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Default Bamboo

Anyone else buy any of this stuff? Supposed to be hard to kill, So I bought a few from the chineese guy, then more at another store (3x size for 50 cents less!). Anyone else have any of this?
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for what use? I am buying some bamboo flooring to in install for a friend who's a pats cheerleader and I'm going to the game sat, GO PATS
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If you are talking about the plant, it is very aggressive. It spreads very fast and can send out shoots 6' from the main plant. It makes for a great screen planting, but if not maintained the stalks will bend and it will look messy. Depending on the variety it can grow to 40' tall. I don't recommend planting it.
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I have a fe wstalks in my office at work. IT 's nice stays greeen all year round. But I tried to plant it in my yard at home as a natural fence. It kept dying on me I was told it's got to stay wet to survive? A guy around me has it as his fence at the rear of his yard I love it.
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Philadelphia might be a little too far north for the stuff. Anybody ever try burning it? Pretty entertaining stuff!
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I second what Pure Energy said..don't plant it in your yard. My in-laws planted some to screen the view of the nieghbor's garage. Within a year, it basically took over.
Worse than ivy, and I didn't think that was possible.
BTW - this was in NJ, so Philly isn't too far north for it to grow.
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