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Hey OSO Steve: You have the bug!

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Originally posted by OffshoreOnly
Does his one go through your e-mail list like most of the others?
Yes it does, very similar to the others of recent times.

Nort/MNFastboat, you could be correct, but this one wasn't "undeliverable." It came directly from OSO with like a hundred other addresses besides mine, I even recognized a few of them, but not many.
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Originally posted by cuda
When I click on removal tool,it keeps cycling me back around to where I was.
Cuda, here's a more direct link
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On 1/31/04 I received a email from OSO directly and had no problem. I use AOL and Norton Virus scan and they did not burp upon receipt.

It did not include an attachment as sooo many virus require..
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Originally posted by Baja Daze
I got an e-mail from [email protected] with the telltale subject line "hi," the body of the message was a bunch of garbage ascii text and a *.zip file.

Antivirus companies say latest e-mail worm spreading fast
MATTHEW FORDAHL, AP Technology Writer
Monday, January 26, 2004
2004 Associated Press


(01-26) 21:09 PST SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) --

A malicious program attached to seemingly innocuous e-mails was spreading quickly over the Internet on Monday, clogging network traffic and potentially leaving hackers an open door to infected personal computers.

The worm, called "Mydoom" or "Novarg" by antivirus companies, usually appears to be an e-mail error message. A small file is attached that, when launched on computers running Microsoft Corp.'s Windows operating systems, can send out 100 infected e-mail messages in 30 seconds to e-mail addresses stored in the computer's address book and other documents.

The attack was first noticed Monday afternoon. Within hours, thousands of e-mails were clogging networks, said Vincent Gullotto, vice president of Network Associates' antivirus emergency response team.

Besides sending out e-mail, the program appears to open up a backdoor so that hackers can take over the computer later.

"As far as I can tell right now, it's pretty much everywhere on the planet," Gullotto said.

Security software experts were scrambling to decrypt the details of the malicious program and were arriving at different conclusions.

Symantec, an antivirus company, said the worm appeared to contain a program that logs keystrokes on infected machines. It could collect username and passwords of unsuspecting users and distribute them to strangers.

Network Associates did not find the keylogging program.

The worm also appears to deposit its payload into folders open to users of the Kazaa file-sharing network. Remote users who download those files and run them could be infected.

Symantec also found code that would flood The SCO Group Inc.'s Web site with requests in attempt to crash its server, starting Feb. 1. SCO's site has been targeted in other recent attacks because of its threats to sue users of the Linux operating system in an intellectual property dispute. A SCO spokesman did not return a telephone call seeking comment Monday.

Overall, the computer security firm Central Command confirmed 3,800 infections within 45 minutes of initial discovery.

"This has all the characteristics of being the next big one," said Steven Sundermeier, Central Command's vice president of products and services.

It appeared to first target large companies in the United States -- and their large address books -- but quickly spread internationally, said David Perry, global director of education at the antivirus software firm Trend Micro.

Unlike other mass-mailing worms, Mydoom does not attempt to trick victims by promising nude pictures of celebrities or mimicking personal notes. Instead, one of its messages reads: "The message contains Unicode characters and has been sent as a binary attachment."

"Because that sounds like a technical thing, people may be more apt to think it's legitimate and click on it," said Steve Trilling, Symantec's senior director of research.

Subject lines also vary. The attachments have ".exe," ".scr," ".cmd" or ".pif" extensions, and may be compressed as a Zip file.
this is all to do with Janets stunt at halftime, causing this mess Monday morning.
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Those error emails actually contain the worm itself. Don't open them.

The address the worm uses is harvested from the infected computer's address book. So the person in the FROM box, probably is not the one who sent it.

From above:

"The worm..usually appears to be an e-mail error (ie: mail undeliverable) message."
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this is why I keep my address book empty.
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I seem ok here
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i ran the symantic linc that you guys put up and it said i did not have it but i know i have had a few of those returned email things in my mail. . . .hmm . . . could i get those if i checked my mail from another computer that has it or is that the virus being emailed from some one else that has it ? i am pretty sure i never opened any of them. never do unless i know who its from.
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The return email don't mean you even sent it out. The virus sends itself out there with spoofed email addresses that it has collected from infected machines that might have your email address in it. It sticks your email address as the sender and sends to some other sucker, and that might be a bad address....then the email bounces back to you since your address was in the senders field.

Simple stuff!
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It is best to just delete anything that has *%#!*&gobbledygook in the sender's id, especially if it is an .exe file. Just delete them all, along with any that refers to an undelivered msg.
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