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Default Cigarette---Pantera

I just came back from a visit in south Florida and I stopped by Cigarette's new facility and Pantera's facility. Here's the difference....

As I drove up to the new facility it was huge and very impressive. The offices were still under construction, so the office was temporarily in a trailer on the premises. It will look great when done. I went to see the new facility and to pick up some parts for HavasuCig.

I went into the trailer and waited for someone to help me with no luck. Two women were in the back that looked right at me a couple of times and just ignored me completely. Other people walked in and out and I think I was the invisible man or something. After about 10 minutes, I decided to leave.
I decided to walk through the working areas to find the parts guy (Bud). There were some impressive boats there, seemed like a couple of Top Gun's, a Maximus, a couple of Tiger's and and a couple of 46's.
I tried to talk to 15-20 people and NOBODY spoke English??? Then I finally found one guy that spoke English ---he was taping a boat that was being prepared for paint. He didn't know Bud or where parts were and he wasn't interested in helping either. I looked around for another 20 minutes or so and had no luck and I was absolutely discusted and left.

I walked into their facility and was greeted immediately by Jo and then his father, Pepe. I have to admit, the facility wasn't as impressive as Cigarette's, but they were 100x more helpful. In fairness to Pantera, they did keep a nice clean shop.
I told them from the beginning I was there only to see their operation and wanted to meet them (I will be looking for a 33'-36' boat probably end of next year) Joe spent about 1.5 hours with me and went over their building process and their new 36' that was absolutely awesome. KUDOS to Pantera--they build a great product and they were extremely nice.
Pantera is definately a contender when I am ready to buy.

I have been to Cigarette a few times over the years and I agree that they build an awesome product, but I can't seem to understand how they build such a top knotch product but their service SUCKS!!! ARE YOU LISTENING-- cigarette????? What if I were there to buy a new boat?? Sorry, would have lost that sale!!

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Pantera will be my next boat! No other builder has come on this site with such a possitive attitude and willingness to discuss anything from customer complaints, clearing up rumors, to racing.

Oh yea, the boat I will order will be the 36!!!!!!! Some day....
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Well....cant say anything bad about Cig, But you get a hell of alot more bang for the buck in a Pantera. And in my opinion will be right there with them in the rough.

custom build a 36 Survivior and you wont be sorry
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it's the old Mako building right.. i know they are doing somethings to the outside of the building..
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anyone who has met jo or pepe know that they are truly one of the exceptions to the poor customer service found in the offshore world. i had a similiar experience when i met them and keep them on top of my list for the next boat.

my boss was with me when i met jo and pepe and he owns a hinkley sail boat. he has seen excellent quality in boat building and he thought the pantera shop was very clean and organized and the work was of very high standards.

gotta love jo and pepe.
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If I am ever in the market for a 28' boat it will be a Pantera
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Not covering anyones ass here, but they are right in the middle of moving a TON of equipment right now. Nobody knows where anyone is, or where anyTHING is. The whole factory is pretty much in a box somewhere. Cmon, nobody speaks engish at lots of custom boat builders in south Florida.

Be fair, when the new facility is complete they will have everything right there for you. The will have a much better way of helping out existing customers.
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A return phone call would make me happy.
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Maybe someone should Email Cigarette and tell them what is going on, not that it would do any good. Every time I talk to one of the dealers, they tell me that previous oners are trading for new boats every day, Cigarettes. Maybe, if they only build 60 or 70 boats a year the people that buy them (new) don't have them long enough to need parts. I don't know, but if I ran my buisness that way I wouldn't be boating. It is sad to here that people are having trouble getting parts, because I want one of their boats. Hopefully I want need parts, but I would like to think that something I'm going to pay 350,000 for I will be able to get customer service.
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Thumbs down

Well let me tell you about .........................ah it would be a waste of breath - BH
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