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New 36' Spectre Wide load Permit!!

Old 06-29-2003, 01:42 PM
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Byron I still would have wanted the asd-8 both short of that and permiting ,its going to be a very nice rig can't wait to see pictures
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Old 06-29-2003, 07:44 PM
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wide tow

we towed mike lavorsis 36 spectre from ft meyers to chicago with no problems with no permits any things legal till you get caught just play dumb and beg for forgivness good luck
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Old 06-29-2003, 09:17 PM
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Hey cessna, I really think the asd-6 are a better choice for this package. Theu use less hp than a bravo and are by far stronger. I also have the upgraded gears. I'm under the torque rating for these drives. Also when have you ever seen an Arneson break? the choice was not about the money but more for efficiency. This boat should be close to 130 mph, how many boats of this size will be faster with this kind of power? Most of the boats I see running this speed are running 1000hp-1350hp. I'll be using half that.
Thanks for the input I'll post pics soon!
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Old 06-30-2003, 12:54 AM
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Every state has it's own rules and YOU must find them out !

Anything over 8 1/2 feet is an oversize load in most states . Some states , or even some areas of some states , over 8 feet is oversize . Call a permit broker and have them set it up for the staes you will travel to get home . It's a lot of info they want !

Exact dimensions of truck and trailer and weight .

Bumper to bumper, axel to each axel, axel to hitch ball, trailer legnth, trailer axels (to each) rear over hang, front over hang, side overhang, etc. etc. etc ....... OH , and weight on EACH AXEL .......
They want to know exactly what days you will be traveling . They do expire . Only can travel Monday to friday , daylight hours, (NOT RUSH HOUR), No holidays , no bad weather .........You must tel them exactly what roads you will eb on . They will check them and OK them or re direct you where you can FIT !!

They use "oversize Load " signs front and back . And red flags at all 4 corners. These can be bought in any truck stop. You figure out how to mount them !

My permits for Michigan , Ohio, PA, and Jersey to bring my 39x12 express cat home was only about $160 for all of them . Now that it's home and when it runs , I just hold my breath , say a couple prayors , and go ! No permits localy . I was stopped by the HEAD D.O.T. inspector once ! HE didn't know what to do with me . I bluffed my way through it . Told him it was my boat , not for hire , NON Comercial, and I told him I didn't need permits to travel in my own state under these conditions .......... He looked at me kind of funny , Said he would have to look that up , and let me go ! It realy blew his mind when he saw I have FARM plates on my truck !!

GEt the permits to bring it home ! And if you travel any distance with it later. Localy on roads that you know real well , I wouldn't bother but thats just me . Permits do help you to plan a safe route ! You know there are some roads you WILL NOT FIT ON ! And it sucks to find out the hard way ! The thing is , Even with the right permits , YOu can't move it on weekends ! And the permits state that too . SO now you have to leave Friday and come home Monday !! Not a bad idea huh !

Best of luck with the new boat and figuring out how to haul it . There are tons of guys on here in the trucking industry that can help point you to permit brokers . Just ask ! JOE
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Old 06-30-2003, 02:27 AM
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ive seen some of the big race cats that ride on a custom trailer, tilted on their side at what looks like a 45 degree angle. Does it make the load narrow enough to be a non wide load? That i dont know. Cool if it did. In jersey you cant tow a wide load on weekends, which sucks becuase weekends seem like a good time for the boat, no?

Good luck with it.............Beautiful Boat!
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Old 06-30-2003, 07:46 AM
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Well I know I have seen a certain 39 Express cat from Chicago with all the wide load stuff as explained above traveling both at night and on holidays. He brings his cat to LOTO all the time and I have pass him a few times on the highway. I do not know much about this, but I thought I would pass that along.
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Old 06-30-2003, 10:30 AM
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Default Just Lucky

I towed my 35' Motion Cat (9'-3" beam) from TNT in Miami to Phoenix (2300 miles one way). Had a few Texas State Patrol slow down, get behind, then slowly pass. I did make sure I had the trailer registered in my name before I picked up the boat to avoid being pulled over for no plate or temp. plate. Don't speed, stay in the right lane and hug the white line.
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Old 06-30-2003, 11:20 AM
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There sure is alot to think about here. I checked today at NC DMV and she said I could travel on weekends with the permit. I think under 12' and recreational works for this. Thanks for all the info guys. This is pretty interesting stuff.
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Old 06-30-2003, 11:26 AM
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a 39 express is far bigger then a 36 spectre you should be able to get right thru but definately get it registreed, my bro bought his 39 express home with permits from fla to nj, never got stopped or pulled over.he did have signs and strobes i guess that figured he was legit and didnt bother
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Old 06-30-2003, 07:10 PM
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How about the weigh stations, are you guys going thru or just pass them by?
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