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Your take on buying stolen things

Old 10-06-2003, 06:15 PM
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How would you feel if it was your equipment one of those thieves were selling?

Uhhhh, the only thing I would be feeling is the vibration through the bat handle as it crushed the dudes kneecap

I was always getting threatened by pieces of **** in high school about steeling my systems, the funny thing is no one ever even tried, hell! I even encouraged them to try because I had all my stuff heavily insured and I knew how much fun I would have when I caught them .......... maybe they were all scared of my "attack beagle"

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Oh yeah, it's ilegal here in Florida too. They generally will let you go with a slap on the wrist if you roll on who you bought it from, and that poor sucker is in real trouble. I had to testify in a trial where a guy got 30 years for dealing in stolen property for a $150 jaccuzi pump!
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You did the right thing HyperBaja.
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You are wise beyond your years.
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[i]Originally posted by HyperBaja [

What gets me to, is kids will have their stereo taken, and KNOW FOR A FACT who took it, and will just have mommy and daddy buy them a new one. If I knew someone who took my stereo..... [/B]
That is when somebody gets an a$$ whoopin. What are they gonna do, file a report saying they got beat up by the person who they stole stereo equipement off of.
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Why even take a chance messing with it. There are enough good deals out there if you look for them on "non stolen" items.

For SH*Ts and giggles, I took a part time job at a local store. I asked them today what the policy is if I happened to observe any shop lifting. I figured I better ask before it actually happened or I might over react and tackle someone!
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Does somebody really want to know how I feel? I feel really good. I feel good because I got the pleasure of putting the bastard in jail! Hyper, if you happen to buy anything that's stolen, that's exactly where you'll be headed!
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If you knowingly purchase stolen goods, you are no better than the thief yourself. You are supporting the "stolen goods market" and if should have something stolen from you, shut up, you have NO right to complain. I HATE THIEVES. Another reason I've owned Dobermans since 1973. The second time you get caught stealing you should have your hands cut off.
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You buy that radio to support the guys drug habit. Next time he needs a fix he may just rob or hurt someone in the process.
Should've turned him in to school authorities. He's selling stereos now but what's next? Drugs? People like that don't belong on school property.

Ok, so you buy it for 50 bucks, you take it home and it don't work. Your out 50 for nothing. Then what?
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In The Eye's of the Law if Found out "You" purchased stolen merchandise You are as guilty as the one who stole it. So i'd say Move On [email protected]#$%$*
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