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WHo is the DIRT BAG ?

Old 08-14-2003, 07:13 AM
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The inside and outside of my truck is always filthy Nothing growing but dusty and dirty. I work inside a gravel pit so it is virtually impossible to keep a vehicle clean, so I gave up a long time ago
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Old 08-14-2003, 07:22 AM
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I had a customer bring in a car full of trash up to the windows, except the drivers seat, and a dead kitten in the trunk. Needless to say we refused to work on it. She came back a year later, and was again refused, no change in the mess.
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Old 08-14-2003, 08:00 AM
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OMG- Nasty....
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Man that is nasty!!!! I have had people drop their cars off looking like that and I tell them thanks but no thanks. I refused to work on vehicals that are like that. My truck has a lot of clutter in it (programers and computer stuff and product) but at leaste it is clean!! I would NEVER get into that thing. You are more likely to get sick doing work on cars like that than you know.

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If their truck inside's looked like that..can you imagine what their undies look like,??? eeeweeeeeeee
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I worked at a Dealer in High School... (Synder's Auto; Payton).

There was this one "big" lady, that brought her Chrysler K car in for service once in a while. That car was HORRIBLE. Cat litter, cat droppings, left over food, and top off with her BO. We literally used to draw straws on who would drive it into the shop. Then, we would drive it in 1st gear sitting on the door sill, torso out, to breath fresh air.
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I used to work part time for Budget Reat-A-Car at the Orlando International Airport as a driver. We used to move the cars from the drop-off area back to the lot for cleaning and servicing.
I never saw such a mess. The tourists just didn't care. The back seats would be full of food containers, news papers, shopping bags, etc.
The worst is when they leave dirty diapers stuffed under the seat. Problem is we wouldn't find them for several days, maybe a week. Sometimes the cars would sit in the hot Florida sun for days/weeks before being cleaned. There were times we'd open a door and that awful stench would come rolling out. Make me puke!!

Then there were times we found good stuff. Found a paper bag containing 1200.00 cash. Cameras, wallets, video cams, jackets, brand new clothes still in the bag with tags, joints, always found loose change.
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Absolutely nasty. Those are some dirty bitshes.
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ragtop409, I am surprised you are the only one that got that !

I work on a ton of trucks .Some are spot less and some are dirty . I don't care too much , but this is way beyond . The funny thing is most of my customers are (or so they think) real high end horsey people ! Flying all over the world showing and buying million dollar horses ! And they are towing them around in something like this ? REAL CLASSY !

I always wondered, whne the truck begins to stink to a point , don't you think they would get sick from the smell too ! It has become such a habbit with me now ,when I walk into the shop in the morning , I hold my breath and open all the customers windows and walk a way for while to let them air out ! I notice someo people leave their windows open to help keep the smeel down . I love those ! I make sure the windows are closed tight on the 100 degree days when they come to get them !

I noticed too that years ago I used to see tons of girly magazines and nude photos of their wives and girl friends laying around in trucks . Never see that any more ...... Maybe they just hide them now !
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Old 08-14-2003, 09:43 PM
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I read some pointers on picking out renters for your property. They said if you want to see how they will keep your house, look in their car.
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