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Bush in Iraq

Old 11-29-2003, 10:31 PM
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Originally posted by Winston Smith
The Democrats got the most votes in the last 3 Presidential elections. Your in the MINORITY.
Are you saying Perrot will take 20 % of the Republican vote again so that anybody from the Democrats will get in the next two elections. Wow I admire your forthsightness.

But unfortunately No Perrot=No Democrates in the White House, then you guys will get a mini-chubby in NY with Hillary in 2008 and still will get killed with her in the south and the mid west so, Good luck in2012!!!!
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Originally posted by Winston Smith
Ummm, Of course it is Sharpton

Bush is working with the terrorists..

The person who leaked Wilson's wife name and occupation is a TERRORIST as defined by Bush's Patriot Act..He is harboring a terrorist in his administration..FACT

Bush also deleted 28 pages from the 9-11 report that details how the Saudi's supported the terrorists, Why...Is he prtecting his buddies clients ?

James Baker, Former Sec. of State under Bush sr. is now DEFENDING the Saudi's in a law suit that the victims families filed against the Saudi's for supporting the terrorists, as you can see, Bush and Baker are trying very hard to keep the truth from you, They are working against you, Baker is legally defending them, and Bush is witholding the vital information about the Saudi's that the families need for their law suit

The Bush's and Saudi's/Bin Laden's go way back...way back, Now you might understand why Bush OK'ed a secret flight right after the 9-11 attacks, that snuck the high level Saudi's and BIN LADEN'S out of the country and out of reach of the US investigators, A couple of those people have been proven to be terrorists since then

It doesn't have to be this really doesn't
I'm not sure how a reasonable mind responds to this, only to say that if someone posts this sort of jiberish and actually beleives it then this is a very very scary and, quite frankly, dangerous person we are dealing with. Wow.....flabergasted is the only word I can use to describe my reaction.

Then, the other guy goes and posts a link to the Smirking Chimp website...WWWUUUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH!!! Dude, come on, seriously, what the hell is the matter with you?

Proud American done acknowledging this traveling freak show....
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winston it must suck to be a looser
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winston do you own a boat?
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Winston, where did you get these "facts"? Did "Catman" e-mail them to you?
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Originally posted by Winston Smith
Allan, Everything I posted IS FACT

1. Sr. White House officials DID leaked a CIA undercover agent, This makes them a domestic terrorist as defined by the Patriot Act

2. Bush DID withold 28 pages from the 9-11 report. The White House admitted this already, It is NOT "jibberish"

3. James Baker IS defending the Saudi's, His law firm has been paid retainers for years, this is public knowledge, not "jibberish"

4. The White House DID approve a secret flight to wisk the Saudi's and Bin Laden's out of the country after the attacks, The White House has admitted this, It is public , NOT "jibberish"

If you look into these stories you will see that I posted all FACTS...and the White House has admitted to some of these things

Don't kill the messenger, I hate these stories as much as you, But I recognize them to be true...not "jibberish"

If you must kill the messenger then at least point your finger at the lie, put it right on a sentence and quote me in your post and say..."THIS is the lie"
I said I was done dealing with the Cat and Winston traveling freak show, but I will respond since you addresed me.

I like to be rational. I like to think clearly and make informed decisions. I do beleive alot of things happen that we do not know about, would not necessarily agree with and for that matter....are better off not knowing, both for our personal well being and the security of our great nation. A necessary evil, if you will. I understand politics can be risky and dirty business...for better or worse, and I know well that most politicians carry skeletons, some more than others for sure. I appreciate honesty, hard work, loyalty and the selfless act of Patriotism. That is why I voted for, and will vote again for GWB. I think that to have 2 different views and parties is a healthy thing for our country, it evens things out, makes both sides reconsider certain stances. It gives us all a chance to judge our own judgements.

So, what do I make of your bizzarre, opinion based posts?

1. Bush is not harboring this person. These sort of comments are why you have no credibility on this site. That is your opinion.

2.You are spinning this topic as well. Tell us what the pages said, you brought it up...did YOU read the report. All speculation...NO FACT.

3.Tell us how you kow that Bush is withholding valuable evidence? You may be able to say that FACT Baker's FIRM is defending some Suadi people ( I do not know if he/they is/are or is/are not) but then you throw in that you have some secret knowledge of Bush withholding proof....see a pattern here?

4. If you think they are protecting and "hiding" Bin Laden's comment on this one, other than to use the "scary " word again.

Here is what I think. You post half thruths and rhetoric. You inject huge ammounts of opinion and speculation into what you pass on as FACT. You have little fact, no first hand experience and no inside track. You are horribly innacurate. You pull info off some leftist site and from "unamed sources" and deem it as supposed common knowledge. You play the age old liberal game of fear mongering and throwing around self-embarrasing innacuracies, claiming the entire statement is accurate, but forgetting to add that 75% of it is your opinion. That is called the SPIN, and you have it in overdrive.

I think the burden of proof is in your court. You post extremely leftist, one sided, flat out lunacy based off the wall paragraphs and expect everyone to accept that your words are okay becuase you act as though it is common knowldege and 100% legit......then you guys post links to the Smirking Chimp. Harldy full proof in your methods. If you want us to believe your enormously slanted statements, perhaps you, Winston, should bring the proof and drop the rhetoric. Other wise your backround of misinformation and hatred prevails.

Post as you may, no more from me...I have much better things to do....

****Sorry to everyone who is sick of reading this stuff, I just can't let some of it go uncontested. Last winter I swore myself off political debates and topics, but I had to make a stand here, first time in a year ****
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ScarabJ that is WAY harsh man......

Put your best foot forward!
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By all means, keep this thread here to see the mindset of the wackjobs we're up against. This is the way the Save the Manatee, Save the Seagrass, etc. etc. think. Facts mean nothing. Use isolated incidents that you can "Monday morning quarterback" as fact and evidence of how intelligent you were and how you thought of everyting WELL before hand.

Cat, Winston, and the rest of you military strategeryists (that is a spelling joke before you get too excited), I have a question. Can you explain Clinton not allowing any kind of serious support to our troops in Somalia? It is a fact that he wouldn't use AC-130 gunships in support of our missions for fear of how it appeared to everyone in the international environment because of the firepower they could lay down. Well, it certainly didn't upset the rest of the world as our soldiers died. And, as soon as the inevitable mess with our soldiers being dragged through the street occurred, did we go in and make a statement? NO- We showed Osama, Saddam, and every other dictator that we would send an undermanned force with no support to battle and immediately retreat for fear of our wife's (I mean our) political career. Those men were all heros, but I bet all their families would sleep a little better knowing a force with a strong will was allowed to FINISH their mission to the END and completed it (whether or not your political party happened to support it).

It is such a joke to turn all this into a democrat vs. republican argument. Our country was founded with NO parties and unfortunately they formed. Our country was founded with the idea that the candidate with the best views would be elected....Not the candidate who spouted the most bull**** of what he thought was popular for the moment.

If we had done nothing with Iraq or Afghanistan (Osama and Sadam captured or not) how much blame would be placed on Bush for NOT doing anything in the event of their next homeland terrorist attack? I think we all know a couple people's answer.

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Great post.........
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Clinton and Dem. Les Aspin, sec. of defense, would not permit tanks on the ground in Somila. Hence, many Americans died during the Black Hawk down incident when no armor was available to support the mission.

Aspin had to resign in disgrace as a result.

I always had to laugh at Clinton's Sec. of State Albright, "we have a wonderful military, we should use it" around the world to foster change. But, her vision was to equip them with shovels instead of tanks. Tanks work better.
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