Boating Deaths....

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Lightbulb Boating Deaths....

Too many people are killing themselves with what seems to be the lack of COMMON SENSE.

If this keeps up we will all be running around on poon toon boats. The government will mandate law's and we will all be screwed.

As far as the water NAZI I disagree to some extent, some COPS are power hungry Ahole's but some actually try to save lives.

I think that if you sell a boat to a newbe any size or speed they should at least give them a Chapman CD and watch it with them, or mandate a boaters course.

Our insurance rates are way to high now!!!!!!!!!!

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I can only say That I will NOT buy a larger / faster boat due to Insurnace rates. I can afford the boat, but I refuse to pay thousand's of $$$$ every year for at most a few weekends of boating. THis will get out of control within a few short years trust me. My rates have climbed every year and have yet to stop without a single claim ever
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CAP what they hitting ya for on the Formula
how bad was the Sunsation ins
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Do you think there are that many more accidents or are we just more exposed to them due to places like OSO?
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There are always accidents but I believe that there are more operator error type(no common sense) than there have been in the past, we do hear about more because of the internet.
I just wish there was an insurance company that would give you a break for "X" number of years in a high performance boat with no claims. We had been thinking about a larger boat but looking at insurance rates climbing we're not sure that it is reasonable to pay the rates they are asking. Then what happens and they raise them further, hate to have to sell a boat because we couldn't afford to insure it.

Just my $.02


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I am not taking these accident lightly but remember that in the US 100 people die driving cars and motorcycles on the road everyday, that's one every 15 minutes.

While all those accident are severely tragic and a lot of times seem easily avoidable, it seems statistics alone will dictate that they will happen in the boating field also. Learn from them according to reasons of accidents, but remember;
"You can't legislate stupidity"
People running 17ft boats at 100 MPH or going 50 MPH in the middle of the night are gambling with very dangerous odds. I might dare to say motorcycling also just from what has happened on this forum alone.
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People using a lack of common sense is probably the largest reason for the accidents. People buying performance boats with no knowledge of how to use them is another. At the OPBA poker run this past Saturday, due to a blown drive, I was a "land locked" card giver outer at the Salty Dog just inside New Pass. It was quite interesting watching how almost 60 boat captains manuvered their vessels to pick up a card off a dock (with fishing net attached to an extended "grab pole). One individual running, I believe a 42 Fountain, didn't have a clue on what he was doing and I just thought to myself, how on earth????? If you can't even approach a dock with some measure of confidence, what are you doing out in a boat like that with several passengers aboard. Rule # 1 in docking, NEVER APPROACH FASTER THAN YOU WANT TO HIT IT....I found it amazing how the vast majority of those vessels so easily made the approach, picked up the card, and calmly motored away. Some boats actually came in bow first to get the card, then had to back off the dock, spin around, then head off, blocking up the whole line waiting in line. You don't have to be right on the dock, you can stay 5/6 ft off and still have an easy time of it. I could only keep thinking to myself, if you can't pull this off smoothly, what happens when you "round a point" of land and find yourself suddenly in 6 ft. rollers? People need to learn to swallow their egos/pride and just ask someone to show them the ropes. My two cents worth. Outlaw
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Hey Dj. When I had my 1998 25 Checkmate it was $900 first year, second year it was $1,150, The Sunsation was $1,300 first year second year which was last year it was $1,800. I sold the Formula It just wasn't me. I used the Formula about 4 times this summer due to work and weather I may stay away from boats for a while.
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I have long been an advacate of boating education prior to boat ownership. It's just plain common sense! Everyone should be required to take and pass a coast gaurd auxillairy boating course with their first boat. Unfortunately that is not the case.

I was fortunate to grow up on the water and in boats all my life. Captain since I was 6. My dad taught me well and made sure I knew what I was doing before he let me take the boat beyond our little cove at about age 10.

It took all that experience (about 37 years worth) and then some to master my first twin engine boat with 850hp. It is unbelievable to think that someone with no experience can get behind the wheel of any boat.
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While boating accidents and deaths nationwide are down this year, we must all use our heads and continue to make them lower each year.

Or our rights will be taken away from us.
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