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OT: The Dog is Gone

Old 09-12-2003, 12:42 PM
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Unhappy OT: The Dog is Gone

As many of you know, I've been raising a puppy for the past 12.5 months who is being trained as Guide Dog for the Blind. Well, this morning he was taken back by the Foundation for the final 8 months of his training. If he passes, I will not be allowed to see the dog again. If he fails to make it through, I will have the ability to adopt him.

Between, the 9-11 anniversary (I was a witness here in Manhattan and volunteered at Ground Zero with DJD and knew some of the victims) and some other unpleasantness in life (mostly people I know having bad luck and also being depressed about 9-11, etc.), having him go back could not have had worse timing. I'm much more sad and depressed than I had imagined I would be.

I've attached a photo below.

(I decided to edit some info out in the interest of good relations with the Foundation)
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Well, it's a bummer but I'm very happy that I did it and really hope he can go onto help improve the quality of life of a blind person. Still, I am surprised by how hard it hit me when I came back to my apartment, after leaving him with a Foundation member, and encountered all of his toys laying around.
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How about getting another one? Start training the new one, and in the event you get the first guy back, you might have a 4 month overlap with 2 dogs, before the new one goes back into the system.
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That is exactly what I was going to say. Or just get one that you can keep forever and never have to part with.

What you are doing with those dogs is wonderful. It is a totally selfless act. There should be more people like you in the world.
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I hope it works for the ones you trained him for.

But letting a child go is always hard.

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Keep you chin up. Most times we see a post like this, it's because of an pet that has passed on, very sad, especially to an animal lover such as myself. Rather than occupying a hole in the ground, you can be proud that while your dog isnt in your life anymore, he will be helping someone that will rely on, trust and love him, and hopefully have a long, happy life.....Like others have said, train another, or get a keeper. If you didn't love animals, you wouldn't have trained this one, or feel as badly as you do now. Goodluck to you and your dog, wherever he ends up.............
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Bummer dude I know how you feel That feeling stinks so damn bad.
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Thanks for the all the info. I'm actually surprised at how sad I've been feeling because I'm not very emotional in general. I had not appreciated how his absence would make me feel.

As for raising another or getting one of my own, that will have to wait. At the moment, there aren't any others available to raise for the Foundation (though that could change next week or later on) and I don't want to adopt a new dog until I know if Barney passed or failed, since I could adopt him. I just have to wait for up to 8 months.

The worst part was picking up his toys, bed, bones, favorite blanket and pillow, etc. that were strewn about the apartment when I returned from giving him to the woman from the Foundation. That's when it really hit me hard.

Oh well. At least it's been for a great cause and he may enrich the life of someone who could benefit from him even more than I.
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That is a great thing you did !!!!
You are a tougher man than I.......There is no way i could give one up after so much time !!!

The "Foundation" would be chasing me across the country !!!
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