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OT: Lortab

Old 09-23-2003, 05:58 PM
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I was on Percecet for about 4 months when I screwed my shoulder and knee up. Let me tell you, it was GREAT stuff !!! No one could piss me off and I was in the best mood all the time. I had king kong staying power with sex when I wanted it , which wasn't many times. Then........I went off it. Every bone in my body hurt and I felt terrible. Kind of like the flu only 10 times worse !!! It is very addicting but they deffinatly take care of the pain. Just be carefull of them and get off them as soon as you don't need them anymore. Wardey
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Lortab is indeed a narcotic analgesic, used for moderate to severe pain. When the MD I work for prescribes it, it's usually 1-2 tabs every 6 hours as needed for pain. We tell them to start with one, and if no relief in an hour, to take another half. If still no relief, take the other half. The "more is better" theory isn't always true with narcotics, especially if you've not taken them before. A pretty good sized guy may only need one tab, and petite woman may need two.....just depends on their tolerance.

Lortab/Vicodin is probably the most widely asked for medication in ER's across America. Very abusive drug. A close second is oxycodone........We dispense minimal amounts, and never any refills. Always reassess the pain........
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I have taken Lortab and all I can say is it made the world a nicer place and I liked everyone around me. Lets just say I only took it for two days. I was back to normal quick. I'll deal with the pain!
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