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Outerlimits or Foutain, who's the fastest

Old 01-15-2004, 08:50 PM
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my buddy is building the motors for the OL... just got them off the dyno yesterday... top secret... hehe... what boat there going into dont know... supposed to be in the coming weeks... no firm date yet
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Originally posted by outer42
149.7 is damn reporters are all the same!!!!!!!!
No ****! Whats all this "rumor has it bull****?!?!" Unbelievable. You can have GPS. Radar, witnesses, etc and people still question the facts. Its been printed and proven multiple times!

Outerlimits holds the record Write it down, take a picture, whatever.
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Enjoy the show
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Here's the speed recall from the record run.
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Outerlimits or Foutain, who's the fastest-speedo-recall-148small.jpg  
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Originally posted by Ron P
Its not about that. Its about advertising. The ads never say what power it took to get there, nor how long you could run that fast. Just a two way average speed with a prop pushing the boat along.

Yep Its about advertising. Not which hull is faster (More Efficient).There not comparing apples.Try the same length and same power,and weight then see which one is faster.

They will be up to 2000hp each next time .

Just put 4000 hp in a 35 ft canopy Fountain on a bonsai run see what speed you get. Any test pilots??

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sp388 that is how they should be run 525 or 900 whitch ever they like
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As long as we are not talking about "Apache" I don't give a $hit!!!!
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Someone's going to get killed... the clock is ticking.
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Guys................. this is an interesting thread. Jan 24th (next sat), a group of us will be having Reggie and Wyatt at a dinner party. I WILL make sure I can get all the info possible out of him. Depending on how much he wants to disclose before the event, I cant say. But whatever he says, I will let everyone here know.
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What if Skater loaded up their Vee with the same HP as Fountain or OL? On the OL thing, going fast two ways in one day is great for bragging rights, but going fast for a whole season is much different. Would love to see OL bang heads with the big boys next year, that would be the true test of what they are made of.
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I agree...maybe two HP classes w/verified sealed HP levels like the 525 and 900 mentioned above. If they were smart they'de make this appeal more to the masses, prove something meaningful, and level off the speeds so as to not invite the disaster that is almost inevitable. Then the fight will move to weight...who can keep a potato chip from coming maybe there should be a weight break also per HP for this and sanction it further...again if it's about advertising...make it meaningful to those that the advertising touches. I could give a chit who has more money to throw at this effort...but who really pound for pound/ HP for HP offers more performance, now that I could take an interest in! Let them showboat an "unlimited" effort with piston engines...but take this battle to the customer also with something meaningful to the majority. Reggie's real rep has always been about V-bottom perf for the dollar at whatever real world HP level you choose (you know, the recreational boater who boats every weekend on real-world reliable power)...don't forget Mr. Fountain, this is what is really up for grabs.
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