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Additional Synthetic Oil Info

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Default Additional Synthetic Oil Info

Redline Synthetic oil:
Red Line lubricants are unique because they contain polyester base stocks, the only lubricant base stock type that withstands the incredible heat present in the hot sections of jet engines. On their website they made a gov't claim to be better than Mobil1 and it was not refuted. Calloway and Lingenfelter won't warranty without this oil I heard. AMSOIL SDF FILTERS work better and longer! AMSOIL Super Duty Oil Filters (SDF) feature an advanced fiber media offering the ready flow of oil hard-working engines demand with superior capacity, efficiency and service life to that offered by conventional paper oil filters. In fact, the SDF has over a 75 percent better combined efficiency/capacity rating than other popular oil filters as tested according to industry standards. It is ideal for use with extended oil drain intervals.

Castrol Synthetic:

There is wide differences in quality and protection provided by the various synthetics. Additionally, not all synthetics are 100% synthetic. Many are partial synthetics marketed under the perception of full synthetics to the unsuspecting consumer or even hydrocracked oils such as Castrol Syntec, for example, which is a hydroisomerized petroleum oil marketed under the disguise of a synthetic..


Major racing teams don’t appear to use synthetics, but things aren’t always what they seem. The racing team’s sponsor might want you to believe there’s a certain kind of motor oil in the car’s crankcase, but every successful race team in the world uses synthetic lubricants throughout the car and about 85% of them use the Amsoil website

One of the myths that persists about Mobil 1 is that new engines require a break-in period with conventional oil. Current engine manufacturing technology does not require this break-in period. As indicated by the decisions of the engineers who design these high-performance cars, Mobil 1 with SuperSyn™ can be used in an engine from the day you drive the car off the showroom floor. Off the Mobil1 website. Mobile products are used and have been for 30 years on Airforce one. Mobil says that the greater the spread in multi viscosity the larger the molecular chains which is not as good as shorter 5w30 under extreme heat is less apt to break down than 15w50 or 10w40.
ExxonMobil does offer a very high-quality oil filter that is a perfect companion to Mobil 1 with SuperSyn™. The Mobil 1 High Efficiency Oil Filter contains synthetic fibers instead of the typical cellulose filter media. With a 95-percent efficiency rating (under SAE J806 tests for capacity and contamination removal), Amsoil filter was rated #1 and Mobil1 #2. then Hardline and the rest tested which were not very good in comparison.

Royal Purple
Featured Product: Max-Cycle™ Engine Oil provides an unparalled film strength that is up to 400 percent stronger than the leading synthetic and mineral oil. Recommended for use in both air-cooled and liquid-cooled 4-cycle engines and is compatible with wet-clutch transmissions. Gov't tests on their website.

In reading everything that has been written here and discussing this with some buddies of mine that are pro drag racers in Michigan they tell me this:

For most applications Mobil1 is a great product at a great price; Redline/Amsoil and Royal Purple tend to have more to offer in film strength. Now the significance of increased film strength is that if you drag or oval race even with a dry sump there may be moments of high g's and a decrease in lube..the film strength keeps the oil on the moving parts longer nad gives an edge.

I would think if you are bouncing off 4-6 footers in your cigar boat that film strength is a significant added edge...

....that's what it all boils down to...flim strength being the major advantage of these specialty oils...otherwise Mobil1 is fine. Mobil1 and Amsoil make the best 2 fitlers and really do a great job compared to the others...a/c Fram etc are rated 120 whereas Amsoil and Mobil1 are 200 micron filters..that's the ability to filter particle twice as small...twice the filtering that means the ability to go longer between changes...

...all my research did not find any claims that synthetics or conventionals burn off water condensater better or worse than each it's a wash ...only caution is to watch conditions of hugh probability of condensation during long lay up periods...a manufacturer suggested draining and storing empty and refilling in spring...

Hope this is helpful...
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