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OL 42' Legacy in Powerboat magazine

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Default OL 42' Legacy in Powerboat magazine

Just read the article about this boat in the 3/04 issue of the Norskog rag. If $$ is no object this is one for the marina for certain. ... the 42'er is a $ 800,000.00 boat with the 825-hp blower motors from Sterling and the BAM tranny with Merc #6 drives. Hey it's all expensive hardware and the thing is made with epoxy laminates and baked in an oven...kinda like a Quizno sub? But it's good for weight savings and another 4mph and it's really strong...talked to a materials's like cast iron...this boat can go 30-50mph in 4.4 sec...and 4.8 sec from very efficient from the word "go". With this power the testing boys brought home 108.4mph on radar. Remember it's a 42'er with no beak or swim platform...and it weighs near 11,000 pounds still... They took a run into 4'-6' seas and skipped off the tops at 80mph and they felt the construction was superior to the traditional fibergals layups in that vibration and flex were noticibly less. All that and 6' of headroom in the cabin with a standup shower...they summed up the article by saying that the facts speak for themselves...109mph on twin 825-horse engines...incredible rough -water capability. Astounding build quality. Pampering luxury. Limitless custom touches...What more do you need? Heard that before from another guy?

What got my attention is that the quad steps are fed air from 2 NACA ducts on the gunwales amidships and none of the steps were more than 2 inches tall, infact the second and fourth step were less than one inch tall. Powerboat said that the sharp, full length keel and lack of overly aggressive steps make for more assured turning.

Fiore hangs his hat on the fact the boat is sleek, huge amounts of room in the cabin and the speed numbers of course.

This is a unique boat in that even at the askng price they are sold out at the factory and the boat sells itself...period.

You have to take a second..step back...and realize that this boat and OL whether you like it or not.. is for now the latest and greatest in terms of technology and design and performance ...period....I needed a bit of oxygen when I realized we are talking about 2x the price of a Cigarette....but shows if you can build a better mouse trap the very wealthy will beat a path to your door for certain!

If I had the would be parked between the Topgun and Mercedes S55 AMG....

This guy Fiore flat out builds the worlds most technologically sophisticated advanced powerboats in the world....and that is no slam against any other boat...the materials used and the design are beyond what other manufacturers can or are offering....I don't know of many who can do this kind of layup....the stepping was done in a fashion where less comprimise exists than with other boats....

If Einstein were a boat builder this would be his machine....this boat sets the standard at the very top in many I urge you not to get defensive if you have a favorite...just hope that your favorite company looks at this boat and brings some of it's features in a trickle down fashion home accross the board. Face it, many have used Reggie's designs and aspirations to improve their line-up just as I am sure they all did years ago with Aronow's I think when research and development brings us boats like this one everybody wins in the long run....I can tell you Reggie and the Porters are watching and so are the Catamaran manufacturers...

Let's be glad we have companies out there willing to push the envelope..and eventually over time everyone benefits...lets not forget the R and D oriented companies..and let's not also forget those who rest on their laurels or cut the pirce and offer deals to sell their products.

There is a place for clasic boats, inbetween boats, and cutting edge boats...competition is what made this boat appear on the market....and I am sure will inspire those in the industry to keep pace...for now my hats off to Fiore...I don't know a thing about him other than what I have seen in this Powerboat test about his boat...and I have trusted this magazine to bring fair trials out..and if you read between the lines this is a test on nothing short of a product that rocked their's got a cabin that looks like a luxury cruiser's and numbers that speak for themselves...

At close to a million a copy and a company that sold out it's entire year's production....think about the point of this is that at the boat shows....when you drop by ...let the manufacturer's know what you the consumer like and don't like...and what you expect if you are going to give your hard earned money up for a boat...I always write e-mails letting them know things I hear...and I would hope they read forums like this one and care about what customers and potential customers are thinking and feeling about the industry as a whole....

....Attitude determines Altitude....

Best Regards!
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Yeah, It looks like the cats meow...wish I could have seen it in person.
BTW...Its only money.
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What's wrong with Quizno's, they are much better then Subway?
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Subway's sandwiches aren't baked in an Autoclave at 180 degrees for hours like the Outerlimits boat is!
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I would agree that Mike is building fantastic powerboats. He is doing wonders for the speed at which the envelope is pushed in development of vee bottoms. His recent competition with Reggie on top speed attainment is evidence of that. I would also agree that finding a finer built, higher quality and better performing vee bottom is today's market would be difficult.

I would, however, leave the United States crown of "most technologically sophisticated advanced powerboat" to Pete Hledin of Douglas Marine (Skater).

Pete has been building vac bagged, epoxy based, carbon/kevlar/multiwoven balsa/foam cored hulls for decades. He's been sheet decking and fairing his joints (while it was legal) for years and has been at the forefront of much of the laminate development for a long time.

If you decide to open up the crowning of your new King to the world wide audience you have opened up a whole new can of worms that we may not have time for. Though if you are interested in a laminate lesson from over seas give Randy Scism a call at MTI. He had an unlimited testing budget for a decade!!!

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