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OT/Shop lights

Old 10-09-2003, 01:21 AM
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Default OT/Shop lights

Any electricians or someone in electrical sales?
I'm looking for lighting for my new boat garage. 44'X54', 15 1/2' ceiling height. Want something bright enough to be able to work on boat, would like to just put in a few larger fixtures as it seems like I would need to many fluorescents to do the job.
Can someone recommend a good type of light to use, maybe a brand name, good spot to purchase.
Thanks in advance,
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Old 10-09-2003, 07:01 AM
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In my toy box which is 50x50 I have 8 8' flour strips, Four are mounted to the side walls about at the 11' level. Have 4 in the middle hanging down on chain at same 11' level. There is a fixture called a low bay that can be either HPS, MV, or MHL. They can put out a lot of light but I do not like how long it takes for them to get bright & if the power glitches you will be in the dark until they restart. Location of lights is important. The more you have the less chance you will have for shadows & dark spots.
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Low bays will start up from cold and begin making useable light in 15 seconds. Takes them about 4 minutes to reach 85%.

If they are turned off while hot, then they will take 3 to 4 minutes to relight to 10%, then another 6 or so to get to 85%.

They do make "some" light when they are attempting to restart, it's just more like a 5 watt flickering bulb. Point is, after a power interruption, when the juice comes back on, they will provide enough light for a person to find his way to a door. Also, a single light bulb somewhere in the building will give safety light.

MH 250 or 400 watt lowbays really put out high quality light. Color rendition is better than flourescent or HPS.

The 8' industrial flourescent fixtures are pretty cost effective, though, and have a wide ligt spread pattern.

Cheap-o low bays will still run you 75 to 125 each (for a standard reflector pattern).
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I'd stick with flourescents for a residental garage. The metal halides (the only real option because of their color) take too long to strike. They are also very expensive. You see them used in commercial jobs because they take less labor to install, thus they are cheaper than flourescents. You need to decide how true you want the color to be. A T8 3500k triphosphor bulb will give you some excellent color, but they can hard to find at the normal retail outlets. 8' bulbs are also nice as fewer fixtures are needed, but again they are hard to find. If you are willing to get your bulbs at a commercial supplier, a 8' 40w T8 3500k triphosphor bulb in a twin tube fixture with instant-on electronic ballasts would be the cats meow. Otherwise you could use 4' cool white 40w T12 bulbs (the standard bulb). Place the rows every 10', and you'll have no trouble seeing. Mount the fixtures directly to the ceiling. And use a 100% down light reflector. I'd also recommend adding a wire cage to protect the bulbs. If you want to fully enclose the bulbs, that's fine. They will stay cleaner thus producing more light over the long run. You would have to use a sealed fixture though. A standard unsealed fixture will collect insects over time. Just be sure the prism wraps around the side of the fixture. A box type flourescent won't distribute the light enough.

This is a sealed fixture

This is a standard strip fixture
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We made lots of the tooling for Lithonia Lighting for years. They started moving their mfg from Conyers Georgia to Mexico. For a while we still shipped tools to Georgia for tryoutand art proofing, then they shipped them to Mexico to run them. After a while, they asked us to ship directly to Mexico.

Then they told us that they were being forced to quote a supplier in Canada. When we saw that our prices were significantly higher, we were confused as to exactly why because Lithonia had a specbook a foot thick on what components must be used in their tools. We found out that Canada was allowed to use "functional equivalents" to the specc'ed components in the book (the functional equivalents were vastly less costly parts). We asked if we could quote the same components or at least a "functional equivalent". We were told that we were to quote exactly as the spec book called it out - that the only reason Canada was being allowed to quote substitutes was because they were in another country (by 100 miles). Lithonia moved all of their tool sourcing to Canada and they have been there ever since.

We receive a RFQ every so often just cause they need another number to use, and we still have to follow the exact specs while Canada still quotes functional equivalents...

Anyhow, Lithonia builds good fixtures.
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