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What is a Webbcraft ??

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I'd have to agree with you on that now. I think the webcraft looks similar to other boats but nothing like a cobalt, especially from the rear.
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I have had MANY boats including two webbcrafts. They are a very nice heavy duty built boat. I remember going from the 24 foot webbcraft to the 26 baja and the baja seemed like junk compared to the webbcraft. The baja was faster though.
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I have a 91' 8M velota and have found nothing wrong with it. Everything on it is easy to work on and get parts for since they are Mercruiser parts for the drive train, and the rest can be found at any boat shop. It handles and runs as good better than any of my other boats. Just wanted to add this in due to all the bashing. I guess I could have spent 4 times as much to get the same syle of boat with a different name but I think I will use the money I saved to enjoy the one I have.
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Originally Posted by MR.Lake-XII View Post
I've read some of these replys and feel i should come to the defense of Webbcraft. I am employed in the marine industry and have been for many years.( Never by Webbcraft). I have had an opportunity to have a conversation with Mr.Webb perhaps a dozen or so times over the years and I know his boats quite well. I feel some people are being a little harsh on the webbcrafts, and also on the webbs. Webbraft made excellent boats. The Last year they were made was model year 1998( but only a handful). I will agree that webbcraft should have not ventured into the offshore racing market. Their runabouts are terrific boats and to say that they are copys of a cobalt is absurd. Anyone who looks at the Cobalt and Webbcraft models can see two very distinct lines of boats. To say they never had an originl idea is crazy and somewhat insulting. They made well built, heavy, long lasting boats. I will admit that the 28' model( named: Equalizer) was almost a carbon copy of a cigarette, and that they should have stuck with runabouts. But they do deserve credit for building quality boats. They aren't on a plane with Cigarette, Formula, Fountain,etc. , but they are certinaly as good or better than a Baja, Chris-Craft, etc. Don't be afraid to buy a webbcraft runabout. Their Offshore "racers" are a bit doggy. And as people go they are some of the most likeable, and hospitable people in the industry.
glad to hear ya on the defense of webbcraft.....seems that the ones that talk bad about them are the ones that have not had one or been in one......well i have one. not a runabout. i don't have any problems going offshore or in any body of water rides and takes sea's as well as the highest end boat made within its length. put throttle there and leave it there......cuts and handles great..... but thats my opinion.

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I have had to repair an A Class boat back in the day named Dueces -R- Wild .
The boat needed a lot of HP to go, due to the construction being so heavy. Unfortunately thickness doesn't always add up to strength. The boat was thick, but managed to break the deck several times. Fix 1 spot, it would then break in the next weakest point.

From what I could tell, they had to be using a General Purpose Polyester Resin. The pieces I would take out of the boat were very brittle.

The boat was a hard ride with a very wide pad as it reached to the stern. I don't feel the hull design is anything close to a Cigarette.

For a general purpose boat it is probably fine.
If you plan on running some heavy seas, expect to be making repairs.

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Originally Posted by Sonic30ss View Post
Well now thats a lot of info,
Cig racer, funny you mention that Caddy emblem, when I first saw it from a distance I said to myself, who the hell put a Caddy emblem on that boat.
Now I've got another one....
A guy at my marina has a 1981 39' Chris Craft Scorpion,(damned if it doesn't look like a Cig!) Twin big blocks I couldn't see the drives. He told me "only 11 made and I've got # 9", another one for sale, and looking a little tired, but maybe with a little work.......
Any history on these????
1981 was the first year the 390 was built under the Chris name. It is the exact same hull as the 40 Excalibur. Rumor has it some of the earliest year boats were even laid up at the Excalibur factory. If that is true, they would have a hand laid hull, no chopper gun. I have a 1983 Scorpion with 540's in it. In 1982, the 390x won Powerboats Outstanding Offshore Quality of Workmanship award. Boat only weight, 6400 lbs, twin 370 Merc's added another 2740 lbs. Mine ran 62 with 420's and now runs 73-75 with 630 HP 540's and TRS's. Runs and drives just like the Excalibur. Anything else you want I may also have in one of my brochures. Probably going to sell mine because I bought a 43 Black Thunder and the wife says downsize the fleet.
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Default Parts INFO.

Hi everyone. I heard from "MR.Lake-XII" that there was a forum on this page talking about Webbcrafts, and people looking for parts and whatnot. I have some help for those of you looking for parts. Especially emblems, crests, etc. I also can answer pretty much all of your questions about Webbcrafts. My name is Alex Webb and my family owned Webbraft for all the years it was in existence. 1972-1997. Lots of changes have taken place at the old plant and what parts were left from years past are in a storage building. If you would e-mail me with parts requests I will do my very best to locate what you need.My e-mail address is [email protected]. I would also like to say thank you to all of our loyal customers. You made it possible for our family to do what we loved for 25 years. Not to shabby I'd say. Please don't hesitate to e-mail me your parts requests. Keep in mind that we don't have tons and tons of parts leftover, but we do have some things and you'll never know what we have until you ask. I'll also keep checking this thread for questions. Again thank you to everyone who supported us, and to for putting us all in contact.
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Welcome to the board Alex. We had an 18' Webbcraft growing up on Keystone and it was a great boat. Never had a problem with it and it was a heavy thing too. I have always heard great things about your family and it looks like you are living up to their reputation.
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We sold the Nexus line of boats back in the late 80's Nexus were built by Brad's son if I'm not mistaken...using the Webbcraft molds. We sold 3 35s and a 28...which looked nothing like a Cigarette 28... it had much more freeboard.

Our experience with Nexus was pretty good...they were an inexpensive alternative to the Cigarettes and Formulas our competitors were selling. They even custom built an orange 35 for us... The 35 was a decent boat...good for lakes and such, but offshore was a different story...
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Originally Posted by Sonic30ss View Post
Now I've got another one....
A guy at my marina has a 1981 39' Chris Craft Scorpion,(damned if it doesn't look like a Cig!) Twin big blocks I couldn't see the drives. He told me "only 11 made and I've got # 9", another one for sale, and looking a little tired, but maybe with a little work.......
Any history on these????
Well built but VERY HEAVY. All that cruiser stuff they packed in there didn't help things but they were laid up like CC's cruisers- heavier schedule than the 70's Cigs, if you can imagine that. Full liner, if I remember correctly. Boat probably has 400's and TRS drives. Might hit 50 if the motors are fresh.

I'm reasonably sure they made more than 11. If you recall, the CC was the original Miami Vice boat, before the Scarab.
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