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You know why you don't go to the drive through? Because you get ****ed at the drivethrough!!! And who gets ****ed.... LEO gets ****ed.

My brother had the best drivethrough experience that I have ever heard but it would take me hours to type it out. QUITE a sceen

Put your best foot forward!
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Originally posted by GLH
First rule.

Dont' F with people preparing your food. They have the upper hand.
Shut up and don't go back then write a letter to "investors relations" or the owner if it is a private Co. If you don't have time don't go back ever.

Yep, I never f**k with the people preparing my food. The ball is always in their court.

Remember the scene in the movie ROAD TRIP where the dude warms up the skinny guys food in his pants!
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The McDonalds near my work is ALWAYS slow as hell and ALWAYS getting orders wrong. the bad thing is it is the only fast food place in the area. You go through the drive thru, wait 20 min for a cheeseburger and fries, only to find out that it is wrong and you have to go around and wait another 20 min again I can understand being slow or a screw up once in a while but for ****s sake, this place gets orders wrong and is rediculously slow all hours of the day every, day of the week.
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Fred...does corporate ever give restaurant owners a forum to give feedback on these MBA brainstormed ideas? My company (real estate) gives their owners many areas to give feedback, and corporate listens well to these suggestions/gripes/opinions. It's not uncommon for some franchise owners to gang up on corporate and blast the heck out of them.
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Too Old...easy on the MBA stuff, bro. We MBA's have large Ego's to maintain, not to mention large student loans. LOL!

I have no sympathy for the workers. I'm not that way. If I didn't like what management wanted me to do, I told them (if I felt it was detrimental to the company that I thought was a bad idea, but I supported my insubordination with logic). I guess that's why I have my own business, eh? LOL! The employee should always agree with the customer, at least at that time. Take care of the customer, then figure out what went wrong. Part of management's job is to look at the system and see why that system failed in that instance.

I'm posting this for owners like Too Old who can say something to corporate and tell them what one little tiny customer like me thinks about the timer system. Let me know when the beam is shooting out of someone's "hinee"(SP?).

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Once again OSO is a wealth of information, I learned something new today. I will never drive through, a drive thru the same again! I love this stuff, it just brightens my day!!!!!!!!!
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