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Boat Technology


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Default Boat Technology

Well with all the fighting, I thought I would throw out a couple of questions:

1. The old Cigs and Apaches, etc. are great Wave Crushers and I always thought the weight was part of the formula. With the new composites that are available now, will the same designs lose some of the Wave crushing ability ? Do they need to be longer with the reduced weight ?

The New Nor-tech 50's I have been on are great riding boats as well and I am sure their weight is part of the puzzle. So what would be the right length in todays market. I was not impressed with a couple of the new Vee bottoms I have been on in the last 2 months.

2. What is the new Magic number for a boat, I am doing low 90's high 80's but today it seems 100 MPH is the number. Going into the 2004 Poker Run season, it seems to me that 100 MPH is starting to be more of a standard instead of the Exclusive club.

Curious, I have been looking at Cats, Vees and these questions have came up so what is everyones opinion. I do not want to start a mine is better than yours or vee versus Cat just general discussion.

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I follow with what you are saying. I believe that weight has alot to do with ride quality, strength and durability. If you are looking for the 100mph mark then sacrifices will have to be made. Most of the sacrifices will be made in your wallet. But others will be made in the handling and the ride quality. It just depends on what you want out of a boat.

You already own a nice riding boat. I would enjoy flying your boat more than I would enjoy a 100mph.

There are alot of quality products out there. It just depends on what you want.
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No doubt the new resins, epoxies, and build techniques are going to lighten up the boats. The same or greater strength can be acheived with a lot less weight, which means high HP engines are going to push them faster.

There are lighter weight boats out there with incredible ride qualities- Active Thunders are not heavy boats by any means, and have a very soft, dry ride in rough water.

100 mph is no longer exclusive, but I question boats capable of these speeds in the hands of ordinary John Q. Public. I don't care what kind of boat it is, that is extremely fast in a vee or cat. You will no doubt see the insurance rates going through the roof for some customers on certain boats, however I had a VERY interesting conversation with my agent a few days ago.
They have actually DROPPED their rates on high dollar, high performance boats to customers of a certain profile-those with good financial ratings, and low to mid forties+ in age with no history of marine claims or accidents.
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I would choose a 44 Skater or a 39-44 Scism. All light and handle the water very well. Basic engines (pair of 525's can have the 39 Scism in the 120's easy, and you can always upgrade later to 160, 180, ???.

[email protected] if you need any more information on either.

Chris Reindl
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Scott, i had the pleasure of being in a poker run this past summer on a friends boat.The water was rather snotty.We were the 10th boat to leave and arrived at the first card stop in the 4th position.Of course it was not a race but......To make a long story short when the rough gets going you already own a 100 mph boat
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speel chekk this fokker!
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that is insane 120 with 525s!!!!!!!!!
Pardon me, while I whip this out!
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Default It Ain't The Weight

1. There are not that many V bottoms out there running at a legitimate 100 mph comfortably ( securely) in any kinda chop for more than a minute or two, a boat that will run 90+ is still the sh#t.

2. The longer the boat the better, but ya have to go to trips ( or over the top twins ) to get much speed. 50 ft boats are a whole different animal in terms of $ consumption and work. The best 50' to be on is somebody elses

3. The secret to a good ride at speed is more of a trim and HP issue than a weight issue. If a boat only runs 85 trimed way out you can't run it that way in the rough. How fast a boat runs tucked in is a better gauge of how fast she'll run in big water. My experience has been that step bottoms demand less of the driver as they tend to have a built in "attack attitude" hopefully it's the right one it kinda is what it is. A properly rigged straight V gives you options and if you're paying attention you can provide probably the best ride ft for ft however you gotta use all the boat you paid for not just the last 15 feet ! We weigh 2500lbs. less than a typical 41 Apache but at 80 + the ride is better and much more controlled cause i'm using the whole boat, the initial wave impacts are being taken well forward of my feet and being dispersed. A flopping bow will beat the crap outa ya and are more prone to stuffs.

4. As far as Cats go no contest they be FAST, I personally just don't enjoy running them as much ( hell I hate to sit down period ) and the big ones are a whole nother can a worms logistically.

Ain't it great to have choices !
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Old 12-22-2003, 11:37 AM
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Wickedwon -
I always enjoy reading your posts...the sobering reality that few others want to discuss..
Question -
Doesn't the CG and the whole "balance" issue of the boat impact the ride quality at higher speeds?
A very close freind of mine works at Nor-tech, and he has always said the in his opinion the 50' is balanced "just right" to fly level and crush through the bigger water.
He also thought that "War-Bird", a 50ft v with quad 6's and big power, which seems ass heavy too a novice like myself, is the one by which all others should be judged...
Any thoughts ?
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" My experience has been that step bottoms demand less of the driver as they tend to have a built in "attack attitude" hopefully it's the right one it kinda is what it is."

LOL, It realy sucks when it's the wrong one!
I have Steps & Bubbles!
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I have to agree that the CG is the most important thing, I spent hours on that last year with the Apache to make sure we had it right. It flies slightly nose high but level and very predictable.

In running some of the other offerings, I noticed some rough rides and the steps are not changed no matter the config. Therefore they are not set correct in my opinion.

The cats change as well yet again no change in design.

I want to be able to enjoy the ride no matter if the boat is going through 2-3's or 5-8's.

Wickedwon, I just watched a tape of yours running and it is a nice set up. What is the weight wet ?

This is just food for thought here. I am not trying top pick a brand right or wrong.
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