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BEWARE of Power Marine and Blown1500

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Old 07-23-2003, 09:05 PM
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just about every engine built has some used parts in it, Block, Heads, sometimes valves, springs, intake, ex. manifolds, hell if you have a good set of pushrods i dont have a problem with using them again, so whats the big deal????? you think for 4 grand you can build an all new engine???? it would be hard
And by the way, I am glad Robert and Mark worked it out, my hat is off to you for that one robert!!!!
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I'm afraid that my post spread the idea that the motor got outsourced. This had been a hard thread to follow, and at one point Mark had said that the motor had been sent to another guy for assembly (but later said that it came back to Power Marine who did the assembly - or something like that).

I didn't mean to spread misinformation, as that particular post was supposed to be "more" about the piling on and guys getting banned.

We also don't know for sure that the pushrods are used. Mark's pushrod post spoke of them as being used because they failed because of presumed existing worn surfaces. It has recently been pointed out that the pushrods failed because some of the brand-new rockers had defects that caused an oiling problem with the pusrods. We have heard, however, that all of the pushrods have been replaced as well as the rockers.

At least that is what I've been able to figure out by re-reading some of the posts...
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Great post MrOffshore!!!
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To all that are inquiring,

To clarify about the current debt of Power Marine/Robert Horne, there are no 2 sides, it's very simple. Power Marine bought a couple of 500 HP EFI kits, MEFI3 computers, misc. parts on an open account and then never made payment. The only effort was on Jack Bailey's part, he gave Power Marine some parts that he had left over from some other kits, he sent these in for credit towards Roberts account which we applied to the account long, long ago. These were small parts, and we normally don't return parts after 30 days, especially custom ordered pieces, but we did in this case to help out.

After repeated calls, we were fed many lies, from theft, waiting on the "big" jobs to finish, refinancing the house, borrowing money from the bank, etc. In one phone conversation, I was asked to forward customers to him and then he could make money from these sales, that money would then go to us. I was not having any of that, I wasn't getting any deeper nor would I send customers to somebody that acted as if they could go bankrupt anytime. In that same conversation, I made it very clear that I want to be paid and I was told that I "would have to sue him to get the money" if I don't help him. Also, if I turned him into the creditors, he would just file bankruptcy so I couldn't get it. I was shocked that somebody who agreed 100% that he owed us the exact dollar amount at that time and for all that I had done to help out would just flat out say they weren't gonna pay. It was amazing, I said very clearly "you agree you owe me the money?" Robert would reply, "yes I do." This problem came from the customer who bought the superchargers, ECU's, etc. The ECU's were sent to us to reprogram (this was awhile after being installed and paid for by the customer to Power Marine), we refused to recalibrate them and we wanted to keep them because they were purchased from us, they were in our eyes "stolen" because they were not paid for. After talking to a lawyer and the customer, we found that we could not legally do that because the customer had bought them from Power Marine and he paid his bill. So, we overnighted the ECU's with a new cal and the customer was happy and also understood the predictiment. He also helped us with paper work and some more information regarding Robert Horne.

When I got word that he was telling customers our product was no good while still calling to try and get kits and parts, I posted a "beware" sometime ago, I got a reply that said I was a liar, Daddy's boy, sold kits that don't work, and I owed him for all his time fixing our problems. Never once was this brought up while we talked about the money. Nor did I ever refuse to help in anyway until the account became very deliquent. This was an odd comment because I had always jumped through hoops, sold things at cost, given parts away, labor for free or little charge, and when there were problems, I was always quick to helping in anyway shape or form. They had my cell phone #, called me on weekends, while I was vacationing, after work, etc. and I always did whatever I could to help. Almost everything they did was custom, very little was ever a "off-the-shelf" product and that made things always more difficult and far more time consuming on both parties, certainly not more profitable on our part. They also had 2-3 people ordering the same parts at different times and they didn't know each were ordering, so we would build duplicates of custom items, would ship it, they would be refused, etc. I'll take the blame for that, I didn't require them to fax PO's, but towards the end, we required them too because we were losing money at an alarming rate with the shipping losses, labor, etc.

I have other accounts in the marine industry that always pay there bills, when things get backed up, a little short, we work with them because we have the confidence in them paying and they tell us the truth. We told Robert the same, just give us a game plan. Thats were the lies began and it has drug on and on. He once offered to make payments in the neighborhood of $100-200 a month, I told him to start just because I thought something was better than nothing, but that never surfaced. It was some what of a joke on such a large debt, were not a bank and we certainly don't make enough profit to finance that type of money.

This is the truth, no stretches. I still want to be paid, I have not increased the dollar amount with all my losses, I have not charged intrest to the debt, its the same as it was. The productd is working on the customers boat and we have supported the product after the fact.

If Jack Bailey or TJ Bailey were available for comment, they would agree that this was the truth. From what I've been told by Roberts family, I'm certainly not the only one that is owed money and that they were tired of bailing him out. I've had a long relationship with the Baileys (Jack and TJ), they've been great customers and loyal supporters of our product. Although it's an odd situation, we have maintained a good relationship with Jack and TJ. They swore to me that Robert would not work on our products anymore. I have an email as well from Robert from a short time ago that said I just needed to give him more time and that he would pay, I didn't put much into it because I've heard that so many times and the "grace" period has ended well over a year ago.

So in the end, as you can see, were just trying to get paid, were a very reputable company, we've always stood behind our product, we've always bent over backwards to help. When problems arise, we try our best to work through it, solve it, and learn from it while building a better relationship with our dealer or customer for future business. Were human, we run into problems just like everybody else, but believe me, I put my name and company on the line, this is a very simple case of a person not paying his bill and at the same, they have made no reasonable effort to pay for the products that they turned, sold and were paid in full for. I have very strong feelings for people not paying there bills and not resolving them in timely manners.

Hope this clears things up.


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Thanks Dustin,

You are well respected and I would hope that clears this up for all of us.

Being in business I fully understand where you are coming from on bad dept.

I to look at it as someone as stolen from you. Too bad the law does not, it would surely make it a better world.

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Thank you for the post Dustin. We are all trying to sort thru alot of info with this ordeal, and your addition certainly helps.

I am in business for myself as are many others on the board and understand that outstanding balalnces loose value over time. It costs alot of $ to have poor receivables. Cash to speak.

I would like to see a response from Robert on this.

I am very glad to see you have good things to say about the Bailey's, what you have writen is pretty much what I have found thru my research.

Sure wish this thing would end soon.......but I understand if it does not...

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I guess you will never get it no matter how many times I explain it to you. I did not realize that Jack is banned, however, Bobby Daniels is indefinately!!
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Sorry I guess I didn't get it either. Thanks Steve for setting it straight. Now I have to go out and order new OSO stickers for the ones I tore off the side of my boat.
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The originator of this thread asked that it be closed.
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