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After HS

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Default After HS

Plans for after HS...Anyone go down either path? Reccomend it? Not?

I need to take 2 full year classes and one 1/2 year class to graduate HS next year. I figure in the other time, I can go to Columbus State Community College and get the mandatory classes out of the way. Since I am still in HS, and they dont offer the classes, they will pay for them. Hopefully some sort of scholarship (sp) comes around, which will help with some more. Then take Auto Technology at CSCC. Or, go into marine mechanics, work at a dealer. Dealer pays for all training, get Mercury Certified. Maybe do both, cant go wrong with an ASE certification, and a Mercury Marine certification. Then over the next few years, want to get Marine Diesel certified. All while getting some money together to move someplace warm

Or going into Navy/CG and getting Diesel certified from them for free...

Any advice?

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My dad and brother were in the Navy...I kinda regret not going I was in a big hurry to get school out of the way and start making money that I forgot how young I was. I would recommend always starting out at a CC and it always great if you can get someone else to flip the bill...Slow down and enjoy yourself while you're young, I never did and regret it now

What I learned is you can always make money but you can only live today once
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Tommy, EXACTLY what 105 said

I did the same in school, instead of going out with friends, and participating in sports I was working. Yeah it was great to have cash in pocket, but you have your whole life to work and make $$ TRUST US!
I finally slowed down at the beginning of my senior year,
I had plans to scrub off half of my senior year of high school just so I could work at my business helping my partner out until I realized how much fun I would be missing and that my work would be waiting once I got out and looking back it was one off the smartest things I did, although I still regret spending most of my earlier high school days working.

Remember little fella, I'm not that much older than you so YOU BETTER NOT SAY (you sound like my dad)

If money for college is not going to be a prob, then I would go that route instead of the military, unless you really wanna go. Get you basic class stuff outa the way, you can always decide on a major later
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College or military are both great choices. I went in the Navy after H.S. I managed to get an A.A. and a lot of computer experience while I was in the military. After I got out I continued with school and got my B.S. Most of my B.S. was paid for by my employers. If you go in the service make sure you are getting some garranteed technical training. Some people I saw while in the Navy painted and swept the floor all day. Then when they got out they were not really prepared for any type of career. I am always proud to say that I served in the Navy too.
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Default After HS

Originally posted by HyperBaja
Plans for after HS
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Go to college while you're young and still remember how to do the school thing. Once you get a degree nobody can take it away from you. Working on boats for a living is a great thing to do if you enjoy it, but having a degree will open more doors later on in life if you decide you don't want to work in the shop anymore. Find a school in a nice boating town and you can probably work on boats and go to school at the same time.
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here is 1 way to look at: started painting/bodywork out the parents garage when i was your age. if you have any sense what so ever go to school and learn something that will give you a real education. you can always turn a wrench later.depending where you go to live that idea in your head ,take a reality check. being a mechanic can be a decent living but you will always work. not to mention what knuckles feel like when it's 40 degrees out side and the wrench slips or when it's 95 and you are soaking wet by 9am. i will most likely be painting cars the rest of my working life. do i make good money? yeah i do. do i enjoy painting cars every day? no. it fvcking sucks, colors harder to match , something always happens , there is never a GOOD DAY when things go the way they should. now if you want to be a specialized builder , how many do we have now? how many will have developed by the time you develope? with this being said, i would suggest the medical field. humans will always need medical it's a must for everyone, join the service , get the education , look in your sunday paper, there are #'s of great paying jobs in medical, how many do you see for a mechanic?? i am 34 and look back and if i could do it over again ,read above
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After HS go to a community college , take business courses. Go to school at night and get your real estate license. Work your ass off and buy property cheap and sell high. In (5) years after busting your ass go and buy a new 40 Skater with big power. Stay single and you'll have all the babes. BH
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Have you thought about marine engineering degrees outside of your state? They might be something to look at. Texas A&M and Florida Institute of Technology are my top picks. I'm choosing to get an Economics degree and make enough money to fuel the boating habit. Then later on I'd like to buy into a boat building company or marina. My advice is to follow what you really like, just make calculated choices.
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If you believe you can handle the military, GO FOR IT. It really is not hard at all. It is all mind stuff. I was in USAF for 4 years, was very lucky, and got sent to the Pentagon as my first and only duty assignment, and have been successful ever since. College and classes are great, but I got PAID and laid to get my training, drove fast cars and crotch rockets all through being the AF, and it was the BEST thing that ever happened to me.

Only drawback now is due to my experience, I cannot get out of the DC area.

Also, believe it or not, all services have mechanics and even boats; even the AF. Recruiters are ALL SCUMBAGS, so know that right off the bat. They will promise you the world, and then give you beans. DON'T trust or believe them, but go along with them to get what you want. Go ahead and talk to the recruiters, go to MEPS and get your physical, and narrow down which service you like best. I vote AF. You get treated a lot better, get to have longer hair, and a few other goodies. Once you get to MEPS, and they start your processing, you can start picking out your career fields. DO NOT SETTLE on this, only aim for what you want. Only accept what you want. Once you are in for 3 years or so, you do have some opportunities to cross-train, but they are hard to get to sometimes.

When you sign up for the Military, you actually sign an 8 year commitment. 4 years active, and 4 years in-active reserve, meaning, when you get out, they can still call you back within 8 years of your original enlistment date. Here is the good part. If you go into DEP, (Delayed Enlistment Program), your total 8 year commitment starts when you sign up. For instance, I was in DEP for 11 months before I went to Basic Training, (to include most of my Senior Year in HS), SO I only had just over 3 years in In Active Reserve after my 4 year enlistment tour was over. All I had to do was keep my nose clean and keep healthy, and I had NO worries after HS.

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