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Who's On a Diet


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Be true to yourself and really try to make the LOW CARB work. You can call it a diet if you want but I'm never hungry and eat all the time. The difference is now I pay more attention to what is in different products. I never looked at a nutrition label before but it really opened my eyes to what can make this work or fail.
I loosely follow the Adkins plan and used it to get started on the first two week "induction" where you try and rid your body of the excess carbs. You can go to their website to find out about it and what foods you should eat during this time.

After that I just really try and watch what foods are low in carbs. Many of the regular stores are starting to carry more products along with the specialty places. I hate paying the higher prices but if thats what it takes I'm willing to do it.
Drink more water.
Give up regular pop. Instead drink products made with SPLENDA. Diet Rite makes a bunch of flavored kinds. Crystal lite puts it in the kind thats ready to drink but not the powdered kind.
You can drink other diet pops, Coke,Pepsi ect. but they are made with Nutra Sweet (possibly bad for you) and they say that it has hindered some peoples weight loss on the low carb. I do occasionally have a can of it.
I like Beer I gave up Bud Light for Michalob Ultra.
If you like mixed drinks try the Vodka with the flavored diet pop. A lot of the alcohols have no carbs but the down side is that the alcohol burns before the fat so it will slow your progress.
You can still eat out at fast food places but just change a little. Get the big burger or two and toss away the bun. Sorry no fries any more .

Staying away from pasta was a killer for me. they have alternative items.
No bread at first. Then they have kinds that you can eat but you have to be conscious of how many carbs are in a slice.
If you need Milk get the Atkins kind. I add a little water to it and it taste more like 2%.

They have all kinds of Candy bars and snacks that are made with different items then are in traditional ones.
Some of this taste great.

The more you get into it you will see that certain items in food cancel other things out to make NET Carbs.
For an example I have A Adkins Advantage Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar in front of me.
It says Total Carbs.21g
You get to subtract the Fiber 10g and Glycerin 9g which both have a minimal impact on blood sugar leaving you with a net carb of 2grams.

I went through all of the holiday parties and I ate plenty and drank even more. I had all of the goodies that I have been cutting out of my intake but I did it in moderation and kept with my eating habits at other meals. Yes sometimes if i really have to have something I go ahead and do it because if not it's all that I think about.

Good luck no matter what you do.
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I decided last June "enough was enough". I've gone from 248 to 197. The first two weeks were the hardest. I watch carbs, basically gave up alcohol back in Nov. 96 (though I will have a beer or two occasionally), and eat about one and a half meals a day. I certainly feel better. Working so much I'd become dependent on fast food, the kiss of death. (no offense Fred). Have not been through a "drive through" in six months. I want to get to around 190 and stay there. As I get older, I will adjust weight accordingly. Fat people do not live long lives.
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