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Oh boy, Here we go again....

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I agree with Speed, another set of experienced eyes sure comes in handy.
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Any comments from the two survivors? What do they have to say? Just curious?
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I did not see them,they mentioned that we keep them in our thoughts that day also......8 people stood and gave very emotional stories about how Chris affected there lives..Then a video of his life from birth to present. He was for sure a hard working self made millionare,big with charity and helping the less fortunate. It seems the pic that describes him most was the cigar in mouth,milliondollar smile,cool sunglasses and talkin on his cell phone..I wish I had a pic to share he was the all american. When you left there you felt you've known him all your life. He will be missed around here!!!!!!!

I don't think it would have been long till you would have seen a Bonefish Grill raceboat in the offshore racing circuit..He was that passionate about fast(race)boats.

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Three thoughts. First if we don't self regulate or change the perception of performance boating you can bet the politicians will jump in to over regulate what we do. Also, the industry needs to be more involved. With the cost of high performance boats why is it they are equipped with "Coast Guard" packages instead of impact vests which is what is needed in these boats. If the boat is delivered with the proper vests the very thought that this can be dangerous might sink in, even if only a little. Safety requires little more than common sense, the very thing that the govt want to regulate.

Second, yea you can be a fool, go out and be stupid, that is you given right in this country. But, I have to disagree with Shane on this, when you do something stupid you are also putting the lives of the rescue team on the line. Who do you think is risking their life to medi-vac you out of the mountain when you wrap the snow mobile around a tree or the divers that are going down to recover your body. Just look at the 100 plus boats that showed up in Tampa to look for a lost boater this weekend. His choice to not wear a jacket is sure affecting a lot of people. If you want to be stupid you should be forced to sign a release that says you wish not to be rescued, then go out and make Darwin proud.

Finally, the "all me" mentality disappears quickly when the idiot does something stupid then is the first to blame everyone else with lawsuits. This in turn affects everyone, just like the airplane example mention in a previous post.

Over the past years we have read way to many tragic posts on OSO, most preventable with a little common sense and the use of proper safety gear.

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Originally posted by Tricky919
This incident is sad, but be realistic. How many times have you driven by a car wreck and said i am going to drive slow now. It lasts for about 15 min and were right back to normal. Most of us who do these dangerous activities have an accident sooner or later, but we pony back up and were at it again. I didn't know Chris but i bet if he could do one more thing by himself, he would probably take his boat for one more ride. I had an accident this past summer when i hooked my boat and was thrown to the deck, smashed my face on the steering wheel breaking my nose and some ribs. Scared the crap out of me. I had no vest on and that was the first thing my buddy and I said was this was stupid to do without vests on. It slowed me down for a good while but soon i was right back at it. The scariest thing is that it happened so damn fast it was over before i knew it. We went from 80 to stop in a second and facing the other way. Thank God i had the kill switches hooked to me. All I can say is we should all practice safety first, but there is no way I am going to live life with my hand on the chicken switch. Lets all learn from this and move on and have a safe season. I for one will remember my incident and the man i never knew but will remember everytime i put my vest on. God bless you Chris .......... you wear a vest now when you are messing around at high speeds??
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I sure will be from now on..........
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