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Going To Cancun anyone been there???

Old 02-07-2004, 09:13 PM
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Default Going To Cancun anyone been there???

The wife and I are going to Cancun for 5 night. We were checking on the web where to go and what to do. I am not one to sit on a beach all day. It would just drive me insane sitting in the sand when there is so much to see and do. So this is what I had in mind

Day one, check out the town and the shops

Day two, trip to Xcaret to look at some Maya ruins , swim with the dolphins and snorkeling.

Day three, More snorkeling . I would like to be in Cancun but I don't know where to go. Any Ideas????

Day four 8 hour private fishing charter , just the two of us. Chances of getting a marlin in February are slim. But there are plenty other fish to go for.

Day five, Scuba lessons, 1st time for the both of us

anyone know of some sights that we might be interested in. This will be my first vacation out side the US and it is our 30th birthday present to each other. I am feeling old so I want to make this trip as exciting as possible.
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Try the day trip to Xel-Ha & Tulum, for local snorkeling there are a number of boats near Senior Frogs
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When I went in 1998 with MTV for Spring Break, we took this all day dune buggy excursion. This guy (orig. from Penn) ran this thing with VW dune buggies, where you rent then as a guided trip, about 1 hour away to Playa del Carma, (topless beach too). On the way you stop at an exotic petting zoo, lunch at a one of several cool places in the PdC, and the best part, snorkelling, cliff jumping, and underwater cave exploring in fresh water pools/spring coming up from the mountinas, (cenotas sp?)(the water is as clear as Evian). BYFAR the best thing we did, and let me tell you, driving those dune buggies on the 'roads' of Mexico.... far and away the best thrill ride of my life, aside from boating. I hope the guy is still there, and I highly recommend it. Look for the burgundy, green and red dune buggies in the center of town off the strip.

Also, best beach... at the Oasis Hotel/Resort
Best club... La Boom
Best drinks... Fat Tuesdays
Best get over your hangover amazing American style buffet brunch... Pat O'Briens
Best place to get crazy... Senor Frogs
DO NOT jump off the little bridge (by the military fort) from the lagoon to the ocean no matter how drunk you are. The current is very fast and will damn near kill you, (found that out the hard way).
DO NOT be in downtown Cancun (the bario, anywhere close to dark or after dark.
DO NOT trust the cab drivers, keep your eyes open and aware; especially after dark
Don't swim the lagoon, lots of crocodiles.

Have fun.

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I went 12 years ago for spring break but don't remember that much. It was a great time, Xcaret was alot of fun, Fat Tuesday (the one on the beach) was great but other than that I have no recommendations. Now that I'm older I'm not sure I would enjoy it as much.
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Default cancun

Went a long time ago. Find out if the ferry still goes out to Isle of Mujares for the dinner. Thats fun. Dont drink the water, be careful of the food in Cancun itself. Many places to drink and party.
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I was going to say the same, dont go into the town of Cancun (out of the hotel district) after night. Even in the daytime I was a little uneasy. Try and find snorkeling spots away from all the tourism. We went to a State Park about half way to Playa del Carmin ferry, I wish I remembered the name of it. The guys at the hotel recommended this place to us. Daddy Rock is also a good club. If you get sick of the line at La Boom, go to Daddy Rock.
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I think Cancun has been covered pretty well in the replies. It is about as big as a sheet of plywood and can get boring if you take the ten day vacation like I did. 5 days sounds about right. Scuba diving is exciting because the water is so clear. There is a restaurant called Faro's that is fabulous.
Feeling old at 30? I will be 50 in a few months and I feel great! It is just the weather in the NorthEast USA right now. Looks like it is starting to get a little warmer and then we can do some of the things we enjoy like ride the Harley and go powerboating. In the meantime go to Cancun and have fun. You're still a kid!

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Just got back. Stayed at the marriot Casa Magna.

Good places to eat:

Cambalachi-Agentinian Steak House-2ncd Floor of the mall where Hard rock Cafe is.

Lorenzillo's-Famous old lobster house set over the water. On Hotel Row

Gustino's-Awesome Italian @ the J.W. Marriot

I thought the entry scuba offered was kind of weak. Always wanted to do the day trip over to Cozumel where it is supposed to be awesome.

Have Fun!
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Default Re: Going To Cancun anyone been there???

My personal opinion of Cancun is not good. Nevertheless, it sounds like you have enough to keep you busy. Just a couple of hints:

Originally posted by Hot Boat
Day one, check out the town and the shops
Skip this entirely. Cancun is about as colorful and interesting as re-grouting the tile in your bathroom. If you want a place with more Mexican culture, try Dallas. Don't even think of drinking the h2o (or eating anything questionable for that matter) -- I have been to Mexico SEVERAL times and all over Central America. The ONLY time I have ever gotten sick was in Cancun.

Better idea -- Take a boat over to Cozumel to explore...MUCH BETTER place to see. Do anything but go into Cancun.

Originally posted by Hot Boat
Day three, More snorkeling . I would like to be in Cancun but I don't know where to go. Any Ideas????
Yes, I have an idea -- skip it, you already went snorkelling on day two. Make this your first day of Scuba. You don't want to get off of a compressed air tank on day five and get into a pressurized cabin to fly home. I don't know your flight/diving schedule, but this would remove all doubt.

Another reason is that if you like diving (and you WILL), you will have time to go again on the morning of day five or the NIGHT of day four. (Night dives are incredibly awesome and not difficult.)

Originally posted by Hot Boat
Day five, Scuba lessons, 1st time for the both of us
Make it the second time, or go on Sydwayz' dune buggy trip , or go snorkelling again, or go see Mayan ruins, or go to Cozumel, or go to anywhere but into Cancun.

Just my .02. Have a great time.
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Eat at Lorenzillo's, and do a day trip to Cozumel for some of the best snorkeling in the area.
If it's ruins you want Chitzen Itza is the best, however it is a long bus ride. The Tulum Ruins aren't bad, and they aren't that far.

Have Fun
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