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Does anyone at Fountain return calls

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Originally posted by epeek
By the way twinn screws, Why is the 35 your last
Fountain, service, quality or style?

Well, I can probably elaborate. I have a great friend who purchaced a brand new 03 47 Fountain 6 months ago. He has had nothing but problems with the construction, rigging, and quality.

So far........
-Had to replace all 3 fuel pumps and filters due to sawed up fiberglass in the tanks from the factory not covering them during construction
- The windsheid is being held on by the grab handles because the mounts have broken.
-The center drive needs a new gimbal housing and trim pump.
-The generator broke all 4 mounts that were not through bolted by the factory. It was being held by the fuel line, safe
-The guages are hooked to the wrong senders. Turn on the port key and the center guages come on, etc.
-Interior is tearing.
-All guages "flicker" and are not accurate
-The ignition itself broke so the boat had to be hot wired for a weekend at LOTO.

His quote to me, "Why didn't I buy the Rough Rider"
My quote to him, "It's not too late"

Everyone is entitled to his or her taste. No one should have to deal with this on a brand new boat.
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Originally posted by Roger 1
Next time you call Fountain and leave a message, make sure you tell them that they don`t owe you any money.
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Talking and.......

and if anybody has a 04 for sale for $ 200,000 Twin Screws is the buyer - haha - had to say that Robert- BH
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Old 08-21-2003, 11:09 AM
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Default I'm waiting as well....

Had some problems last year and after 6 months
of being ignored, Steve got everything handled.
If they did it the first time I would have been
more impressed.
I sent a letter about a current issue on 7/23 and
am still waiting.
Don't they realize getting bashed on year has a
direct affect on sales?
Like others said, if i treated my customers this way
they would go somewhere else.
Anyone can treat you well when they want your $.
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Old 08-21-2003, 11:50 AM
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Dealing with Steve is not the answer in my experience. He has my two month old boat there now at the factory for many, many and I mean many poor finish problems and not to mention four hooks in the bottom of the hull. They just redid the bottom and it's still not right. Everytime you talk to them it's another week to finish the boat. I love the looks of the boat but I really think I've made the wrong decision on the purchase of a Fountain.

Twin Screws- Where have you been? Going to the FL run?
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Old 08-21-2003, 03:02 PM
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That's a big dissapointment....

Sorry to hear of you guy's challenges with this company.
I certainly hope it all ends up good & soon.

Is there any GOOD things coming out of the Fountain camp these days?

I am impressed with my friend's 96' 35 Lightning, the new Fountain looks & speed, the boats in the showroom, but joining this forum & researching all this information has really shed a new light prior to buying a new 29' Fever.
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Originally posted by Shane

How are you? I don't think we have met. I am sorry to hear of your story. Do you know Scott and Ron Abbott? They can do just about anything at their shop and the carpet place they order from can have logo's and everything stichted right in. I an not 100% certain about he interior/headliner but give them a call. If you need their number let me know. They do beautiful work too. Hope to meet you some day.

Actually we have met, at the demostration run in May.
Bob Scanlon (my good friend) introduced us but it
was just in passing. I know Scott & Ron Abott very
well, Talked to Scott and he said he just doesn't
have the personel to handle a job like that. Thats
pretty much what I hear from everybody. Maybe
I'll see you on the lake some time!!
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News Flash**** I spoke to Gail this morning and she
took my info and said they would work up an Estimate.
Heres to Hopeing!!!!!

It's to bad every one is having trouble with Fountain
lately. They make an awsome looking boat. They
used to set the standard in thier price range. I hope
they get it together!!!!
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I had great experiences with the factory, but I live local. I was in the area and stopped by one afternoon. I asked if someone could talk to me about setup and props since I had a Procharger and some modifications. Marty Boesinger, the factory rigger spent all the time needed and was very helpfull. then he offered aride on a new 48 which Reggies was taking on a shakedown cruise. Regggie came out and was very cordial offering to answer questions and thankfull for my Fountain ownership. We ran the 48 for about 1/2 hr in the Pamlico river and he personally checked over the boat and made many notes on things needing attention. He was very involved and was checking everything out.
So far my little Fountain has been a great boat and has had no structural interigrity issues. Sorry to hear about the problems others are having, its a quality boat.
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I'm not knocking the boat. So far mine is rock solid.
Rides great & is fast considering it just has 502's. I just think the company needs to back up what they sell.
Not just 1 thing, but everything. That means parts
when you need them, factory backup when warranted,
good dealers and someone to talk to in cust service
that can answer your questions.
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