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Caught "the wife" reading Powerboat mag

Old 01-08-2004, 10:44 AM
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Do yourself a favor and send the carb to Nickerson Performance. No one knows Holley carbs better than this man. A Nickerson prepped Holley is light years away from a stocker, he makes his own metering blocks.

When I bought my TG, it was jetted so rich, I was told that is was this way to be safe. It would foul plugs within the .10 mile no wake zone to the main lake...I sent all four carbs to Nickerson and it was spot on right out of the box. I can idle all day and no fouled plugs.

Dean Nickerson has me for a customer for life!

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Originally posted by Cord
Nobody would recognize the name but...I'm in the Teague on Tech is the current issue.
Hold on... I have that at my desk...just got it this morning, I better check it out!
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Default Re: Caught "the wife" reading Powerboat mag

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Formula Outlaw
[B]So I'm cooking dinner last night

Very impressive, I will be sure to show this one to Mr. P.

I read all the boat mags that come to the house, I love it when I read the articles fist and then I can say did ya read about bla bla bla and he is still in the dark.
Now you should get her, her own OSO membership and she will be hooked on boating forever or fighting you for the mouse
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I guess it's the same thing this month for the Powerboat Mag, " My mailman must not be done reading it, because I haven't received it yet"
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Originally posted by Cord
Not sure yet. He was dead-on right about the float. I replaced the float and needles shortly after I wrote pb and it helped things dramatically. The problem has not gone away though. I'm seriously looking into replacing the carb and I'm working with Rum Runner off the board. He works for Barry Grant who also has a line of marine carbs. I'd rather not use Holley. It's a combination of personal opinion, experience and appearance. The big question has to do with the linkage. Teague said that the progressive linkage would open the secondaries sooner. BG says that it will open the secondaries later. We'll have to get that one straightened out before spending any green.
Doug is pretty sharp on the carbs .He is hard to get a hold of somethimes .I have his carbs on the Boats blower motor , Chevelle and Camaro.Both cars have 2 BG fuel pumps each and BG Nitrous works kits also. I think on the marine carbs the only diff is it has the J tubes.

Cord one linkage is longer than the other. one has a bend in it. Most motors can take 1.1 ratio .

The Only Time You Have To Much Ammo Is When Your Swimming Or On Fire.
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The funny thing is that 2 years ago when I was first doing this, I asked about a 1:1 linkage. Was told at that time that it would not do much other than increase my part throttle fuel consumption.
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She sounds like a keeper.
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[QUOTE]Originally posted by Too Old
[B]Next thing you know she'll be asking you to buy a bigger, faster boat.

The day that happens, the sun would have come up in the west, time will be running backwards, and I will definitely be in "the twilight zone".
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I beleive Troutly is also in the new Powerboat "Mailbag" section commenting on LOTO. I have to strongly agree with him on his opinion of the docks at Shooters, they are the pits!! Cord, I saw your letter in the Tech section so you'll get credit !! Steve
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Originally posted by RedDog382
Does she have a sister?
She mite, but lets face it, if she's over 16 YOUR probably not interested.
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