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Default Sorry, I have more than 3

In no particular order......

BG 1 & 2 for obvious reasons.

Too Old's posts are always good reading no matter what the subject is. His wisdom, intelligence, and personality can be seen in every post. The pics of his project boats all always good to look at, and I hope he doesn't mind that I want to copy his color scheme on his bolsters.

T2x, Bobby Saccenti, and Sean Stinson always have some sorta of history packed away that is good reading. I have learned a lot about the history of the sport by reading their posts.

Phantom Chaos for his awesome videos, pictures, and photoshop.

Sydwayz for going through the trouble of getting over 200 people together for the Winter Chill Out. We all know what it's like to organize an outing with 5 or more people........ but 200????? Hats off to him.

Trouty and Audiofn always have something good to add.

Puder's broken spell check is always funny....the bad part is, everyone here can read it fine

Risktaker's humor attempts are great.

Memorable thread's

When a OSO member was in need and Dan L went to help. I was at work (I start very early in the morning) and followed that thread as it unfolded. I did not know Dan but I learned what kind of person he was that morning.

Then came the thread of Dan L's tragic death and the support that was felt from his OSO friends. This time, I knew what kind of person he was.....see above. I did not know Becca or Dan's family until then. I still feel sad for them to this day.

A quick note.....

My Checkmate is the first boat I have owned that has a Bravo with a low water pick up. It also has an add on nose cone by a previous owner. I had just done some work to the drive but had no idea where the fill plug was. I thought it was where a conventional bravo plug was and had been covered by the nose cone. I figured there was some other way it had to be filled. It was Friday night around 10pm and it was supposed to be a beautiful weekend. I was freaking out and wondered how in the hell I was supposed to fill this thing. Went inside and posted a thread in the Tech section and then went to the kitchen and fixed myself a snack. Went back to my computer and already had an answer....... Behind the prop. In 5 minutes, I learned where the fill plug was on a low water pick up bravo thanks to OSO

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Being a female I was surprised to find out how much I enjoy this site. So from a from a woman's perspective I visit for a few reasons.

First- OSO has made the world of OS boating a smaller and more personalized place. I can enjoy and become familiar with places I may never get to, I have enjoyed stories and seen pictures of parties at LOTO and Havasu, poker runs around the country and even a few from the Mediterranean.

Second- New Friendships, I believe that no matter where Ian could take our boat, we would be met by a fellow OSO member that would show us around. We have already met a lot of good people through COPs, and plan to attend the NYC poker run and meet more OSO's.

Third - This one will probably not be mentioned.
OSO has been good for our Marriage! About a year ago I was clueless to the existence of this site. We had just sold our old Scarab, I was ecstatic, & hoping to be performance boat free for a yr. or two. Little did I know that my husband had been spending hours on OSO searching for our next boat. Little by little he would share some of the threads with me, before long I began to get caught up in stories of people I had never met. Eventually the inevitable happened, he found our boat, I bought my own membership, and due largely to OSO I was excited and could hardly wait for summer. While Ian has gotten valuable tips from the tech site, & has bought and sold parts, we both enjoy the general threads. We are lucky we can both browse the site at work, because now in the evening instead of fighting over the TV remote, we argue over control of the mouse. Corny or not OSO has definitely rekindled my passion for OS boating, and that is a good thing for our marriage.
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I want to thank all of you for the kind comments. Jeffrey and Steve have given all of us something to bring us all together.

Too Old, T2x, Brownie, Bobby Saccenti, Eric Froberg, Ryan Beckley, Craig Barrie, and all of the others that don't come to mind at the moment are some of the greatest legends in the sport.

A vey special thanks to sgrady and his family for giving a person new light to see the way.

Last but not least I do believe that everyone on this board has contributed in some way to further everyone's knowledge.

In Memory of DanL (Danny Lanza) who was one of the best people I have ever had the honor of meeting.

P.S. Puder for his version of Hooked on Phonics.

Sean Stinson
Dying,....Is the day worth living for!!!!!!
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Originally posted by Bulldog
Sean Stinson- for Ghost Runner, Boating history, and Terra's fictional stories about him, trying to make us think he's a mere mortal....

Hey now who knows him better than I do? Let me tell you, He is no mere mortal.

If I had to rank OSO members I think I would have to rank Sean (sorry I might be partial )

Too Old

and last but certainly not least SGrady. He is a great man, and friend.

Check you guys and gals later
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Hah, to the top! Who would you vote for now?
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Originally Posted by J-Bonz View Post
Hah, to the top! Who would you vote for now?
Talk about a throw back thread. Wow! Forgot about this one.

I see a name or two mentioned several times that I'm sure wouldn't be brought up in a good way if this thread was started today.
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Too old and Trouty sound like great guys,the kind I would NOT want to have a beer with.

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Dear God, MY how times have changed!!!!!!!!!
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WOW..........what a crack up!!!!
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