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I think I was the victum of discrimination... What would you do ?

Old 12-29-2003, 05:19 PM
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Don't call, write a letter, they notice letters more since you've taken time to sit down and write one, plus you can re-read it and correct any mistakes or mis-thoughts, which you can't do over the phone, don't take it out on the chain though, it was just the people at that location and management at the home office needs to be aware of how you were treated.
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just go to marathon liquor's great store and very nice people
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Not that I am a big fan of them, contact the ACLU and Anti-defamation league. They will be more than qualified to help you resolve this issue. The reason why I am not a big fan, they tend to be a little too overzealous on some issues when not warranted, but this situation definately seems warranted. Good luck.
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I'm a 31 yr massachusetts guy and haven't heard anything about the swiping but I will ask my brother he just turned 21. I can see the point on one hand but we don't live in a military state, people that ignorant will get theirs someday, or at least I like to think so.
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She was just some ignorant white trash, the sort we unfortunately have so many of in FL!
Do what ST31 suggested, Walgreen's is a big company, they don't need this kind of customer (service)!
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Originally posted by Scott B
Life is short.. get over it, move along, purchase stuff elswehere

Scott B

Yeah, easy to say that, until it happens to you.
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Originally posted by Too Old
or.......look at it this way.

By notifying Walgreens you're doing them a favor. They're a big company and I'm sure they would appreciate knowing how you were treated.

If it were my restaurant, I'd want to know.

Whether it is rudeness, discrimnation or shear stupidity....notify the head cheese. If they do not rectify to your liking, take your valuable biz elsewhere.

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Originally posted by Tantrum
Where are the Mass guy's
I believe in Massachusetts they ID everyone in the party which includes a bar code swipe of your ID. If you were to have an accident w/ alcohol involved they can find out who was with you when you bought it.
If someone with you is under age you dont get served.
They can also go to your car and get the ID's from your passengers.
This is on Cape Cod in Orleans MA
Yes, normally they will ID everyone with you at the register. This has happened to me quite a bit. The thing with the bar code is fairly new. Not required by law , but some stores do use it. Yea the cape can be the hardest place . I dont know why but they bust your balls the most. My guess it is the short tourist season so they don't want to take a chance on getting shut down for a week. Hey Tantrum, did you hit the beachcomber when you were in orleans?
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There is only one solution:
"Kevin, prepare for the summer."

-Mr. Sorkin, 10th Grade Geometry teacher
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Originally posted by sutphen30
should have accidently knock a bottle off the counter and then see how fast they want to take your money. some people just suck
I agree there...
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