 in a 55. That was generous of the cop. I was driving a 1979 Honda Prelude, 5 speed. I feign ignorance when the judge asks me how fast I thought I was going. He then asks, " Well, Mr. Kane, how many RPM's should you be turning when you are going 55?" Not trying to be cute I responded, "Well, it depends on what gear I'm in, sir." He literally rocks back in his chair laughing and then looks over the bench at me and says sarcastically, "Let's assume you are in fifth gear." I said I did not know. He, of course, once drove the same car and remembered that it should turn about 2800 rpm at 55. I agree with him. He then stares at me, rocks back in his chair and says, "I like you, Mr. Kane. Here's what we are going to do. You are going to write me a 500 word essay on the importance of driving the speed limit and we will make this thing go away." I smile ear to ear, write his paper, send it to him, hand in the same paper for my weekly writing assignment at school and never look back.

Maybe your Mom could do the same thing.
"Kevin, prepare for the summer."

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Well... Not being a law enforcement officer or attorney, I can only speak from experience from the other side (the dark side). Being the speed freak I am, as Im sure most of you are, I can say that you can always have the radar checked for last calibration date and when the officers last certifcation was. If nothing comes out of that , your best bet would be to plea down to the lesser of violations. Im not sure how the point system works in Ohio, but her in Joizy. 12 mph over would be 4 points. So, I would try to plea it down to 9 mph over which would be 2 points. I doubt they would toss the ticket completely but its worth a try. The prosecutor may have just gotten some new booty and was in a good mood.

good luck
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